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  1. South Africa is in a perilous state without the convid lie with political corruption rife and some heavy duty rioting earlier this year A guy by the name of Serpentza on youtube has some really good in depth videos and commentary on the subject
  2. I wouldn't worry too much about what WAS said,I'd worry more about what is happening right now ,the blame game can be debated upon once the genocide is stopped
  3. Where was the reporting from London? It's happening over there...look that way.......nothing happening here Shit magicians with terrible sleight of hand
  4. I actually detest football with a passion,it was a hypothetical question posed by another poster i was answering and the seeming determination by the government to stop mass gatherings Will fans get all the required jabs passes n chips to sit at home paying to view 22 overpaid pricks kick a ball about to a dubbed crowd noise like a cheap tv comedy ? Or will they realise they are seeing the destruction of their favourite sport?
  5. There are some appearing (football fans that is) disillusioned with what has become of the game.We must start a recruitment drive !!
  6. It think that's what frightens the government so much ,Football is the last bastion of tribalism evident on a grand scale,And i agree fully with what you said about them joining the protests and uniting and organising,The government would be out on its ear in no time
  7. I was speaking to friends last night that were there and they commented how it 'felt' different with non of the 'logo' organisations and ''celebrity'' speakers playing front and centre (Mr Icke is excluded from that as i have no doubt about his integrity and beliefs) But no Piers,no shemirani,no steel nor the host of others who have shown themselvs to be of questionable reasons for being there Maybe theres a shift change?
  8. I'm no fan of football in the slightest however looking at the way things have been panning out it looks like theres a concerted effort to shut it down completly as an attendance event for millions and turn it into a totally fake television only 'exhibition' entertainment package The games played last year with no fans The sudden deaths and as you say blamed on the unvaxxed The covid pass horseshit to deter people from attending Definitely on a downward spiral....cant have the masses congregating and talking now can we ?
  9. From the streams i've seen of today this one wasn't like the previous ones organised by various 'groups' with 'logo's' big name speakers etc and was promoted as such on the flyers Grass roots ,yes there will be CO amongst them ,thats a given and it won't stop anything However Having attended most of them what it's enabled me to do is make some fantastic new friends and network ,it's enabled me to attend events with live music,a good sunday afternoon piss up and some fantastic conversation and not a single mask or convid restriction in sight and make even more new friends It's happening folks,people ARE getting together regardless of restrictions and are coming together and non of it published or broadcast on social media....this worries the powers that shouldn't be.....and long may it continue
  10. Just don't remind them they have 5 years tops ,possibly less so best make the most of this festive season....it could very possibly be their last
  11. I do actually have a nebosh qualification...will i need safety glasses ?
  12. No but i'd love to fist him and wear him like a glove puppet whilst wearing a boxing glove ...cunt...i abhor him
  13. Look at the members of SAGE and its myriad sub committees....these fuckas think they are protected....i have news for them....one day the army of the unjabbed will be at your door...and we aint knocking before we enter https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/scientific-advisory-group-for-emergencies-sage-coronavirus-covid-19-response-membership/list-of-participants-of-sage-and-related-sub-groups
  14. 1600 people die PER DAY in England Wales and Northrn Ireland on average....this figure existed pre plandemic and exists during the plandemic,this is all causes of death .....This figure is never EVER mentioned in relation to the convid....whats the betting natural deaths are about to be rebranded by april? (and all the unnatural deaths from clotshottery)
  15. America is being slowly but surely demarcated into fighting lines ready for civil war 2.0....Look at a map of 'political' influence ....i give the USA 3 months before the switch is flicked ....planned....prepared.....and going to happen
  16. Sequal to Lukas Lion's 1984...was pulled off youtube so fast it was breathtaking https://www.bitchute.com/video/C9wvdubs19I2/ 1984 original https://www.bitchute.com/video/haLTAokkL9kt/
  17. Very very true words Nemuri....i don't contribute as much as i used to as at the moment typing is extremly difficult....but i do watch and observe....every few days th shills of the alphabet and numerical agencies drop in with thread derailment tactics regular as clockwork....last time i called one out openly i got banned for a week so i tend to temper my comments now...but be aware folks....they are amongst us
  18. Make it personal...publlsh the names and addresses of them all,their phone numbers their e mail addys the names of the institutions they are working for the sage committtes they are on...name and shame make posters...post their names and addresses online wherever you are able That scares them The cloak of anonymity needs removing
  19. Good spot that actually made me howl laughing
  20. All well and good but how does that fat ittle kinderegg fuckwit javid know that theres going to be a need for vaccinations on the 1st of april 2022 ? I use the term 'vaccination' most advisedly and hope he gets run over by an hgv...detest the little baldy ovoid shaped cnut
  21. Christmas version Christ think of Mr Benn speaking like Boris
  22. You have a fine mind sir i hadn't seen your post....i work backwards from the latest (weird way of catching up i know...but i t works) ...we came to the same conclusion !!!
  23. He's like Mr Benn ...a cartoon from the 70's (perhaps earlier) where this strange fella in a bowler hat went into a strange shop and got 'dressed up' ....that about sums him up
  24. The capsule is mounted on a device that floods the interior with nitrogen and very quickly reduces the oxygen content from 21 to one percent. The person feels a little disoriented and may also feel slightly euphoric before losing consciousness. The whole process takes about 30 seconds. Death occurs from hypoxia and hypocapnia, a lack of oxygen and carbon dioxide, respectively. “There is no panic, no feeling of suffocation,” Nitschke added. Thats bollocks....i've experienced having the oxygen and carbon dioxide replaced with another gas TWICE totally by accident...your fucking blood boils ....you feel as if you are on fire inside.....and how the fuck would they know ? ....they resussing people that changed their mind ?....bullets are cheaper
  25. But you still have your sanity....worth far more than a 650k pile of bricks
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