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  1. Bang on there mate...It's a lull....they have summat up their sleeves and as you say across nations in lockstep.....Been in some other forums n lots of normally bitter cynical fuckers like me getting all excited over nothing but the damage has been done now The staged die off continues Theres quite a few rats vanished off the ship off late I'll pray for violent revolution and the decoration of street furniture with the wicked just before i got to bed in a bit
  2. George O'Dowd turned into a common or garden baghead This is all part of the band wagon jumping along with those other pricks on Spotify.....watch all the has beens come out for some free publicity
  3. He also had his own needle fixation and ended up in a rehab in Ashby De La Zouch....so i think he needs t shut his fucin head
  4. And lets not forget Sage and the myriad sub committes The most heinous bunch of c88ts ever assembled https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/scientific-advisory-group-for-emergencies-sage-coronavirus-covid-19-response-membership/list-of-participants-of-sage-and-related-sub-groups
  5. Horseshit...my favourite is that if someone calls me an 'ati vaxxer' or vaccine hesitant i simply ask them if hey have had the rabies vaccine or the yellow fever vaccine...i have and a shed load of others cos i've worked in some shitholes in the world....childhood trauma?....i had my fair share of that n'orl...they started locking me up when i was 15 and theres some horrible shit long before that.....i think in modern parlance its called Gaslighting More absolute bollocks from Sly news
  6. Thank you for that zArk...absolutely sickening.....and this is going to continue happening all year...and next year...and the year after....the crowd 'sickness' at sporting events...the publicity campaigns to try to 'normalise' myocarditis and other heart problems in fuckin children...it's breaking my bastard heart....its graduated it's planned and its happening
  7. There never was going to be the mass die off ...its a graduated kill...the only reason they are easing off is cos enough idiots have taken up to 3 shots...as you say the fruand/agenda will continue....We can never rest and think just becuase mask mandates have gone or the jabs....There is still some street furniture to decorate and i won't feel safe until i see a few ropey politicians hanging from lamposts and such like
  8. And you've just hit the nail on the head and its in regard to all the 20mph zones that have appeared suddenly Autonomous vehicles are to be limited to 20mph once off motorways and major A roads Conditioning
  9. https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2022/01/12/ronald-mcdonald-house-in-bc-will-help-unvaccinated-families-find-alternate-living-arrangements.html not quite rescinded as i thought but a definite change in policy Corporate fear writ large
  10. I think they rescinded the decision due to extremely bad press worldwide
  11. You seen that video on the black eyed babies? Their eyes are the eyes i see poking above the facial liner
  12. Bloke smashing the Eric Gill paedo dog molester statue outside the BBc with a lump hammmer https://www.bitchute.com/video/cRl7hsIa9Dc7/
  13. Rehash of the story they tried a year ago regarding veterans ....they are determined though aint they?
  14. I noticed one of these exact same signs in a suburban st just prior to christmas near me ,thought it was a joke,now realise its more scare tactics
  15. Once you laugh in the face of their perceived threats and basically tell them to fuck off and then threaten them with a bigger stick....ie numbers....they wilt like flowers in the midday sun To the brothers and sisters worldwide Find yer tribe It's time
  16. You could always get the rabies vaccination ,a genuine vaxx,3 shots and yer gonna be ill for 48 hrs....i know,i've had em from working in some strange places I can actually lick my own butthole now and scratch my ears with my leg
  17. Could quite happily bang a line or three right now from columbia
  18. You need to watch it in its entirety...the best tv ive seen in the last 20 years....black humour...funny...full of ultra violence.....and oh so very prescient !
  19. Word soup cooked by an extremely incompetent chef....There's an old saying 'Bullshit baffles brains''....they're milking this one for all its worth
  20. Try going to PPRUNE (private pilots rumour network forum) and asking about the numbers...you'll be banned in an instant....Fucking lemmings
  21. agree totally....is shemirani still getting tutelage from mark steel ? (another shill) is he educating her under the dim glow of a 5g streetlight ? They might have an audience but they are just media whores spouting rhetoric that they think will appeal to the masses
  22. Fair comment mate and i do get your point and agree wholeheartedly To elaborate on the 'thats the one that scares them' Its reference to the fact that people coming together en masse can collectively discuss the downfall of the power structures that wish to govern us.....Theres more than one reason the pubs n clubs are always first in the firing line ref lockdowns and green passes Fear
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