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  1. Italy up and at 'em..go Trieste,i have fond memories of you !
  2. I wouldn't be at all surprised that companies now are utilising social media and every other avenue open to them to compile blacklists of 'antivaxxers' or people that support antivaxx,I know for a fact that in the early 90's an industry i worked in compliled 'blacklists' of people who were pro union or were even suspcted of being pro union which led to them being unable to find employment even though eminently qualified for whatever position they were looking for,in fact the companies maintained the list for exactly 1 year and 1 day after the strikes were over which were taking place at the time Imagine what they are capable of now
  3. From a gent named Giordano Bruno fom anoter forum i frequent and some superb logic Anti vaxxers don't have to be right What's the worst that could happen? You get something that is VERY survivable. (99.7%) Pro-Vaxxers on the other hand, HAVE to be right or they are dead. They bet their LIVES on this. They HAVE to be right. While I could afford to be wrong. Smart choice vaxxers - My life is too valuable to roll the dice.
  4. I'm still waiting for the roar of those estimated 450 million guns in america,18 months in and they are deafeningly silent I need more popcorn and to be honest im sick of eating it waiting the biggest trouble is they will turn those guns on each other instead of pointing them in the right direction espcially given the rumblings of states seccedeing Just looking at a red/blue map shows the country is being divided into sides ready for the civil war.The US can't carry out the genocide like the other 5 eyes nations are doing because of the guns,simply get them fighting each other win win My 0.000002 digital cents
  5. He's the national treasure of the less dull tools in the box
  6. Change the word 'people' with children and that is the exact wording used to push kiddie jabs through
  7. Every cult needs a leader/s or figure/s of worship,they cannot exist without one and cease to be a cult The panel of 7 men espoused by Dr Rima Laibow makes more sense now than in 2009 when she first aired her knowledge and thoughts Please don't get hung up on the Jesse Ventura is a shill blah blah blah nor the sensationalist aspect of the whole programme,it was 'way out there' material in 2009,take onboard with your new covid eyes what she is saying and consider that this is 12 years old https://www.bitchute.com/video/naf5Ku6wOfYa/
  8. Quick question,is it possible for a state premiere in australia to reach the heights of prime minister of the nation ? If it is i think we might be looking at Australias next prime minister
  9. I think his work contains a certain amount of faction woven into the stories,especially the likes of opus dei which brought it to the attention of the world as prior to the da vinci code no one had heard of them to any great extent,the knights of St Colomba are another catholic 'mason' order as well that rarely gets much press and no doubt there are countless others,personally i blame the jesuits the buck starts stopping once you get that far,the tentacles are so vast you could spend a lfetime studying the connections and still be left with a twisted ball of wool at the end
  10. Where do i start ,i know lets start with the black /white pope and why they are one and the same for the first time in history we can get to opus dei later ,they are just a figment of dan browns imagination ;-)
  11. Her replacement is more sinister than she was,she was just accepting bungs,he's got the dark side of the church backing him
  12. Just ask Dr Shipman,he killed more singlehandely than the army catering corps
  13. The guy on the megaphone is the dude that has done a couple of 'inspirational' videos recently ,normally filmed in a gym,i don't know his name
  14. Check out Guardians 300,i think you'll find it more than 2 Clues in the name
  15. Canada about to introduce martial law https://www.bitchute.com/video/HzWgHVlCr6Vt/
  16. Derbyshire resilience forum and contingency planning now with added military special sauce https://www.derbyshireprepared.org.uk/
  17. Ivermectin with a molecular change and added vits and minerals and there was me thinking they outlawed 'designer drugs' with the catch all regs a few years ago (god i miss ethylphenidate ;-( )
  18. ruled by dogs ? Looks more like a cross between a parrot and a tortoise with those piggy little eyes
  19. Yep, i was quite near watching them and it was choreographed, much the same as the last one i went to when they had the likes of tatman with his megaphone and other assorted shills getting everyone away from parliament square to 'hold the line' as they kept urging and it was a masterclass in kettling,i stood on the crossroads and watched them get people up to the police line then the black scum started coming in from the sides,thankfully nothing of note happened as a lot got pissed off and wandered back to the square but standing back and taking note you could see what was happening
  20. Is that hearsay or you have any proof that 'most' were soldiers? i actually come from a mining area and most where im from during the strike were not soldiers but police from all over the country getting paid overtime by the bucketful I find it hard to believe that comment,some were squaddies maybe but 'most' ???,same as with 5 minutes searching i find the mossad/chinese special ops far fetched as well Sometimes the mundane truth spoils a good story i know but mundane truth it is
  21. Get jabbed or you can't leave home for work says Dan https://www.bitchute.com/video/u1szP64F9uwW/
  22. I was there last september and you are right in what you are saying,when they suddenly moved in around the raised area from the side streets a lot of them didn't have distinct numbers visible and the gear they were wearing didn't look issue either on a lot of them,more like dyed boiler suits !
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