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  1. I believe Manpons are available these days for your ailment !
  2. And a starvation viewpoint...If they don't get em with the jabs nothing wrong in starving a few million to death Fried cricket anyone?
  3. Preying on peoples insecurities...We are fragile after all...Come round my house you fuckwit and i'll show you how insecure i am and ram your mumbo jumbo right up yer fundament...Spit
  4. What are those barstewards who comprise SPI-B up to these days ? They are very quiet of late but i reckon they have had a shit load to do with the simianpox and polio and other assorted shenanigans There is a list of members of SPI-B from various educational establishments etc available by simply using google....This list needs publicising so the bastards never sleep soundly again https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/scientific-advisory-group-for-emergencies-sage-coronavirus-covid-19-response-membership/list-of-participants-of-sage-and-related-sub-groups
  5. Wish he would get the clap....now that would make me laugh and i might even bash a pan in celebration....Hope his halo slips and chokes him
  6. He in a competition with Kate Garrways fella to see who can bullshite the most ?
  7. Kerching Kerching...Kerching...gotta keep that income stream going
  8. I think the badness is going to come from that area of the world ,I've only ever been to Lebanon (couldn't get into Israel obviously cos of the Leb visa in my passport) but it surely is a melting pot,I do fear that something will 'kick off' and escalate at horrendous speed. I hope it doesn't happen but it always seems like we are two steps away from it Caused.engineered or planned i know not But it's going to happen
  9. And funded by whom ?..the financial trail for something like this is dirtier than a miner fresh out of a pit after an 8 hour shift
  10. We called it cuckoo spit in the late 60's Nothing unusual in it what the heck are they trying to instil in the simpletons heads ?
  11. Whats amazing about the 'Rotherham' scandal is how few convictions came from it and how few faces got named.Were they still clinging onto the racism tag? cos one things for sure it wasn't white brits involved but rather gentlemen of a swarthy complexion
  12. More horseshit propaganda to keep the jab money rolling in for big pharma...makes me so angry with its transparency i want to spit...and the sheep continue to roll their eyes whilst glancing away from the tv and nod their heads in unison....Oh another jab?...must get that one think how bad it could have been if i hadn't got that shot....ARGGGHHH
  13. Been away for a few days chums cos of personal health issues (absolutely NON covid related) but 2 days ago a very dear friend of mines mum dropped dead,v early 50's luckily one of her sons was with her and did cpr and got her back,couple of cracked ribs (sign he knew what he was doing !) and she's recovering. She had recently had her 4th jab,picture of health prior to it,Shocked the family to the core and in the name of decorum best i not mention those poisons in a syringe but this shit is happening the length and breadth of the country (not only the UK but worldwide) Can we ever stop it ? or is it too late ?
  14. And they happily sit there bathing in it My old man being a case in point..recently saw him and he asked the interminable ''Did you see''....i'm like you know i don't watch telly....Oh yeah you get your news from the internet,said in the most condscending sneering way possible (because he's a dinosaur he has only just learned to send a text after many hours of tuition by my sister) Soon he'll be off this mortal coil but the danger lies with the next generation of phillistines and Luddites who are even more 'absorbed' into the msm and programming for the braindead armed with a smartphone and a selective understanding of the world at the level of maggots and caterpillars Pffft
  15. State sponsored euthanasia prediction?
  16. Lots of guys i used to work with used to flock to Thailand in their leave period ''I went to Thailand'' ''Did you go as a peado or as a normal sex tourist'' ? Used to shut them the fuck right up
  17. ''You boomers'' ? Your youthful arrogance makes me smile ,basically you haven't got a fucking clue whats going on We 'Boomers' were aware even before your absent father threw some sperm at your mothers womb and 9 months later you appeared Never EVER underestimate the wisdom of age and experience
  18. They have the 'cheat sheet' and are ready to play...Doesn't matter how much we protest they have an answer ready
  19. I think you perhaps need to stop watching ''the Lord of War'' so often Anything to back up your claim ?
  20. Or the fittinng of 'pay to drive' monitors that are perhaps initially passive but on a given signal could be turned on in unison similar to a tiny gps unit that,unless you were incredibly skilled would never find
  21. Firefox now has a built in VPN (top right little robot head icon) far better than the vpn built into opera browser and works a treat with those annoying 'your country' warnings from bitchute,However i fear for Bitchute as its UK based and as its gaining more and more ground against YT's censorship and some of its content is perfectly capable of making the woke brigade collectively soil their rompers in unison
  22. Your electric vehicle wont need charging very often when you are living in your lego 15 minute city,if you need one at all,if you are a good puppet and comply comply comply you may be allowed to lease a universal bicycle to travel around on Johnnycabs anyone ?
  23. Watched it myself and i thought he gave us a bit of a thoughfully done curve ball to play with And personally speaking i think he got out before he was got at and thats why he's now in Mexico for a while until he can enter the Great Satan north of the border...And given how draconian Oz had become especially with that sweaty little chump Andrews continually pontificating i think he made a wise choice
  24. Check out 'Aladin the supercomputer' ...The control that thing has on the financial systems is phenomenol
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