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  1. I think its possibly because thre has been a sea change in the comments that appear under Mail articles of late,whereas a few months ago they were majorly provax ably assisted by the letters and numbers squad,now even the likes of 77 etc are drowned out,,,people ARE waking up and the Mail fears the backlash
  2. I will pray to several deities that it isn't a genuine phenomena,we're all fucked if it is a case Could be the C killing me slowly but thats another discussion altogether I still prefer to blame the jabbed monkeys !!
  3. Quite disturbing that one Simon,some weeks ago i related how i had to have bloods taken for a totally non convid related condition and was struck how 'different' the blood looked in the several vials that were taken.I've had blood taken in the past ,fuck i even used to donate the fuckin stuff but this time was different,I'm untested and unjabbed (and quite proud of that fact) but i've been amongst the jabbed monkeys.I try to ignore the shedding theory but fuck me its looking like there might be something to it My blood was dark as mud and something i had never witnessd before,same colour as the green top if not darker whereas in times past it would have been a healthy oxygenated red Food for thought
  4. Or as we used to refer to newly minted graduates who would suddenly appear at work Head full of knowledge....not one ounce of common sense
  5. He was 'got at' very early on in this shitshow,at the start he was what appeared at first sight to be handling it well then he mysteriously vanished for a couple of weeks and came back fully one world government brainwashed a.nd he's gone progressivly down hill ever since.The cracks are starting to appear and i forecast a bus before christmas which will have him and the little baldy kinderegg fuckwit javid thrown under I cant wait.....gonna get me some popcorn n watch the meltdown
  6. Bit o Pervitin never hurt anyone....how else did the third reich run ?
  7. Somebody will post very shortly my worst nightmare ,chocca dooby man,bring it on folks i'm ready and needing a laugh
  8. I feel theres a bus on its way for the baldy little kinderegg fuckwit.......and he's got an appointment under it
  9. Don't forget our brave warriors of 13th signal brigade,those from the donut (we know where you live cunts...watch out cheltenham doesnt get razed to the ground) those from the esoteric hut number whatever it is and the other brave electronic warriors who are so steadfastly practising the fine art of asymmetric warfare Your day will come
  10. And you don't need a church to be a good christian either
  11. We need to start making it personal,Those who would wish harm upon people who chose to retain bodily autonomy need to have their personal details splashed wherever you can,Start with the Spi- B sub committee of sage...names adresses personal details...splash it in every internet forum you can,make posters of them with their details on,Only then will they start to realise their collusion is causing untold damage Wanna play my games? come on them
  12. Doxx her ,find her and hold her to account....that'll make her have second thoughts (perhaps)
  13. Jst clicked on the Bitchute link and got the warning ''this video has been marked as not safe for life'' and i need to log in What in the name of actual fuck is going on?
  14. Might drop a 'Snatch' reference in as well
  15. Coming at me ''Lock stock and barrel'' ? unfortunae choice of words bitch....you'll meet lock stock and two smoking barrels now fuck off
  16. To be blocked by Krankie should be worn like a medal of honour,The electronic equivalent of winning a VC
  17. Thing is you stop paying it and they send the likes of Rundles round....and they don't hang about.....quite easy to deal with the cunts...tell them you've tested positive and have mental health issues....they are off like a shot....trust me i speak from experience
  18. Many years ago i was involved in feeding information from the 'inside' a certqin oil company to Greenpeace regarding the Brent Spar,Took about 2 phone calls to realise they were in no way shape or from what they appeared to be coupled with the fact they are actually a registered company, Dropped any further contact like the proverbial hot potato Avoid them like the plague...they are equally as toxic
  19. Old skool wanka.....pornhub and a saucer is all a man needs
  20. This wasnt directed at you per se but if that makes you feel better so be it,and please don't 'lol' it makes you look like a tnuc,you wouldn't say 'lol' at me in the real world so why do it here ? (and if you did i'd poke you in the eye faster than you could blink) Discussing the heritage of who owns what in the world of internet search engines is wasted time...what exactly are you going to do with the information and how will it change anything?
  21. DDGo will give infinitly better search results than google...i really do not give a flying fork who owns it or what his surname is,if you are so paranoid as to let things like that effect you you need to get offline asap or build an alternative
  22. You aint arguing with a 'dickhead' You are actually arguing with a paid employee of one of the alphabet agencies,this aint a case of winning or losing stop the conversation NOW abruptly and with no explanation
  23. It actually has a name now...Cyberchondria
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