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  1. Just read through that and to my acutely untrained eye and a feeling in my gut that was not written by a football fan Not a spelling mistake,not an expletive not a local idiom,It's cogent,lucid and fake as fuck Lets not forget the powers that shouldnt be fear the football supporting masses,they are the last bastion of tribalism in th UK and a force that could,with the right 'leadership' be rallied against them,given that they are bound to be spending many man hours conducting counter intelligence ops in ANY football forums,in fact more so than places like here ,with what appeard to be a recent visitation ;-) ,(see all ,say fuck all is my new motto) their attempts here are just fishing missions and derailment agendas th football forums though are a different kettl of ball games and from what you say they are infiltrated totally Avoid them like the plague
  2. One by one https://www.bitchute.com/video/kcG8XtA7PWgl/ This is the clip ,i'll find the link to the full film if anyones interested
  3. My first thought there was 'women empowering women' which i tried vainly to explain to two of my family members and who to this day still believe it had 'potential' ,I also witnessd th slightly later one some months later and remember sitting in a t shack on a rig offshore with a load of blokes who had bought into it and listening to them buying boats and flash cars with money they didn't have ,nor would ever get .I then think about the blind belief in those schemes and the psyop thats been carried out on the UK public over th last 19 months and you know what? The symptoms are exactly the same
  4. Reed also doing the 'back to employment' schemes for the long trm unemployed,leasing ex business premises across the UK and filling thm full of advisors boasting of good relationships with amazon and Mc Donalds The new slave masters,on contract to central government feeding the labour demands of the major retailers A true circular economy,but we aint in it
  5. I don't rub shoulders with anyone where does that put me in the 5% ? and i am special,in fact im so fucking special if you actually knew how special it would take your breath away so ,again. where am i in the 5% ? So many questions so little time
  6. Wonder if the Vine creature is having perhaps a few guilt pangs after being served his 'papers' ?
  7. I read about this shit on the BBC website earlier (felt dirty and had to shower afterwards) and all i can say is
  8. Can't see them not using it (the passport) as a 'booster' to the total control mechanism planned for us,they already have an rfid chip and antenna in .Would be very interesting to know exactly how much data a passport can store,i know mine has,or links to, my complete journey history going back over 20 years so what the actual capabilities are is anyones guess,and as you can imagine the actual information regarding the technical aspects of the 'digital passport' ar extremely hard,if not impossible to come by
  9. Oh god more flashbacks and nightmares,the best childrens advert EVER Scare the little fu blighters senseless,cant be any worse than the needle
  10. And if they haven't got one,they'll make one to fit !
  11. Notice the subtle inference that antivax= paedo Look on the bright side his actual life expectancy was actually above the national average,win for having covid,the only deadly disease in the history of mankind to actually increase life expctancy
  12. I noticed a new mobile testing trailer in the central area car park in my town on fri,never seen it before but what was interesting was that it is being run by the local fire and rescue service,so a tie in there in the name of ''community safety'' i can imagine them doing something similar with mobile jab stations The levels they are willing to go to to ensure their will is done is breathtaking in its audacity
  13. In my survival planning apart from hunting preppers for food stocks i shall also be hunting those with gold teeth so if you've got mercury fillings and no food supplies you'll be safe
  14. It may be naturally occurring but are you getting the recommended DOSE as mandated by government ? If not expct Anglan to start topping you up !! I'd stop looking at water distillers and get on asap (you can get a 3 pot setup for under 70 quid on ebay that will do moonshine equally as well ;-) ) Edit Forgot to add,i did add a couple of links so you can check yourself via postcode or water authority
  15. I did see in one of the Janet Ossebaard videos that 4 tubes of brightly coloured and tastily flavoured kids toothpaste if ingested in on go contains enough flouride to killem
  16. Slightly more up to date site where you can check if yo bin flo ridden As i've been searching its becoming apparent this infomormation isn't widely shouted from the rooftops which is always a bad sign,if it was such a fucking miracle you'd think they would be hosting parties with grinning children aplenty all with perfect little teeth and not a sugary drink or snack in sight and the ogres of the BDA and the representatives of the company that turn the flouride into a dispersible form hove ring in the background like vultures https://dentalchoices.org/water-fluoridation/
  17. Be VERY interesting to see a financial breakdown of this bunch of snake oil salesmen and see exactly where their funding comes from,scant information from the website https://bfsweb.org/frequently-asked-questions/
  18. Tyrant funders stream from the Stand with OZ outside Australia house London (don't shoot the messenger,i saw it on yt) Absolutly shocking the turnout,but thats to be expected,it's raining as well,during the Tottenham riots it was only the rain that saved the police from being over run totally fair weather protesters here in the UK (plus due to the msm blackout of reporting down under no one knows what they are enduring) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PWGbDH7nGI
  19. I agree totally however its been happening for a long long time round here,in fact you can actually smell the chlorine in the water here,so theres something else added,which is kind of ironic as the town i live in built an industry on a product made with the local water which due to a certain naturally occuring chemical make up made it ideal for its ability to impart flavour and storage capabilities to the product Chlorine,flouride,Soma? some other psychotropic drug for the pacification of the masses ? it's been hinted at for years Control of the food supply,control of the water supply next comes control of the air we breathe and no doubt they have people working on that and finding some way to tax that as well and it wasn't that long ago that Spain made domestic sunlight catchment for power generation illegal ostensibly by mistake,but more like a trial run so they want to control the light as well They'll have all the ancient alchemical basics of earth air fire (gas boilers illegal is planned and coal fires and log burners are out in a lot of places ) and water sewn up neatly and rationed according to your status
  20. Old news (approx 2012) but this is the best info i can find on where flouridation has been happening for years and where natural flouridation occurs People are under the impression this is a new event,the only thing new about it is EVERYBODY is getting it now and the doses will be increased Too late for me to worry,they've been poisoning my postcode for donkeys years already,and i havent got natural teeth anyway ! https://www.uk-water-filters.co.uk/fluoride_areas_uk.html
  21. Surely the petition title should be Do not put MORE fluoride in tap water Theyve been dosing a huge proportion of the UK's water for years
  22. Bradys attendance at the meeting was more an intelligence gathering operation rather than anything else And all those in attendance sat there enthralled that such a 'high status' individual would grace them with his company The state will never sit with its enemies on a level playing field,not when it holds all the cards already,and considering the state have declared the public to be the enemy the odds aint good for ANY legal recourse or meaningful dialogue in any way shape or form The only way the state will sit down is if their hand is forced,and considring that along with the cards they also have the monopoly on violence and an inexhaustible supply of funds it's time to stop playing cards and change the game Roll a six to start,do not pass go do not collect your pension
  23. The 15 minutes of fame train has departed for Mr O'Looney More earth shattering,government crashing news that failed to deliver
  24. John O'Looney again but whats interesting about this one is he actually mentions the mp he met in London recently and which was hush hush at the time,Don't know if he mentioned him inadvertently or it is common knowledge now but it's the first time ive heard him mentioned by name https://www.bitchute.com/video/EfKzsRknmQIM/
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