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  1. Well Dr Simone it's all about fear,70k got rid of is nothing really if they can be replaced with troops that would otherwise be sitting idle since withdrawing from Afghan ( and there being no current suitable conflicts to redeploy them to)and think of the propaganda value of losing 70k workers to scare the 'vaccine hesitant' into compliance And yes your question may be rhetorical ,however if you still believe in a pandemic at this point you either haven't been paying attention or your bank balance has disturbed the balance of your mind
  2. Power outages,web outages,food shortages,rationing,water supply cut or poisoned,tv outages martial law curfews 'wellness' camps forced jabbery children being taken due to parents vaccine status blah blah blah They haven't even started yet and are just warming up
  3. Mr Truth Bombs latest documentary/fillum https://www.bitchute.com/video/rvcQQgSb8F7W/
  4. Guerilla shopping will become en vogue soon ;-)
  5. But only on twitter,barely passes a mention outside of the twitter sphere
  6. If you have rainwater catchment facilities and the space these are great if you can pick them up locally for around 50 quid,and given the way its pissng down where i live i could fill one in a day https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284000302136?hash=item421fbcb438:g:ODUAAOSwubRfUlsA Look for foodsafe ibc/1000 litre containers ,many food compnaies get ingredients in them and are looking to get rid of a surplus they accumulate
  7. Ebay for about 60 quid for a 3 pot distiller that will do water or alcohol,2 pot are cheaper and easier to use for water or splurge a bit and seach for 'air still' or electric still,all will work
  8. Pre birth vaccinations will come eventually Leave no one behind Especially if its an income stream previousy unexploited Extremely sinister
  9. I'll try and paint a picture,imagine it has a sheeps head two spindly arms with collapsed veins ,a chest with 3 teats each with two nipples with a robust covering of chest hair,it has an ass like a kardashian on steroids and two sets of genitalia,non of which work in the proscribed manner it has spindly legs that look barely capable of supporting it and cloven hooves and can only communicate with grunts and farts and has a penchant for eating live children It has also asked to be included in the lbtq alphabet
  10. Aaron Russo's epic ''America:Freedom to facism'' Well worth a watch if you have time (90+ minutes) but if you want something to think about watch it with your new covid eyes from approx 1 hour in after you have done that just remind yourself this film is 15 years old !
  11. I'm playing devils advocate but ever noticed how those that absolutely believe in it will state the fact outright and decry antivaxxers at the first opportunity or cry tinfoilers or some other disparaging remark,then theres those that are trying to get the message out and will concede theres a virus with out being too specific but not denouncing its existence totally to save them getting yet another channel banned then theres those that scream and shout it doesn't exist and its mass murder and genocide and woosh they have no channel I'm actually past caring if it exists or not,far more important things to be looking at
  12. Maybe the mp asked not to be named until he had taken the information and either digested it,probed his paymasters regarding what to do with it or helped formulate a plan on how to squash it out of sight forever,maybe the anonymity question was a prerquisite of the meting,just because he won't name somone doesn't make it woo ? the same as 6 other attendees of the meeting who asked not to be named You don't attend meetings with mp's and come outside straight after and blab the entire name list of attendees,well,you don't if you want anymore meetings
  13. Not only a hit piece on ro (whatever that may be ) systems but any form of water not provided by a government or corporation I drank nothing but potable water obtained by reverse osmosis for years,admittedly when i got home i drank flouridated water .(theyve been adding it here for years) but suffered no ill effects from the water i drank on ships and rigs,i have no teeth except false ones so that totally fucks their 'good for the teeth' argument I also don't quite get what the sudden uproar is about flouridating the water,theyve been doing it for years in the UK and the vast majority of people where its been happening haven't got a clue its in it already Check here to se if you've been flouridated already and if you have could you explain to me why its suddenly a big deal ? the damage has been done long ago (note i have absolutely no connection to the company nor do i have any of their products its just a handy link to show exactly what and where its happening) Looking at the list it seems its basically the Scots and the Welsh thats getting it,us English are fucked long ago (sorry NI didn't see you mentioned) https://www.uk-water-filters.co.uk/fluoride_areas_uk.html The national pure water association hasn't updated its site since 2012 when they ran anti flouridation campaigns which is where the postcode listing came from originally.would have thought they would have risen like a phoenix from the ashes on this topic but nothng
  14. I don't think the police have realised yet that they are to be taken down along with everyone else,they are being demonised by the media just as much as antivaxxers are,some are beginning to have an inkling of whats coming since they mandated jabs for the police and no doubt many are thinking 'what the fuck can i do in civvy street if i get suspended or booted out' well if they were generally hated before think how hated they are going to be now as media reports on their 'brave' fighting of peacful protestors Civvy street is not going to be safe for any copper soon ex or not,and the most laughable part of it is they are too thick to realise they are signing their own death warrants For societal breakdown to occur the police need to be out of the way,defunded and broken The media is helping this happen
  15. I cycled past the secretive local mobile testing station a few days ago (they situated it where they did so its observable 24/7 on cctv) and apart from the mobile fencing,traffic cones and four 'security' shepherding i was amazed a tthe amount of cyberchondriacs in their droves queueing to get a test,reminiscent of the queues i drove past tonight and the simple of thinking desperately trying to get something we have a glut of, petrol !,As you say bunch of absolute [email protected] not realising for one minute that their individual actions are prolonging this shitshow The brainwashing is complete,time to buckle up the ride is going to get uncomfortable rather quickly and don't forget 'scream if you wanna go faster'
  16. Reading the article it was more a plea for more assistance from the government and the DWP in particular and highlighting the difficulties he was facing as a funeral dirctor under the conditions as they existed at the time,photo was probably staged for the writer of the article from Look East who did the interview Hardly call that CO I don't doubt the mans sincerity and a look at his website shows they are far more open and honest than a lot So my conclusion (not that it matters) he isn't CO but he has found a goose thats laying golden eggs and a customer base he could never have dreamed of before Non entity suddenly finds internet fame for speaking about what he's seeing ,a seductive drug for anyone,it's the reason people write blogs,make youtube/bitchute/blah 'content' etc etc
  17. This is from the comments on Max's vid,but i did actually burst out laughing at the track playing during the montage towards the end My heart bleeds for you poor bastards down under and bleeds a bit more knowing its in the post and on its way to us in the northern hemisphere https://odysee.com/@psecdocumentary:4/PSEC---2021---A-Dire-Warning-To-The-Australian-Police---432hz--hd-720p-:9
  18. I think you might be right,the campaign is having some effect or they wouldn't feel the need to put out blatant fear mongering shit like they did Parents,keep sending those letters
  19. No mention of the letters not pretending to be from the NHS and from irate parents who have had enough of this bullshit Typical propaganda piece brought to courtesy of the minitruth with an added dash of teachers union bleater
  20. I think you have to look at it from a numbers perspective,army,air force,navy,marines and reservists and terrortorials number about 150k of that number how many have hgv licences? ,they simply do not have enough to fill the supposed shortage,that doesn't mean they wont do it but they dont have the numbers to take it over completely,yes they may take over essentials like food and fuel and shuffle those who were previously driving that to less essential items there is also the fact that they can change the law under emergency powers regs to make hgv licences redundant for the armed forces but i still don't think they can completely take over the total transport needs of the UK and dont forget lorries are allergic to roadblocks.caltrops,spike strips and fire not that i would endorse such heinous acts in any way
  21. My reaction was exactly the same WTAF ? Unjabbed hunting season is now open
  22. JPWatson wth his hammer https://www.bitchute.com/video/jXiqaqTMRZul/
  23. Thanks for that Really interesting podcast with much to ruminate on and some good explanations as to why some are suckered into the narrative and some (like the vast majority here) are not.
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