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  1. Another funeral director,maybe not as lucid as Mr O'Looney but interesting nontheless https://www.bitchute.com/video/ADFUsv5lFd0p/
  2. It's only during convid that i ever came to look into chemtrails,now i live (dpending on wind direction) right under the approach path to the East Midlands airport,during convid the amount of freight coming in at night slowed to a crawl but what became apparent was a 'layer' of aircraft over and above the normal flight lines,with the distinctive criss cross patterns,I can't explain it buts it something i've seen many times,rarely during the day though,as EM is a main cargo hub the busiest times for trans atlantic stuff was early evening tiil about 11pm Odd times indeed and with the plans for only 3 UK airports by 2030 i reckon they are speeding up the process
  3. Regardless of wwg1wga and Q and your thoughts on that ,this short by Janet Ossebaard is short not sweet in the slightest and to the point I have a lot of time for the people of the Netherlands and their beautiful country having spent quite a bit of time living and working there https://www.bitchute.com/video/JL4vWKU1q7nW/
  4. I've been spending quite a bit of time on GLP of late,mainly for the La Palma volcanic eruption AND earthquake threads which can be a real good source of info now obviously im gonna go for a wander in other threads that pique my interest but theres one thing thats becoming apparent is how far behind the USA is in everything convid related compared to the other 5 eyes countries They don't seem to think its going to happen to them and i sit astounded at some posters blistering ignorance of things that have already happened wich have been common knowledge amongst the awake from UK,OZ,NZ & Can for over 6 months The US is really a special case in this and it frightens me A LOT what the one world government have in store for them Time will tell but it aint going to be pretty and i think its going to be a lot worse than anything OZ has conjured up so far
  5. Still got one of the best comments sections where with an astute bit of creative writing its possible to insult the vax champions,dull witted and the alphabet agencies
  6. The Daiily Fail at its vomit inducing best,We got ''Anarchists'' now oh lordy https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10170533/Anarchists-clash-riot-police-set-flares-fireworks-Million-Mask-March.html
  7. Tyrant funders million mask march parliament square
  8. The online harms stuff is getting more and more draconian as its introduction nears,couple of days ago i saw one of the msm rags touting prison for 'spreading fake health iinformation online' which using my trusty what the fox hat supposed to mean translator reads as 'anything we say it means'
  9. Watched this video last night and although now old (only 3 months but an age in covid time) it suddnly dawned on me that South africa is the trial run and perfection of techniques to be used on the USA after Canada and UK have 'fallen' Organised supply chain destruction,absolute carnage in cities and still no troops,a useless (or defunded) police and ordinary folk fighting for their lives
  10. They didnt welcome it,they were ordered to adopt it,same as each of the other 5 eyes nations ,each individual country has a slightly different plan,Oz &NZ have been a walkover,Canada is next then the UK then its popcorn time for the states
  11. Pfizer adding Tromethamine to their vax for 5-11 year olds https://www.ibtimes.sg/pfizer-vaccine-kids-harmful-due-inclusion-tromethamine-used-heart-attack-victims-concerns-61092
  12. I'm that saturated with 'alt' news now that i'm at the point where i have to say with absolute conviction that the only thing that will stop this is extreme violence It will happen, it will be engineered......but stop it ? Just hafta wait n see
  13. One of the Janet Ossebaard docs either fall of the cabal or sequal to the fall of the cabal covers it in some depth,find them on Bitchute
  14. We need you to lead us,luckily you can go to lidls and get a shit load of fireworks and kick it off all by yourself We need leaders with dilligence like you ,so come on what times the revolution start ?
  15. Man tittehs of epic proportions,but on message https://vidmax.com/video/208352-this-obese-communist-just-made-a-vaccine-shaming-video-for-the-ages
  16. This actually made m cry laughing,musta watched it about 30 times now https://vidmax.com/video/208333-elderly-woman-kicks-man-for-not-socially-distancing-enough-man-hammers-her-with-a-sack-of-soil
  17. If you need an example of the obscenity that is SPI-B go and have a look at the new years honours list of 2021 Note the amount of SAGE members who received honours and gongs for their 'contribution during the corona crisis' It really does defy belief
  18. Picking one at random (sorry Melinda,tough shit) we find this https://www.sociology.ox.ac.uk/people/melinda-mills#/ Now Melinda please tell me how you sleep at night knowing your input to SPI-B has been responsible for the deaths of thousands Is it the money ? is it the prestige? what exactly is it thats makes you immune to the deaths of thousands based on your ''valuable'' input to SPI-B ???
  19. A note for the alphabet agencies reading this Come n get me you cunts
  20. Now i'm sure that each one of these fuckas does not have 'protection' assigned to them and they are merrily going about their business totally oblivious to the harm they have caused Maybe its time they got a wake up call ? rofessor Richard Amlôt Public Health England Professor Imran Awan Birmingham City University Professor Laura Bear London School of Economics Professor Chris Bonnell London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Dr Ellen Brooks-Pollock University of Bristol Professor Val Curtis London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Dr Laura de Molière Her Majesty’s Government Professor John Drury University of Sussex Dr Mark Egan Behavioural Insights Team Professor Nicola Fear Kings College London Dr David Halpern Behavioural Insights Team Mr Hugo Harper Behavioural Insights Team Professor Gerard Hastings University of Stirling Professor Ann John Swansea University Dr Atiya Kamal Birmingham City University Professor Patricia Kingori University of Oxford Dr Daniel Leightley Kings College London Professor Dame Theresa Marteau University of Cambridge Mr Shaun McNally Her Majesty’s Government Professor G.J. Melendez-Torres University of Exeter Professor Susan Michie University College London Professor Melinda Mills University of Oxford Dr Gavin Morgan University College London DCC Paul Netherton Devon and Cornwall Police Professor Melissa Parker London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Professor Michael Parker University of Oxford Mr Richard Pemberton British Psychological Society Dr Henry Potts University College London Professor Subhash Pokhrel Brunel University Dr Kaveri Qureshi University of Edinburgh Professor Stephen Reicher University of St Andrews Dr Lorna Riddle Her Majesty’s Government Professor Brooke Rogers Kings College London Dr James Rubin Kings College London Ms Kathryn Scott British Psychological Society Dr Louise Smith Kings College London Professor Iyiola Solanke University of Leeds Mr Hugh Stickland Office for National Statistics Professor Clifford Stott Keele University Dr Tushna Vandrevala Kingston University Professor Russell Viner University College London Dr Jo Waller Kings College London Professor Charlotte Watts Chief Scientific Adviser, Department for International Development Professor Robert West University College London Professor Lucy Yardley University of Bristol and University of Southampton
  21. Now don't get me wrong i actually like cats,i had 3 once upon a time,Toto a freak with six claws on each foot,Prudence who never grew much above kitten size but reminded me of siouxsie sioux and serial killer who was in the cat world the equivalent of harold shipman I have due to circumstancs beyond my control come to regard cats as a potential source of protein in the coming dark winter
  22. Has it been jabbed? wheres its mask ? and are you feeding it Purina bug protein pet food ? oh and by the way has it been chipped ? So many questions And do they taste like chicken when fried in a hot wok ?
  23. A vagina of spi-b members fits the collective noun term Cunch of bunts
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