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  1. Never let a good crisis go to waste,if not an anti vaxxer it'll be an 'incel' or some other newly disaffected member of society
  2. MP stabbed https://www.gbnews.uk/news/sir-david-amess-mp-stabbed-in-leigh-church/141709 Durka durka
  3. Couple that with what i wrote about and anybody would think they had planned this down to the 'N'th degree Certainly looking that way,mass cull of employees,corporations then go to the cattle farms for temporary employees on zero hours contracts ,win win for everyone EXCEPT those forced to take up their 'offer' media is enlisted to peddle the lie that its for this reason or that conveniently omitting the fact that it was government mandate that caused it Next it will be no jab no benefit and big pharma get another cut,and when i say benefit i mean ANY benefit it'll eventually trickle down to child benefit and those in receipt of working tax credits etc
  4. It never stood out quite as much before as it did today how this whole system has been constructed ,it was a stark example of exactly who and what is driving policy regarding employment There have been similar govrnment 'schemes' to assist the unemployed back to work in the past and i can remember them going back to the mid 80's and a lot of them were shit to say the least,however some did work (i can attest to that after being on one and getting help and then going on to a 25 year career doing something i loved) but today and what i witnessed was very very different,this was farming and preparation on an industrial scale for the cattle class and given that the furlough scheme ended last month and the sudden rash of empty industrial premises suddenly being turned into job centres and assistance centres there are going to be many more people put through these places generating profits for the companies with the contracts to run them and ultimately profits for the behmoth corporations who are using them as feedstock centres for their labour requirmnts It's going to take a few more weeks for the unemploymnt figures to be released but th rate they are going with the mass sacking policies of no jab no jab the vultures are sitting waiting
  5. Had to go into the belly of the beast again today long story short it was to attend an interview being held by a company (Reed employment services) who have a contract with the DSS to 'assist' the long term unemployed get back into work.Whilst i sat there listening to the inane drivel the woman charged with looking after mme was spewing i was listning to one of her colleagues on the phone crowing about how they (reed) had a good relationship with Amazon,McDonalds and several other blue chip low paying entities So the government contract out to a company to essentially fill the vacancies of the likes of amazon and McDonalds from a pool of labour they were instrumental in creating,the company gets paid on results so its in their interests to get as many people into jobs no matter if they are suitable or not and so the cycle continues This is the new version of slavery ,no ships,no chains just the threat of benefits being cut ,benefits that people have been paying into a system for decades to receive when times are tough
  6. I really dont have a clue what you are bumping your gums at here nor what the hell Max Igan has to do with it nor deformed babies or babies with abilities beyond their apparent physical age My post was aimed directly at someone saying that in effect 'but oh we need to be careful people have died suddenly forever and we musn't jump to conclusions'' It was a leading post intended to belittle the work of people who are taking time trouble and effort to document this sudden influx of people suddenly dying which are unusual given a variety of factors not least most of them appear to be jab deaths Now wind your neck in,take your meds and give yourself a paranoia check And get someone to explain the post to you and its context if you are struggling
  7. It's been interesting watching these events and the squeals of feigned outcry and lablling by the incumbents themselves and the msm Once you make it personal their cleverly constructed facade and the 'shield' of whatever protction they thought they were under collapses faster than the wizard of Oz's black sheet Many lessons to be learned here,take it to their doorsteps ,they thought it ok to impose their will and messages to others doorsteps Lets be polite and return the call
  8. Interesting video on the rise of the Canadian isolation camps https://www.bitchute.com/video/CT6sLPrLOShU/ One day someone will make one similar on the rise of the sudden decision to increase the UK's prison estate suddennly in the midst of the deadliest pandemic known to mankind with 'prisons' capable of being built in 46 weeks
  9. 1600 people a day 'just died' in England and Wales pre March 2019,that figure went on 365 days a year the same average year in year out,thn covid came along and those figures wer manipulated ,twisted,made to read something that wasn't true etc And i agree,people have 'just died' since the beginning of mankind but if you think the frequency of it happening and being reported on now is in any normal or that we 'need to be careful' i don't think you have been paying attention It's quite dark here but with the aid of your post i don't need to put the light on
  10. Interesting and in a lot of cases quite frankly bizarre list of turrrrrrrr groups and individuals No BLM No Antifa No XR https://theintercept.com/document/2021/10/12/facebook-dangerous-individuals-and-organizations-list-reproduced-snapshot/
  11. Semantics time,the minute i see or hear the word 'fash' i immediately think the user of the word is one of those things you find at the top of a womans legs Ghastly word ! ;-)
  12. His family 'seat' isn't a million miles away from where i'm sitting and there are still countless references to him in the nearest large town ,streets that bear his name(i've been waiting for years for the collective apoplexy of the local council once someone someone castigates them for not renaming it !),buildings associated with him etc,His legacy isn't as dead as some would like you to believe,you just have to know where to look
  13. Expect local government mandated and localised lockdowns from mid december along with the introduction of the vaxpass The government have devolved responsibility to local councils and are beginning to distance themselves from those decisons in some kind of plausible deniability sideshow
  14. Does appear to be a 'look over here at this' type of story,distraction technique par excellance Has a hint of conspriroluminecense© about it
  15. Fit? i dinnae ken fit yer on aboot min !,furry boots ya bide yersen ? I'm actually English but i did live in the Granite city for a while and spent the majority of my working life either going to work fae Dyce ,Sumburgh or Scatsta (and Unst on a couple of occasions) (and Saxa Vord is still the coolest place name ever)
  16. Techno Viking The first genuine meme warrior That was some good E he had that day,but notice he promoted peace and harmony under the threat of extreme ultraviolence Imagine if he'd have been a real beserker off his teats on amanita muscaria and homebrew made from the souls of his enemies ? Techno viking can save us
  17. Oh no you aint Buckie mafia are ya ? (by law every oil rig in the north sea has to have at least one ex fisherman from buckie on it) La Cosa McNostra I speak Doric,watch out
  18. Yep i've noticed that,these are the results of the 'inquiry' by the work shy bastards who hav been been deliberating on and on and ON and relates to the first 6 months of the fuckery from approx april to october 2020,in fact i'll type that in big letters UNTIL OCTOBER TWENTY TWENTY, nothing after it,lessons will be learned blah vomit blah vomit Whitewash hogwash load of bollocks appeasemt for the masses and the msm And guess what? It's worked a treat
  19. At that point,move in fleece them for every penny you can and get the fu...blazes out of there Good chance they wont be coming back Order ab chao......Order ab chao
  20. I'd love to know where that buzz phrase came from,i've seen the compilation videos of movers and shakers in many many nations repeating the trite mantra ad nauseum but still don't know where it originated from Usual suspects i suppose WEF/World Bank/blah blah blah
  21. Probably in line with Turkeys mandates ?,with added leeway
  22. Agatha Mistry? allow me to quote the equality clause She deserves a punch in the tits The wokeness spewing from her tweet is unreal, i hope her children live long enough to disown her
  23. Time to get rid of the green line and open the north up fully,a 'country' not recognised by any other country in the world,hows th jabbing going in Northern Cyprus ?
  24. Monkey hangers ? (a hark back to the convo about regionalism and closed communities a few pages ago !) Go Hartlepool, you having nothing to lose but your reputation for french monkeys
  25. Thinking about England , it has been decimated as a nationality over the last 50 years (all by design of course) and has been broken up into 7 regional areas,Scotland and Wales are still regional areas but are to be allowed to retain a cursory nod to thir original individual nationhood,all part of agenda 2030 you see,which although has faded from peoples memories is on track,on target,on time and vastly over budget Wish they'd just issue the edict that we are now Airstrip One and stop faffing around
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