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  1. Grantham and South Kesteven....didn't they have a lot to do with missing the fucking obvious and Beverley Allit?....i see fuck alls changed...still got their head in the clouds
  2. Is he still managing Burton albion ? (hate football even though i live 200 metres from the ground)
  3. The command structure of the NWO is now beginning to be shown it all its obscene glory and the composition of the one world government laid bare I'd often wondered over the last 2 years exactly how all these countries seemingly acted in unison and from what top down point were the edicts and decrees being issued ,the article lays it out Forget democracy and voting it's a concept long dead and only an appeasement for the worker drones to keep them under the illusion they have some kind of say in matters...we don't and never will until the WEF is razed to the ground and its accolytes hunted to the ends of the earth
  4. Maybe Banksy could do something with it ?...he did well with Dismaland
  5. Divine retribution sometimes comes disguised hiding its light under a bushel ;-)
  6. Reminded me of 'the girl with the butterfly tattoo' (the original version)....KICK IT IN
  7. Question time has gained a reputation as being the ''assasination special'' programme for topics that don't fit the 'official' or 'BBC' narrative Purports to be fair and objective but is anything but fair and objective
  8. Did anyone find out what the 'emergency' was at Stanstead airport ? (an airport i detest with a passion btw...used to fly in and out twice a month...fuckin shithole)
  9. Terrain....a film defining germ theory versus...well you've guessed ...may be old hat for many but a very interesting watch for perhaps folks new to the idea https://www.bitchute.com/video/ssEBY7MZX0mp/
  10. Why on earth did the 'journalist' feel the need to write the piece ? Prior to the convid scam was it ever of concern to people? ...yes people get ill in crowd situations ,yes players occasionally dropped dead (rarely but it did happn)...but the alarming regularity of it happening now needs a cover story ? Who the hell is he trying to fool? himself or readers of the Indy ??? Or perhaps the more likely scenario orders have come from on high to 'debunk' the fact that jabbed casualties are alarmingly close to the levels which could panic the sheep https://goodsciencing.com/covid/athletes-suffer-cardiac-arrest-die-after-covid-shot/
  11. Probably a pilot has croaked mid air and the co driver has to bring it down by himself
  12. And i'm sure a vast amount of those comments are from 77/alphabetti spyghetti types trying the damage limitation/thread derailment techniques Fair play to Matt Le T for speaking publicly though
  13. First time i have EVER typed this.....out of likes ;-)
  14. Surprise surprise https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/17557518/crystal-palace-hartlepool-fa-cup-medical-emergency-fan/ No doubt there will be others come to light in the coming week
  15. First bostin laugh of the day...thank you mate
  16. Up until about 3 months ago i'd watch a bit of telly occasionally,mainly the lesser channels like Dave and stuff on demand...couldn't bear the mainstream...it wasn't the programming it was the fuckin adverts that killed it for me...i used to cope quite well with gourmet cat food ads (mugs...let them eat birds and owt else they could catch ) i used to love Moose on the clearscore ads (although as a product i'd rather sit in a pool of my own shit than use it).....Then we got full bore cyclical covid propaganda...thats when it got fucked for me What doin ?
  17. As long as it keeps those weepy fly ridden 3 pound a month for clean water arseholes off my screen ill be much the happier man
  18. Sorry to be crass and bitter about kids dying and if its offended anyone please accept my sincere apologies HOWEVER if a curmudgeonly cynical old bastard like me can see a business opportunity you can bet your boots the 'death' industry has highly paid employees who will have spotted the earning potential long before me and will have ramped it up a gear or two to capitalise on it Expect adverts for child specific funeral services before April
  19. The die has been cast...now we must be patient for universal outcomes
  20. And with cardiac arrest being 'normalised' amongst the young (ref ads in the UK normalising 16 y.o's dying from cardiac arrest) there is a whole new income stream about to come online which prior to 2020 didn't exist
  21. Bingo..but apply our new covid cynical eyes,the future leaders programme yadda yadda yadda The arrogance and audacity of our 'elected 'leaders' bears striking similarities
  22. 4 year old video from Serpentza on China's 1st 2nd 3rd tier cities...This was pre convid obviously but its quite illustrative of what i believe the 2030 plan to be indicative of and a foretelling of whats to come in the west sooner rather than later
  23. Bit of advice...don't...its torture...De Sade is to be avoided at all costs no matter how perverted you are....However the ruthlessness required can be found in the 48 laws of power which if you look at those 'future leaders' graduates can be seen in full swing https://www.shortform.com/blog/what-are-the-48-laws-of-power/
  24. Thats the kind of population density the WEF will impose in your new '15 minute' cities ....Check out Serpentza on youtube he has some fantastic film of him and Laowhy86 visiting cities all over china...some eery predictions in his videos
  25. Are you confusing the prince with the Maquis de sades 120 days of sodom? or perhaps combining them (120 days the only book ive never finished cos of the nightmares it induced)
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