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  1. Trouble is she cant go near microwave ovens as they send her into a psychotic state
  2. And that my friend sums it all up soooo nicely !!
  3. I was always struck by the story of Eyam,the infamous plague village in Derbyshire,in fact it struck me so much some years ago i had to make a plgrimage there (its about 45 mins from me) looking back on that period i know now what i'd have done First sign of them karking it i'd of been out of there like a bat out of hell Sod all that heroics shit
  4. Misery loves company and now more and more are realising just how stupid they have been many will be full of anger and looking to blame someone,anyone for their own lack of judgement and they will gladly take you down,turn you in ,openly attack you etc etc The more they awaken the more dangerous they become as theres nothing like an angry dupe willing to lash out Best avoid them at all costs or invest in a cattle prod (which surprisingly are legal in the UK)
  5. Robert Fisk was a hero of mine since the very early 90's ,perhaps one of the few true journalists ,I read his book ''Pity the nation'' after i had been to Lebanon around 91/92 was was blown away by it,The book should be essential reding for anyone with even a passing interest in middle eastern politics May he rest in peace wherever his soul is Robrt Fisk July 1946-October 2020
  6. Vaxxed II,The peoples truth (2019) https://www.bitchute.com/video/KzREp2RwrMn5/
  7. 2017 and the rise of the anti vaxx Karen was in relation to the release of this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vaxxed Before you read it have eye bleach handy,its a hit job Full movie https://www.bitchute.com/video/CoSl9fJit9wz/
  8. Epic post my friend illustrating exactly the upside down inside out world we have been forced into Bravery is sometimes doing something so simple we have to take a backwards step to appreciate it,Shout out to the Leicester tribe,if i could drive i'd be with them as they aint a a million miles away from my locale Im humbled by their dedication,makes every post i make here worthless
  9. Young Hearts series,this series of films actually reduced me to tears,im a 57 year old rough old bastard but enough is enough .Part II did it for me soon as i heard the opening bars i lost it https://www.bitchute.com/video/0sOyKTh8Uhm5/ https://www.bitchute.com/video/zUzDfV2XsbBG/ https://www.bitchute.com/video/1QpbPaFOMVr8/ https://www.bitchute.com/video/pwNmS4HWPkXC/ https://www.bitchute.com/video/B9M0Dd6oOejp/
  10. Child death statistics from the jab will be intentionally obfuscated,made difficult to find or outright falsified Only the likes of facebook/twitter pages will start to bring it to the fore and then they will also be censored,'fact checked' or outright pulled We aint dealing with normal humans capable of compassion anymore,we are dealing with a new species entirely,a species so fixated on money and profit,a species so beholden to unknown forces through blackmail and threats that it's time to perhaps take a leaf out of their playbook No mercy,no surrender
  11. Ok i agree fully,yep robodogs are the future Meanwhile for those of us not watching and living in a black mirror episode we'll continue to worry about more mundane things about to happen for real outside the confines of our own mind Things like children being killed and injured,things like manufactured fuel crises being used to put troops on the streets,things like not being able to access services we've already paid for because we don't have the correct phone app,tings like adults dropping like flies or being hospitalised but a tame msm ignores the glaring truth yep robodogs it is
  12. Lets worry about them when they are deployed,until then i feel one should concentrate ones efforts on dealing with Mk1 humans who WILL be coming to you your to drag you out for jabbing long before robodog gets let off its leash
  13. a skip net thrown over it will incapacitate it,and why is it playing paintball ?
  14. I didn't know what to expct there but i'm wiping the tears away as i type ;-)
  15. Murder by injction by eustace Mullins chapter 5 -fluoridation Audiobook https://www.bitchute.com/video/42tQImSXQIpa/
  16. As Mr Icke says 'Repeaters' they ceased to be journalists many years ago
  17. Don't give them ideas ! I can see exactly the same and its already happening the tying together of covid and climate change,early days yet but there is a definite move in that direction,expect to see it more and more in the coming months
  18. I'm no friend of Israel (remember Sabra and Chatila) but this anti semitic shit is getting beyond bizarre now,and non of it coming from Israel where they are culling their own with gay abandon ,Perhaps those most vocal proponents of the anti semitic slur should get their arses to Israel forthwith so they can stand in solidarity with their own?
  19. Interesting question,perhaps they'll bring in the troops sitting with their thumbs up their arses to replace them ? The story will go 'due to lack of uptake by selfish police officers who we have had to sack we are left with no option but to use the troops to maintain law and order' Martial law by the back door
  20. When i see the masked imbeciles im reminded every time of this,i'm thinking evolution will eventually make them like that
  21. I'm absolutly crap at numbers but out of a total of 17000 ,33% have refused the jab so about 5 and a half thousand and they are quoting only 1200 robodopes so the rest are support workers ? Methinks some one is lying
  22. Murder by injection chapter 4 ,vaccination, https://www.bitchute.com/video/uTLaLYTjArcb/
  23. Make a well known phrase or sayimg from the following words Home chickens to coming roost
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