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  1. I'm still amazed at the phrase 'go woke...go broke' its actually more consistent than moores law so although we may be pissed off with their 'wokeness' rest assured that due to the immutable laws of physics it is dictated that they are fucked
  2. And takes years of wrangling in the courts and ultimately who pays ? Not the pharmaco's it's the taxpayer that foots the bill What a brilliant scheme,the pharmaco's profit is never touched,non disclosure agreements are the order of the day and a condition of awarding the compo win for pharmaco,win for government, loss for taxpayer and vaccine injured,Add in to that the fees of the legal 'professionals' (read leeches in wigs and robes) and even though at first sight it may appear thre is a 'fair' system to recompense the vaccine injured and the end of the day and with all its fancy bollocks stripped away it's another money making scheme
  3. I noticed recently some work (i know not where,i visit so many places) of a German resarcher who had spent an inordinate amount of time mapping the entire structure of religion/pharma and governements funding streams and how they were connected ,Absolutly mind blowing in its complexity and far beyond the reach of my simple mind However,what IS apparent that to take out the web it's a damn good idea to kill the spider that made it,that spider may be in the centre or it may be sitting waiting for a vibration on its edges,once that is dealt with the rest of the web can be brushed out of the way Maybe we need to look to nature and how it constructs its traps for the ideal method of dealing with our present situation ?
  4. Wellingtons and loafers or flat soles ? OR What a load of fucking shit ? These internet acronyms will be the death of me lol rofpmaol rtfm :-)
  5. Speaking of newspapers in th UK ,have you noticed that all the tiny regional publications have been quietly swallowed over the last 10 years and now normally have the 'Live' tag slapped on them ? The thing with these is sometimes the cub reporters haven't quite got the message from on high who are more concerned with advertising revenue and sometimes they let things 'slip' that a larger red top or broadsheet would nip in the bud Good to keep an eye on them
  6. Stumbled on this tonight and after having listened to the first 90 minutes i have to say this is an undiscovered gem on the history of the 'cancer' industry and to keep in mind this threads reason for being is a fantastic primer and a virtual 'leading by the hand' up to the present day iterations of big pharma,it's history and its influencers,i'm about to start part two and am really looking forward to it,although its a vid its actually a podcast ,so sit back,dim the screen and listen to the guys excellent narration https://www.bitchute.com/video/zwjlyyV7KXuw/
  7. Wonder if its a 'thing' with Irish 'celebrities to slap a mental health tag on them if they waver from the narrative? Silly'ead O'Connor is another one (although i do firmly believe she is suffering and absolutly adored 'mandinka'' and the lion and the cobra,anything after that musically? ram it)
  8. That picture is nearly as creepy as the one posted earlier of Bruno,the ripper and saville together
  9. I think your hammer found it's nail,MH is being equated to antivaxx sentiment thus enabling 'them' to cart people off under the auspices of 'helping them' as they are ill and subsequently the sheep keep grazing
  10. Possibly the most disturbing film i've seen on the subject (nothing graphic and its all subtitled) https://www.bitchute.com/video/cOHQanxoDUoy/
  11. that is so close to the truth that its not even surprising
  12. Tom Daly Frank Bruno Countless others are they wheeling these ''celebrities'' out to order ? ok bruno has a book to push but its becoming imcreasingly obvious theres a formula being used here
  13. The people doing this are to be applauded and are truly heroes ,standing there in the pissing down rain getting the message across,same for those folks at the marathon sticking it in their fucking faces (legacy media that is) long may it continue and i send every last one of them my heartfelt thanks for their efforts
  14. Get a dog,faithful ,will put their life on the line for you and soothing for the soul for the pair of you and you can't connct them to the grid (especially if you don't chip them) :-)
  15. Is he selling new book? or looking for some love and understanding / or has he been got at ? answers on a postcard to the usual address https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/16312078/frank-bruno-sectioned-lockdown-mental-health/?utm_source=newsshowcase&utm_medium=gnews&utm_campaign=CDAqEAgAKgcICjDQiPwKMJHAiAMw6Igg&utm_content=rundown&gaa_at=g&gaa_n=AYc4yssmzIibh8b3o10WA8TxTxLG4BT4TPu0PwSOl4B_nXlGqQCdBV-m1N3QQNhJjs5bWJcIO7W5iiLaKJGc1hw7Bzt9SrESxvhdBVQ%3D&gaa_ts=6159c40e&gaa_sig=e-XOjCu9rIHSxaz4SEDJ4A07KPvFMWdpe1zUsuorUUtg7H9D5W2UDEbBrg1BkxZnCMa0-SU1afgxUy-8GhHm2Q%3D%3D
  16. Not your fault,and thats the sneaky pernicious way this technology is being introduced,the majority of people fail to realise that they are the 'product' to be milked for every penny possible and now with added sauce in that you are connected to the grid just that little bit more Strip of black insulating tape sorts its 'remote eye' capablities,disconnecting it from your home router makes it dumber than a brick
  17. Some of us 2% ers have surprises,gift wrapped and with a ribbon
  18. The vaccinated HAVE to be right ,they have taken a gamble,if thy have chosen unwisely they die,they are predisposed to defend their choice at all costs,the outcome of losing is death,and as we know 'the house always wins' We,the unjabbed , on the other hand are not worried about contrcting a supposed disease that has a 99.7+ % chance of survival if you perhaps stay at home and dose up with a lemsip or 2 sweat it out and right as ninepence in 48 hrs
  19. any arsonists out there with an itch might find some ideas in this article Evrybody else might find this a bit disturbing because it doesn't take a genius to work out th biggest threat ,according to government,is not foreign 'actors' or foreign nation states but YOU Youe/We/Everybody other than 'them is a target make no mistake about that,to believe otherwise is best left to the braindead fuckwits with sleeves that go up and down faster than a whores drawers https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lancashire-58779337
  20. Doorbell cam ???????? Wouldn't be ring would it ? Come on Ziggy scissor kick that fucka into oblivion,it's spying on you more than a phone and calling home more times than a homesick teenager Doorbell cams are part of the surveillance network
  21. Ivermectin with a molecule change and added 'Oomph' with vits and minerals They didn't do a hit job to wipe ivrmectin from the market,they did it to make room for their branded,patented ,expensive version of same
  22. The societetal collapse has been engineerd aross all the 5 yes nations,some are advancing faster than others but all seem to have one goal What can we do ? Buckle up it's going to get intresting
  23. Bide your time and when they are slowly but surely dying or suffering adverse reactions,quietly whisper in their ear ''why didnt she just fucking get it'' Karmas a bitch sometimes
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