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  1. I noticed the same on antisocial media (i dont do tv)....funeral plans...insurance plans ....undertakers....maybe its because ive reached a certain age (im only 57 ffs)...but it has been noticable ...beginning to get paranoid...Ha...As if !!
  2. From what i've seen so far this is enough to send Andrews to the gallows....i shall pray to many gods tonight that it happens
  3. But don't forgt we have a new breed of cyberchondriacs who at the first hint of a sniffle n sore throat n a bit of muscualar aches can,with the aid of google,turn it into the deadliest disease theyve ever known or a version of the flu like mankind has never known before....The DR prescribes 2 paracetamol plenty of fluids and shut the fuck up
  4. Any news/feeds/vids of the convoy in the UK today?...information is sparse
  5. Welcome to the darkside...you are amongst friends
  6. Simply Google ''Cut the bottom off doors''....scuse the intentional pun...the interweb is alight at the Wee Krankies madness and 5 mill towards it.
  7. It gets worse,decent article from the Times which lays it out...and then i learn of the interlinked alarms...If THAT happens im off back up to Scotland (a place dear to my heart btw) as amongst the myriad jobs i've had i used to fit smoke alarms ...Business will be brisk ! https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/fb146a06-85d9-11ec-b939-57ea9f594ba1?shareToken=0a2a6bab439bef786bf5b1b5d6832e62
  8. No law breaking going on ,peacfeul protest so what do they fall back on?...good old elf n selfty Since when did the UK's police 'services' become H & S managers for the actions of the general public ?
  9. Having also been firefighting trained in the past i sat incredulous when i read about the proposition...I actually thought it was a spoof story at first but the slow dawning realisation that it was anything but a spoof chilled me to the bone.I'm still incredulous that a political party could propose such an idea with nay a thought to even basic fire safety before making the announcement. I hope the ridicule the story has received is taken onboard by the SNP and measures are put in place to never EVER allow it to happen.Parents of schoolchildren in Scotland must be aghast that not only is the SNP's cavalier attitude towards myocarditis etc apparent but it seems they don't actually give a fuck if their children roast in a fire situation
  10. I used to work on rigs overseas and to prevent 'native' labour hiding and sleeping in the shitboxes they used to cut the bottoms and the tops off the toilet doors...shit saloons we used to call em...Wonder if wee krankie knows some ex rig workers?
  11. Watch that high horse don't buck and throw you violently to the ground
  12. Dunnerwurri Zigg 618 already and theres a home match at my local club today (im about 300 metres from the ground) reckon summat will crack off Send your mate this link...he can then keep up to date https://goodsciencing.com/covid/athletes-suffer-cardiac-arrest-die-after-covid-shot/
  13. I have a feeling there will be a few more today...sad but true fact
  14. As usual and true to form they operate like a tag team ....like rocks on a railway line ....sighhh its got so tedious now they are more transparent than glass Ask your superiors for a new script...the one you are using is like used toilet paper
  15. Look mate ...im about to warm the branding iron ...you know the one that says shill....now be off with your fatuous arguments...yer either 77 or some other abc letter agency....you are actually laughable
  16. Don;t believe everything you hear...Just because Tucker said something dosnt make it true,final and not without worth looking a little further than a soundbite https://conservativefighters.co/news/heres-the-latest-update-after-gofundme-froze-millions-raised-for-canadas-anti-vaccine-mandate-freedom-convoy/
  17. Gofuckme will refund donators using a dedicated form they have available ..HOWEVER only until the 19th of this month....many will not be aware of this due to lack of msm coverage after that date the wholesale miappriation of funds will continue....If there is an comfort to be had from this the people who donated but diidnt claim back will have taken part in the demise of gofuckme ...this will wipe them out as a company hopefully and with an added bonus make other payment processors sit up and take notice....your business model is past its sell by date
  18. I'm not a football fan nor am i a betting man but i wonder how many games will be delayed or have unscheduled pauses in them today due to either fans or players dropping like stones ? Pound to a pinch of snuff the running total on this website will rise....and thats only those on the pitch https://goodsciencing.com/covid/athletes-suffer-cardiac-arrest-die-after-covid-shot/
  19. I got into Telegram through the protests but started feeling uneasy about it once i stopped using phones altogether and installed it on my laptop,its permanently on with no simple 'Exit' which got my hackles raised .Theres only one reason a programme or app is designed to be in a permnent 'On' state and thats one of harvesting...I've ditched it,In fact i find it a pain in the arse to use...but the kiddies seem to enjoy it !
  20. Absolute agreement with you there matey
  21. Tapeworms mate...i've pulled bigger ones out of gutted rabbits
  22. Oh looky....The exact same 'side effects' that were touted with all the other 'vaccines' when they were first released
  23. Quick DDgo and this appeared...could be a start on the discrimination route ?..maybe others could chip in https://miriaf.co.uk/letter-of-complaint-to-doctors-surgery-re-mask-discrimination/ @oddsnsods
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