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  1. I checked the Victoria police special operations group wiki page and their special operations group changed thir uniform from black to khaki in 2021 so i'm inclined to believe that it was a group of Victoria SOG in an unmarked car ,moving on to the predator pach i found the exact same ones on ebay for a few dollars and i also saw a close up of the predator patch and its a distinct different colour (and exactly the same as the ebay and amazon patches)to the police patch alongside it.I'm now inclined to believe its some gung ho coppers non uniform item he put on thinking it looked good ! Edit Thinking about the uniform colour change i think it's to distinguish them from the black rank and file robodopes once they are togged up in their skateboarding gear and to give them a more militaristic 'air' Fucken wannabes https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victoria_Police_Special_Operations_Group patch from an ebay ad 6.95 free shipping !!
  2. US military grounds its pilots who have had the clotshot.Civilian piots are ok to go though,must be somthing to do with the uniform and corona being able to distinguish between civilian and military https://populist.press/grounding-all-vaxxed-military-pilots-trust-the-science/?utm_source=Populist&utm_medium=email&utm_content=subscriber_id:883210&utm_campaign=Day 183 W1 https://www.deepcapture.com/2021/09/affidavit-of-ltc-theresa-long-m-d-in-support-of-a-motion-for-a-preliminary-injunction-order/
  3. Must be an age thing,my parents flatly refuse to believe anything unless its on BBC or it was in the Sun,as far as they are concerened they are the ONLY sources of information to be trusted ,Any attempt to disabuse them of this notion is met with cognitive dissonance and outright scorn I've decided to let them continue in their blissfully ignorant utopia,perhaps better that way,the shock of knowing the truth would kill them
  4. More on the white hart associated with Herne the hunter in english mythology https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Hart 6 year old story ,note the story of richard II's bodyguard the cheshire archers ,bootle butts up to Cheshire https://www.independent.co.uk/climate-change/news/devon-enchanted-by-rare-sighting-of-the-mysterious-white-hart-2360074.html
  5. A white stag in fucken Bootle of all places,i'm suprised its not on bricks with its hooves sawn off and that fancy hatrack chopped as well I live not far from a place where they still have a horn dance once a year a custom pre dating christianity and the horns they use are from the medieval period as well There is much symbolism in this and i normally ignore stuff like that Consider how many white hart pubs there are and its had significance in mythology and myth forever More to this than first apparent methinks,surely someone somewhere knows where such a fine,rare specimin came from ? can't imagine its from a herd at some country park or similar or else it would have been photographed and the chances of a white hart in Bootle ? gimmee a break
  6. I despise that woman with a passion She needs a deep investigation done and outing for the shill she is,i remember at the start of covid her proudly proclaiming on yt about building her 'brand' and then getting the public to submit video clips to her which would have been passed over to members of spi-b to analyse public opinion from 'the man/woman on the street' and formulate their plans for going forward she is an absolute cancer amongst the awake and not to be trusted an inch
  7. This is the engineering of the gun grab,guns being the final hurdle in the US for implementation of the one world government,thats why in th 5 eyes countries Ameria is last to fall solely because they still have the second amendment In 18 months they have stockpiled and hoarded guns and ammo but the guns are amazingly silent ,how many more jab deaths is enough to kick the shooting off ? How much or dismantling of the country will be enough for the shooting to start ? When are they going to use those second amendment rights ? The world has been watching long enough and we're running out of popcorn
  8. NO Mr Khan you need 24 hr security as you know there are several million people who would gladly stick a knife in your throat,not because of your skin colour,not because of the god you worship but because you are drunk with power and have exceeded your remit by many orders of magnitude and forcd people to endure untold suffering due to your decisions and your choice to use force to police those decisions Never forget Mr Khan you cannot live with 24/7 security forever,somebody,somewhere WILL get to you one day
  9. I'm noticing a trend with these types of stories,New technology introduced,shortly after a data breach of some kind,nobody loses money nor even starts being bombarded with spam mail ,story quietly slips into oblivion ,repeat and the under 35's in particular once again don't notice anything .no losses at the bank no increase in spam e mails,data breaches are normalised Then comes the day when its all switched on and bank accounts are emptied or skimmed and the government cries foreign actors or black hat hackers we are being softened up for the biggest bank robbery in history/
  10. Ahh the ear tabs !! theres also clips of the evil little humunculus fauci and his mask slipping and its not unheard of for dictators to have many body doubles,Saddam,ghaddafi,idi amin dada i suppose it comes with the territory
  11. Probably not as theres a proportion who get their fluoride from natural sources ,interstingly i came across this document from 2018 recently,on the first page scroll down to the heading 'TARGET GROUPS' Utopia was a documentary not a dystopian sci fi series on Ch4 ! https://www.england.nhs.uk/ltphimenu/better-care-for-health-conditions-for-dental-healthcare/dental-care-and-water-fluoridation/
  12. Ere anyone following any discussion anywhere about creepy joe being replaced by a stand in due to the original being so mentally unfit to carry out the role of potus he's had to be retired ? Seen some convincing pictures of masks and stand ins/body doubles and a clip of our own spineless albino jellyfish saying 'you aint joe biden' off camera Wouldn't put it past them
  13. I'd worry more about forced jabs than getting hung up on fluoride in the water at this present time,90% of England has had it for years,its only because the Scots and the Welsh are about to get it that its become newsworthy all of a sudden which everyone seems to have missed
  14. Oh noes not the french blockading the tax free Jersey fishermen cant have that wot wot wot,Where were the fuckin royal Navy.The senior service, when the flotilla of fighting age males were coming across the fucking channel in pedallos like they were on a bastard day trip ? What does it matter afterall? we are all fucked ,this is just entertainment until judgement day
  15. Wouldn't be surprisd in th slightest if some well intentioned american citizen introduced the guidestones to some energetic materials I do hope they video and post the resultant bang
  16. Meanwhile the UK announces cuts to the Border Farce now that the weather has changed and channel crossings become increasingly more dangerous
  17. 3 elegant solutions all at once Tmorrow we conquer the world,ther is nothing to stop us !!!
  18. Just going from the headline i'd wager good money she won't be mentioning vaccines as the biggest cause but in actual fact blaming anything and everything other than vaccines Edit If you enter the url above into th wayback machine and take the last snapshot from the most recent date listed it gives the article in full and bypasses the paywall https://web.archive.org/web/20210927225126/https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/09/24/analysis-thousands-usual-dying-not-covid/
  19. And a very large percentage of the population would call it fake news and say the BBC had it completley wrong such is the disconnect so elegantly engineered in their minds
  20. Yep i agree,however what is interesting is the almost complete lack of coverage by the msm,every time previous there has been coverage,this time none and more importantly what has been added and snuck in under the radar?
  21. Try rum.makes for interesting wednesdays
  22. When do the emergency powers act come up for renewal ? I was sure it was this month and we have 24 hrs left of it Or have they put a D notice on reporting it ?
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