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  1. The sooner any reference to either of them in the legacy media contains the words 'after a short illness' the happier i will be Why on earth are they still being given airtime? have they been selected by the powers that shouldnt be to play a role in our predetermined futures ? If they have i hope theyve got protection 24/7,i can imagine a few thousand people would 'like to have a word'
  2. What will kill me faster Heroin ? legally prescribed opiates ? legally proscribed benzo's ? fentanyl ? the miracle in a syringe ? or tobacco You clear off and leave me alone with my 40 fags a day I don't care about the harm,i have a choice
  3. Thread on GLP about the 'suprcold' affecting millions at the moment (i've got it myself,but still proudly unjabbed untested andd not palying their games ) Mentions double jabbed,think the op got up late,we are now on third dose and boosters Clownworld continues,i have red noses,wigs and big shoes for sale...pm me for more details :-) https://godlike.com/forum1/message4943687/pg1
  4. BTW Ink thanks for the additional clip,think hes called T_h_e_L-I_G_H_T on tik tok,now having an aversion to tik tok like joe bidet does to wasps in his incontinence pants does anyone know if he's got any more output ?
  5. Ink,you have any further info on this guy ?
  6. Just discovered this guy n love him and his delivery and he's over the target dropping truth bombs https://www.bitchute.com/video/3ySpMQ12pl4i/
  7. The top picture reminds me of the tv series 'Person of interest' predictive programming again
  8. More horseshit from the dhsc,shows less than 10% of th population have received booster AND 3rd dose wtf We are fast becoming a nation of pin cushions
  9. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/10/27/sir-keir-starmer-tests-positive-covid-will-not-pmqs-budget/
  10. Keir starmer now has covid Please let the next headline concerning him contain the following words 'After a short illness'
  11. The thing is people wont notice,they'll happily raise a ruckus if animals are involved but when it comes to the mass killing of their own kind they have this remarkable ability to blot it out
  12. Sorry but you won't be going anywhere,by 2030 there will be 3 airports in the UK Heathrow,Glasgow and Belfast Think about that, in just 8 years that is what is planned,no private air travel will be allowed We can never go back to 'how things were before' the world has changed far too much
  13. I'll quantify what i wrote with having met some in Parliament square and listened to Anna De B deliver a speech there a few months ago ,But 4 minute wrongful arrests being thrown out ,to use the words of Shania Twain 'Don't impress me much'
  14. As much as i admire Mick Stott and the 300 (and have the hots like a teenager for anna De buisseret) i'm extremly sceptical of them,their website has changed significantly in the last few weeks and become far more esoteric all of a sudden and in the alt media their successes are very very limited,so just wtf are they about and what are they doing ? They need to get on the bandwagon of publicity or stfu
  15. Allymisfit is cool btw and plays no part in this xXx
  16. I do wish people would stop using names that tell of a military past or present,we had once upon a time 'Hexi' normally associated with stove as in hexi stove used for cooking your rations with,now we have an 'Ally' as in 'ally kit' or looking' Ally' or 'Ally' gear Look if you are going to work for 77/13 signals/hut 20 whatever/mi5/gchq at least stop using military slang terms in your usernames Originality is the key here,and you aint exhibiting much of it Thank you
  17. Dankula with his hammer smacking the heads of those nails regarding 'problem ,reaction,solution' and Amess
  18. Fear plain and simple The people attending are the same people responsible for the whole convid lie and they now know they are targets for the deranged,disaffected ,disabused memebers of society and an increasing number or normal ,rational sane humans who can see through their bullshit and lies The legacy of the mudered mp is that public figures aint gonna be so public anymore unless they have some level of protection surrounding them virtually 24/7 Why does tony b liar require security 24/7 ? They KNOW what they have done /intend to do and its slowly sinking in that they are now targets but carry on they must or the overlords will not be happy Fucked both ways i'd say
  19. China have already made bc transactions illegal so it isnt as if they havent had experience,greed does strange things to people,it makes them oblivious to whats actually happening for a start and also makes them oblivious to what is going to happen nce again bc and other crypto holders i have a question What will you do if your online riches vanish overnight and any further holdings of crypto are made illegal ??? What plan have you made for such an eventuality?
  20. Until the point they are cruelly snatched as they have done in the past (remember the silk road and all the bitcoin hoovered up with the help of the mysterious hacker) Crypto holders ,have you not realised yet you are being herded like cattle ready for slaughter ? Your riches came from thin air and they will vanish just as quickly into thin air I'll actually sit here laughing as you contemplate slitting your wrists because your digital fortune went poof and vanished Decentralised ? don't make me fuckin laugh my sides are splitting already Your reliance on the technology that allows BC to exist can be used equally as well to make you poorer than a church mouse....are you ready for it ?
  21. I'm pissed off that the muhadjudeen got surface to air missiles but oh no,we can't have them,hell we cant even carry a knife unless its limited to a 3 inch blade that 'folds easily'
  22. Quite simple Ask yourself this one question Max Igans actions will have exactly how much influence on my life ? The answer should be self evident,if it isn't you shouldnt be online
  23. I thought you were suffering when you were apologising for your 'tetchiness' recently? Maybe i read it wrong Just a ride after all isn't it
  24. That was possibly one of the most disturbing videos i have seen in the last 18 months,now i'll err on the side of caution before scraming 'they live' but fucking hell if 10% of it is true its disturbing,imagine if it's 100% ?
  25. I take it Max has jumped and chosen a path he was able to take ? Was he live on Richie allen or was he via vidlink ? (can't be arsed to look,sorry) If he's jumpd to the UK he's fucked,if he's gone to Mexico good luck to him If he has jumped he's given up a lot to do so ,i don't have that option (mainly due to lack of funds and a worldwide support network) but are you pissed off cos he's jumped or pissed off because you haven't /can't ? and still believe you have something to lose? or perhaps that things can be turned round ? Im not having a pop at you and can see why you are pissed off ,honestly i can understand it but i've learnt that vocal mouthpieces on internet media are just that,especially those that have come to the fore post mar 2019 including our dear beloved leader who enables this forum (believe me i have the utmost respect for one Mr DVI,but i cant see him preventing my forced vaccination when the time comes,only i can do that) The biggest hero is you,only you can change mankind (to borrow a line from T Pratchett & N Gaiman) look on the internet sages as entertainment,if there actions materialise and they DO become physical heros all well and good ,until that time view them as entertainment until their actions prove otherwise
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