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  1. De Boer structures did very well out of this and still do ;-)
  2. Gimmee Vinny Jones and staying alive instead of this horseshit
  3. Twitter and facebook links further down the page Go ahead and ask them wtf or more precisely who the f888k (i use neither) paid for the advertising Cunch of bunts https://www.durhamregiontransit.com/en/index.aspx
  4. You and me both,needs drilling down and finding out who exactly signed this contract,there WILL be a signature somewhere and whoever signed it needs exposure to the public.It's only by making it personal that these cretinous individuals will start to wake upi
  5. Pre covid stoke statistics and ngo blurb to maintain funding https://www.cpsc.org.uk/application/files/6215/2489/6663/ACT_F.A.S.T.__-_Facts__Stats_2018.pdf Stroke not stoke ffs...stoke is a town in the north midlands that needs to be bulldozed off th map and a stroke is a life thratening 'health event'
  6. Normalisation,It's disturbing that someone somewhere made the decision to pay for advertising to attempt to convince people that strokes are 'the norm' in children to cover up for the fact they actually caused them with their traitorous compliance
  7. Use the ignore function instead of bleating like a scalded cat,i will and so should you
  8. Mid December from the predictions i've seen,this is still the phony war phase,now St bill of the jab has gone home expect some changes in the coming days and weeks
  9. Dry your eyes and get on with posting something of merit
  10. A note on me own post,in various forums i visit there is an undercurrent of the US dividing itself into red states and blue states with a certain amount of people transferring from one to another depending on belief system,this is a prelude to a full blown civil war and the excuse to bring in the UN to sort the factions out,they know they cant go for the gun grab cos it'll backfire so expect a Katrina like situation and imposition of martial law Them Fema camps aint there for nothing you know
  11. Betlejuice is destroying Chigaco on a scale unprecedented in history and all at the bidding of her masters,this is the start of the American civil war 2.0,the stats are being divided and the battle lines drawn
  12. Fantastic compilation of Zach Denmans short films segued into a full feature,watch it and feel your skin crawl
  13. Also useful the letter regarding children from the same site https://pjhlaw.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/School-letter.pdf
  14. The destruction continues ,Black Beetlejuice is still slowly but surely destroying Chicongo how many more cities will fall in the next 168 hours ?
  15. Aint the ignore function wonderful,you can filter out these clowns intent on disruption and not see a word they ever type Use it (you can also ignore me if you wish,report me to some government scheme because im a 'prepper',i'm cool with that,takes all sorts to make a world after all) But you won't ever forget me
  16. You a twelve stepper ? suspect from the get go posting that ,twelve steps is a cult no different to the cult of covid so many have bought into Come on guys ffs get creative instead of this childlike thread derailment technique,ask your superiors for a new script You might get a medal
  17. And you are ? amazing how many low post count folks have appeared suddenly and decided they know how this thread should be run ,be off with you,your masters are only paying you 8 hrs a day and its still less than i earn doing nothing,cry in your beer tonight you are on a fools errand
  18. The cheapest activated carbon filter you can possibly get Requirments 1 empty plastic 2 litre drinks bottle 1 sharp knife 1 drill bit of about 10mm (sharp knife will do it at a push) PAPER coffee filters 1kg of activated carbon from somewhere like this https://www.lovebrewing.co.uk/news/spirits/activated-carbon-saving-money/ something to stand the drinks bottle in (pounshops hav glass jars sometimes that fit the bill perfectly) Cut the bottom of the drinks bottle off,wash it out and sterilise (with sainsburys baby sterilising fluid at a quid a bottle),get the cap and pop a 10mm hole in it,clean off the bits(or cut i t with a knife ),Now get the cap and mark around the outside on th coffee filter,cut around the inside,we want a couple of discs that fit inside the cap and stop the carbon from falling into the jar,get your activated carbon and pour half of it into the plastic bottle (after putting the cap back on with 2 discs of filter paper in) now pour tepid water in it to get the carbon soaked,keep pouring,you want the black stuff saturated,throw away what collects in the jar and care fully take the cap off and put two new filter discs in,pour your refined spirit,your own pish,swamp water etc through it and enjoy finely filtered liquid,the carbon can be reused by boiling and drying (check online there are destructions aplenty) Less than a tenner for a super efficient filter Forgot to add that at first you will get the tepid water coming throughas the filtrate you have added displaces the tepid water,if filtering spirts youl know when it has changed !!,tiny taste off the fingertip,ffs dont start tasting by the shotglass full !!
  19. Ok so i've gone from teetotal to absolute raging moonshiner psshead in the space of 2 weeks using cheap equipment purchased locally,some cheap equipment purchased off the bay of evil and common or garden supermarket items Ethanol (the good drinking stuff found in all alcoholic drinks and not to be confused with methanol the anti freeze send you blind stuff) can be easily distilled at home Ethanol can be used for barter,as an antiseptic,as a fuel or drunk to help you sleep ! Anything i quote will be 100% UK related but you can do your own equivalence quite easily Lets get started Go to the range or beg borrow or steal a 30 litre plastic brewing drum (cost a tenner in the range and come with lid) now go to sainsburys and buy 5 kilo bags of sugar at £3.50 a bag (get a few 1 kilo as well,makes life easier) now use the interweb engine of choice and find alcotec turbo 48 yeast and alcotec turbo clear you'll need 1 pack of each and if you buy ten packs of each at a time for 40 quid they work out about 2 quid each so 4 quid a wash for yeast and clear Follow the instructions on the packet of yeast put the lid on the drum(no airlock this isnt home brweing or wine making this stuff is VIOLENT and destroys airlocks),leave it in the house for 48 hrs after which it will have finished frmenting,stir it vigoursly to 'degas' it then pour in part A of the turbo clear,leave for an hour or two then pour in part B but very gently stir this time,leave it 24 hrs and all the gloop will have settled Now you have the choice either drink your 14% abv sugar wash with either squash or cordial or other flavouring of choice (i mix mine 50/50 with lidl cheap energy drinks in a pint glass) You'll have 25 litres to play with after 72 hours (or if you used 8 kilos of sugar and waited 5 days you'll have approx 20% abv to play with) You can ithe carry on drinking this cheap and cheerful (less than a tenner for 25 litres of 14% abv) OR you can run it through a 3 pot still Moving on to the still,these can be had on ebay for 54 quid delivered and can with a bit of tweaking be turned into great little 'shine' units,I chose the 3 pot version,but be aware that as they come the 2nd pot is only a slobber box and needs a little tweak with a file n a bit of solder to turn it into a true thumper.This when set up will you about 4-5 litres of extremely high proof alcohol that will need cutting with bottled water (and perhaps a little glycerine to smooth it out) so about 6 litres of 40% ABV from a 25 litr sugar wash,throw away the first 200 ml (thats methanol,chuck it in your cars screen wash bottle and dilute,clears windscreens great and dosnt freeze) and save the last 250 -500ml to put in the thumper on your next run,dilute it to fill the thumper never more than 3/4 full,you can also add flavouring to the thumper ie orange peel or lemon peel. Now the product you get can be used for internal medicinal purposes and as an aid to sleep,it can be used for barter,can be used as an all round antiseptic,it will light fires and can be used as a fuel This guy shows the set up well however th middle pot on most of these now has the connections both on th lid,if anyones interested ill throw some pics up of how to turn it into a proper thumper Shine on
  20. Taste isn't really an issue once its been run through a 3 pot still to ''purify'' it !!! and turbo yeasts are remarkably temperature tolerant (check out the alcotec brand of turbo 48) this isn't really home wine making or brewing forthe conniuseur,this is industrial ethanol production for SHTF situations (the S has already hit the fan as far as i'm concerned) so as much as i can appreciate a mellow merlot or a robust rioja this stuff will blow your socks and underpants off but you'll have a smile on your face at the end of it ! ,Think i need to start a thread in 'solutions' charting my journey from teetotal to absolute raging pisshead in the space of 2 short weeks and how to get the best out of your potstill
  21. Why do i always get the impression that Russia are just 'playing the game' ? making token announcements to give the impression they are complying ? The Deagel population figures show a Russian population as static by 2025(ignore these predictions at your peril) so any announcemnt from Russia i treat as a total joke and just more mental floss for the simple
  22. Allow me to introduce to you a recent discovery of mine..bear with me...25 litres of water 6 kg of granulated sugar 1 packet of turbo yeast and 1 packet of turbo clear...72 hors later you have 25 litres of 14% abv sugar wash,now you can either drink it as is with squash or cordial or you can run it through a water purifier (cough ! 55 quid off ebay ),much prefer granulatd sugar to apsartame and you cant distill apsartame !!!
  23. Same here Simon,i had similar a few weeks ago but recently my daughter and i spent some time together,she works in a nursery so gets anything the kids have,normal winter colds n flu etc,knocked her about for 24 hours but sleep n a couple of paracetamol and fluids n she was fine.Now its being rebranded (again) but an overdose of berocca and i'v come through it(plus MASSIVE doses of vitamin C) the lies continue though,the hospitals are filling with the supposedly immune prick happy freaks but this info will never be made public
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