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  1. Have you actually looked who else was there? Don't knock the hopium ,it's keeping a lot of people going and preventing them getting jabbed so in that regard its a resounding success cos without that good old hopioid of the masses many more would have folded and got jabbed Or perhaps we should all just roll over and go and get jabbed ? seeing as its all so useless according to you?
  2. Whoever it was they won't be an mp long,or perhaps the mp was just a fishing mission to see exactly whats happening and what the 'opposition' have,John O'L says he watched the mp and got the idea his heart wasn't exactly in what he was there for whatever you chose to believe it will change little and stop nothing
  3. Plus the 20k troops sitting twiddling their thumbs after coming back from Afghan,no wars going just yet so they have to be put to use somehow
  4. 15 minutes of angry people,funny in parts includes the fact that the people are no longer human and have no human rights Warning for the sensitive,LOTS of sweary words https://www.bitchute.com/video/WMWNo3B7YS1v/
  5. Part two of the Mark Sexton statement https://www.bitchute.com/video/wDVplNBinQrF/
  6. It's taken them 3 weeks of being back to work (mp's that is) and as predicted the shoite has started with a vengeance.I'm hoping the price of gold rises a bit as i've got some gold heavy sludge to get rid of,best cash it in for food and essentials (sugar ,bottled water and turbo yeast !!) Another lockdown is inevitable and i think we are being steered towards Australia 2.0 in the UK Wonder what tomorrow will bring in London ? carnival atmosphere or mad max without the humour? I'm sick to death of conspiracy theories becoming fact faster than i can keep up with them
  7. Ouch ! Didn't see that coming coff https://www.msn.com/en-gb/money/other/china-declares-all-cryptocurrency-transactions-illegal/ar-AAOMopa
  8. Sometimes i wonder if pople like that should be allowed to breed,wonder if the msm will cover any adverse reactions if he gets them ?
  9. And we're off https://www.msn.com/en-gb/money/other/costco-brings-back-purchase-limits-on-toilet-paper-cleaning-supplies-and-more-amid-supply-chain-crisis/ar-AAOLI9v
  10. John O'Looney on Max Igan https://www.bitchute.com/video/43jm1ONDpnnC/
  11. One trick pony with one subject and also an actor from the same stable as many others ,crisis or otherwise i don't know,but after 2 of his vids i find him good to listen to when i'm having trouble falling asleep Now back to flouride
  12. I live in one of the areas where fluoride is allegedly naturally occurring and i know that it is also added going from the data in the link i shared earlier which has postcodes on it So i'm getting double dosed? No wonder i've got no teeth
  13. The 'phone saluters' need to be ridiculed and accused of cowardice as basically that is what they are,they feel protected by some invisible hand if they film everything that no one will ever watch I despise them
  14. Just had a memory come back,about 45 years ago my dad took me to the dentists and had me have the latest in flouride treatment ,had to sit there for 10 minutes with two gum shield type things in filled with a minty gel If it was so good why have i got false teeth now ?
  15. Wat ? incitement to hatred block slapped on it for the UK,opera time
  16. Could this flouridation project be at the behest of big pharma somewhere along the line and th potential for jab ingredients to somehow intract with fluoride in a way that is in no ones best interest ? As i pointed out fluoridation happens naturally in some areas of the UK and is augmented in the rest already so why the sudden fanfare about something thats been happening for years ? Also note its being pushed on the back of childrens dental health 'oh think of the children' so not only do they plan to enlarge their hearts,possibly sterilise them thy also want them to go to the grav with perfect teeth It just doesn't make sense (as is the case with all their decisions) I think its a combination of jab interaction and a 'normalisation' of drinking water additives 'in the name of public health' Thre are not enough swear words in the dictionary to express how i feel about government (ANY government) at this time
  17. Just looking at a 3 pot distiller for falling over water ,about to pull the trigger on one If i'm gonna die by whatever means i'm gonna die happy and hydrated ;-)
  18. Its 9pm in Brisbane now have our Australian brethren been silenced webwise ?
  19. I agree i nearly threw my cornflakes and vodka up
  20. This might help even has the postcodes wher artificial flouridation is happening,which then begs the question of why the fanfare for this now ? https://www.uk-water-filters.co.uk/fluoride_areas_uk.html
  21. A million to one extremly rare unfortunate coincidence and not jab related I was half expecting the obligatory 'i still think jabs are safe ' message Go on msm i dare you print THAT
  22. I always thought they fluoridated water anyway so whats new now ? or is it ALL water is to be poisond whereas before it was sporadic where it was applied ? Fluoride this week, soma next week moloko the week after ?
  23. I've stopped even caring about numbers,graphs ,comparisons etc since 18 months of being bombarded with them from every angle tends to make you immune to them,the only numbers i will look at is the UK MHRA data of deaths and adverse reactions and those i take with a huge pinch of salt as they are being cooked as well with either under reporting or complete non reporting and i don't honestly think that until this is over will there be anything like any reliable death/adverse injuries tally and even then due to some decidedly evil practices those figures will only ever be estimates The people that can get their heads round them will continue to document them and thats good as somebody needs to document it for the future ,but doing so won't stop anything nor will it slow anything down,18 months in has shown that
  24. Careful where you put your own https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1495895/Rat-infestation-UK-warning-sighting-vermin-rodent-giant-rats
  25. Daily Excuse fear porn intended to cause a run on petrol and diesel It's happening drip by drip https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1495864/Petrol-crisis-live-UK-prices-shortages-BP-warning-army-HGV-drivers-fuel-gas-latest-up
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