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  1. Superb illustration of just how much cennsorship is going on TY to SimonTV and Skitz for the posts
  2. Went out on the batter yesterday with a very old and dear friend of mine who has his finger intimately in the supply chain pulse regarding food In a nutshell it's a very real threat in the UK at the moment but it's a slow drip and is being 'engineered' from where he doen't know but he's seeing the results on a daily basis with his own daily workload increasing 100% just tracking down items that pre convid he never struggled with,and he wasn't talking the weekly shop but multi 100k orders of singular items.For the firstime in his life xmas is filing him with dread,normally a time of plentiful business for him ,but which now he's looking at with a whole new set of eyes Make of that what you will,i'll be buying a little extra as and when i can afford
  3. Covid denier Now theres a term i haven't seen for quite some time now,about a year ago it was in use in the msm,i suppose it was in an attempt to link covid denier to holocaust denier but it didn't have quite the same ring to it and it didn't trip off the tongue as well Then they came up with the term 'anti vaxxer' which does trip off the tongue quite well and which even the most dull witted sheep in the flock can use with gay abandon,it also means they don't have to spend even 1 minute of their precious time thinking about it It's probably one of the reasons why the holomodor never quite got the press it deserved and which,even today,the sheep struggle with
  4. Yep i'm fully vaccinated ,can't remember how many ive actually had but its quite a lot over the years,in fact i found my ''immunisation'' record the other day and an old yellow fever certificate In fact it even shows i had the 'rabies shot' around 1998 but the most galling part about that is I still can't lick my own arsehole Don't mind vaccines It's the gene altering chemical soup i have a problem with
  5. All that anger has to go somewhere,and ably asissted by the msm guess where its being directed ? .This direction is also to keep government away from the ugly side of things once the death rattles start,plausible deniability by the snake oil salesmen yet again
  6. Would also tie in beautifully with the planned introdution of vaxxpasses mid december in the UK and also be setting the scene for the introduction in the USA
  7. Just had a horrible train of thought,people carrying needles and syringes (including folk who have habits and have possibly used a needle exchange) are suddenly to be branded domestic turrrrists ,oh dear the rabbit 'ole is deep where this one could go
  8. Their anger is from within themselves and knowing they made the biggest mistake of their life,trouble is they havent got the moral fortitude to admit it Pretty obvious they gonna lash out at the bearer of bad news and try and blame them for their predicament Misery loves company
  9. The acid attacks were a classic case of 'never let a good crisis go to waste' and although undoubtedly the incidence of them was on the rise amongst certain memebrs of our multicutural valhallah they brought into being the control of explosives and precursors regs which makes it illegal to evn posess battery acid without a license and made millions of people become criminals overnight with items like certain weedkillers in ttheir sheds etc All in the name of public safety and anti turrrrrr https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2015/966/made This needle stickin shit is a precursor to some new regs of some kind
  10. I've been puzzling over this one for a while and particularly more so since i read of the exact same scenario being touted at the Astroworld event Definitely a psyop but can't make my mind if its to cover young deaths,drug deaths,closure of events or a combination of all three and possibly more reasons One to watch for sure
  11. Another entertaining 90 minutes from Mr Truthbomb about the installation of the nwo Nothing folk here haven't seen before but a good romp through the bullshit of the last 18 months https://www.bitchute.com/video/rvcQQgSb8F7W/
  12. Reminds me of a book i've seen before think its called Mein something or other ?
  13. I'd like to get him to rub deep heat into it' Live on television
  14. That actually made me snort coffee..thanks mate ;-) Wingdings III is it ???
  15. Ween i can't see a word you type but i can see that your appearance is extremely suspect under a large proprtion of replies i type ABC's on overtime this weekend ? Over the target n sailing through the flak fields
  16. Wow that got pulled quick,it had only been up 23 minutes when i found it
  17. Under the one world government it will be a one world belief system,i have seen Chrislam being mentioned but also Gaia as well (Gaia is leading btw from what im seeing) and it seems to be strangely prescient that the high priests of 'convntional' religion as we understand have desertted their flocks and jumped on the pharma payday bandwagon (the recent high priest from the rc church is an exception,and i found his words extremely spiritual...if a mate could help with a link be nice i cant remember his name ? ) ...but back to religion,where are the mullahs in all this ? nothing from the muslim council of Great Britain,Where are the Rabbis from the red sea pedestrian tribe ? Where are the Zoroastrians ? (mention freddy and ill slap you backwards to the late 80's) In fact where has spirituality gone ?,Peoples core belief systems are being systematically removed by a belief in big pharma and the 'science' by governments ably assisted by the legacy media You don't need a church to be a good christian You don't need a mosque to be a good muslim You don't need ...........
  18. I did read somewhere where a very high proportion of the half billion will be of 'asian' descent as they know how to obey orders and are subservient already Maybe read it in 'The committee of 300' ? not too sure though
  19. Debt forgiveness on its way As predicted On time...on target https://www.bitchute.com/video/jgqA1CpQCxyT/
  20. Bostin track Last night in London https://www.bitchute.com/video/cxr0ML6um0ba/
  21. But they WERE giving saline out to the cattle,plenty of news stories on it from a few months ago if you care to look,and they are still doing it Also check out the 'advocate theory' especially the one postulated by John O'Looney in his long 45 min video
  22. 3RD dose and boosters are the 'roundup' of the 'vaccine' world If you got saline the first coupla times we'll get ya with yer third dose or the booster The advocate method in effect
  23. Still going with the 'Anarchist' theme i see, soon whipped out the word communist from the original reporting last night,they really are a joke
  24. Please note Rolandson that was not an attack on you in any way shape or form,it was an agreement,please accept my aopologies if it come's across that way
  25. Yes because they KNOW now they have been hoodwinked,lied to ,conned and generally fucked over and if theres one thing people struggle with over and above all else it's admit they were wrong Subsequently the only way they can deal with it is anger and try and turn it round through confrontation to be YOUR fault As an unvaxxed person if you made the wrong choice you get a dose of the flu which (depending on age) you stand a 99%+ chance of surviving The choice they made stands a very good chance of killing them I can understand why they are pissed off but dont take your anger out on me for my choices or i'll punch you in the throat and piss in your mouth whilst you gasp for breath RANT MODE >>>> OFF
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