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  1. I'm actually at the point now where facts figures,deaths,lies,coercion and threats are all absolute bollocks to me now I've always been a 'Bolshie fucker' and always refused to obey 'orders' when i can see no evidence or meaningful reason why i should be doing something I'm at saturation point now with the fuckwittery Bring it on I have 'surprises'
  2. It'll be the normal whitewash....Government owned channel 4...they aint produced anything independent since 19oatcake However i will view with an objective eye Expect the worst
  3. Same guy doing analysis of Pfizer batch numbers,his description below the vid are interesting https://www.bitchute.com/video/km7HOyzguuK6/
  4. 10 minute vid on toxicity of Moderna shots that all end in batch numbers with 20A or 21A https://www.bitchute.com/video/g62gcJrOuOYu/
  5. This site doing some good work on keeping a running total of athletes who are dropping after clot shotting https://goodsciencing.com/covid/71-athletes-suffer-cardiac-arrest-26-die-after-covid-shot/
  6. Isn't there a private company at Porton down with a prominent politician as a major shareholder ? sure i read something recently about it ?
  7. Co-Op in th UK have been trialling facial recognition tech which came in for some criticism,didn't stop them though Why on earth does a supermarket chain need to use facial recognition technology....and more importantly....where is the data going ?
  8. I've noticed this over the last few days that the sudden deahs of 'sportspersons' is actually gaining traction,a crying shame it has to be this way ,however it is what it is,this could be the straw on the camels back.There are a couple of webistes and blogs keping a grim tally 187 collapses and 107 dead was the last figure i read and its actually getting msm coverage,however the No1 qustion is always avoided ...vax status,thats the question the msm ar fearful to ask however i believe they are atthe point of no return and will HAVE to put 2+2 together and actually get 4 Heres hoping Winston
  9. And at the moment we do have some time left,the day is closing in where 'internet' access is conditional upon vax status or some such other bollocks,we must use it wisely to spread far and wide the message From what im seing from the other places i visit there is a growing tide of people absolutely full to the brim of this bullshit and i sense a sea change,albeit quite slow but hopefully the pace will quicken Lets help those waking up rub sleep from their eyes and help them SEE
  10. I'll concede you have a point there,however the illusion can trip many up thinking that a Nuremberg 2.0 is the panacea that will be the solution.Perhaps we need to stop the genocide in its tracks before we discuss trials ? I really don't know at this point...it's getting very difficult to see exactly where we are...we can see the con before our eyes but how shall we react ?....i'm waiting patiently
  11. Mac....forget the references to Nuermberg they were a sham ....they tried 161 people of which convicted only 37 got hung......we need trials totally disconnected from the 'Nuremberg' tag....We need someting totally detached from the corrupt 'original' trials and something which will attract its own name tag I understand the realationship but this is far way and beyond anything the third reich did If we pretend to dispense justice as per the original it'll be a sham again 12p a bullet Thats the approximate cost of justice for those involved
  12. Superb line 'Economically inconvenient'....how very very apt
  13. A reminder but one for friends who may be on the fence
  14. Sure you aint thinking of birds nests ? ie swallows and birds nest soup,basically made from swallow spit
  15. Sen the same story being played out virtually word for word in other msm in the states,probably lesser profile due to the US being at least 6 weeks behind the rest of the world but all coming from 1 or 2 central news feeder agencies ultimatly owned by blackrock n vanguard
  16. Go on then i'll lob in why 6 month lockdown then a miraculous new income stream....errr....'vaccine'' to cure it kerrrrching Economy collapses after you've done yer christmas shopping of course,gotta fill those online retailers coffers,and theres a twist with the nw vccine ...you pay this time....UK plc is skint
  17. Exactly 6 months ahead of launch date.....mmmhhhhhh......wonder why that could be ?
  18. I noticed that and hoped someone would pick up on it because i couldnt be sure but i'm sure i saw recently where the new Botswana variant was going to be be christened Nu which again is a jump,looks like this list is genuine but the msm are getting a bit creative with dates or confused or cant read Italian Maybe it likes the old adage...if you throw enough shit some will eventually stick
  19. Last i saw was 187 collapsed 107 dead and that was only football players in ufea clubs or whatever leagues thy are called and i detest football,,,,the links a couple of pages back to the site kepeing tabs ...and perhaps that is like the mhra figures way way under reported Also been following a thread on GLP on the same thing and the halfwits saying ''oh why no NFL'' ....''why no hockey players'' Simple they are paying for saline and have actually been given exemptions in a lot of cases The level of stupid is beyond the bounds of credibility at times There are a few sites keeping tabs...ddgo be your friend if you are interested
  20. Yeah yeah..hows that armchair? Your anger shouldn't be dircted at posters here who may disagree with your opinion, and your inference regarding jabbed here i find insulting in the extreme....would you like to see vax status icons alongside peoples names ? I've had more genuine vaccines in the last 30 years having worked in some of the shit holes in the world than you have but what happened to freedom of choice ? or what happened to someone who's had 2 say and doesn't want any more and is slowly waking from their slumber .It doesnt matter if someone is jabbed or not .....whats important is what they believe in or their quest for knowledge To go off on one at them serves no useful purpose Still proudly untested,unvaxxed and unbrainwashed Give em a break it doesnt matter if they are jabbed or not....if they wanna get over the fence help em
  21. It's not just psychology though is it? it is full blown asymmetric warfare by governments against their own people using techniques and practices honed and polished since the end of ww2 and all ably asissted by a tame legacy media It's arrogant to assume that 'we' as in those that haven't fallen for it are differnt in any way,however,i will concede theres not a lot to do to help them now,the damage is done, But to write them off with contempt lowers you to their level Do you really think you are so much cleverer or better educated than them ? You come across as a prick thinking like that
  22. Just watched Riccardo Bosi speaking at a freedom rally in Australia and he made a beutiful quote ''We don't need everybody,We just need enough'' https://www.bitchute.com/video/OdsL1DZljBOH/
  23. I think its because stuff like 911 are an abstract idea to think about with no actual in your face personal threat Remember what Spi-B said something along the lines of ''the level of personal threat felt in some people is not sufficient' Make it personal and people change.I have seen similar in folk i know who i thought were pretty clued up
  24. Lanzamiento is Italian for launched i believe
  25. Has this been done ? anway post iv just nicked showing the rollout schedule for the variants Seemingly its a screencap from some WEF forum meeting
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