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  1. They have been cropping up regulalry for the last 18 months......wonder how much money they've got out of it?
  2. Lead story on the fail online Kate Garraways husband...AGAIN! How much more can they milk this one ? Obnoxious pair of parasitic leeches https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-10344543/The-heartwarming-smile-husband-Derek-Kate-Garraway-feared-never-witness-again.html
  3. Dr Sucharit Bhakdi with some truth https://www.bitchute.com/video/N9JpVHQzIPmf/
  4. I definitely think a lot of stories like this are punted purely for the likes of SPI- B to gauge public opinion.There is an even more defined shift change in the Fails comments sections (i haven;t visited for a couple of weeks) and most of the provax comments seem to be bot or numeric/alphabet agency horseshit
  5. Tiny correction the SS cap bore a totenkopf or deaths head all the other branches of the Nazi war machine wore the eagle
  6. Should have explained equality to her and puched her in the tits Wouldn't have solved anything but you'd have felt better
  7. All pissing in the same pot we,the general public, are excluded from ...i hope to see the pot broken very soon...their names will be on watch lists not kept by governmental agencies or NGO's ....build the gallows now we have appointments to keep !
  8. Wondr how many of those names have been through the wef's future leaders programme...disproportionatially high i would think?
  9. I never knew it was so bad mate you have my sympathies ,as you know the levels of censorship across the globe are at unprecedented levels however in the UK we can still say and post stuff online that is critical of governmental overreach....that said it doesn't mean you won't get put on a watch list and if yer really vocal you'll get surveillance by the 'security services' coff....Frightening to think of governments using resources to fight their own people,people who electedthem ,people who wanted to try and help initially ,,,but then again 1984 was a warning not a work of fiction
  10. Does NZ and by association due to the southern hemisphere Aus,have military forces trying to control the narrative in the same way that we in the UK have 77 brigade etcetera ? Often wondered if the militry in the aformentioned countries are utilising psychological warfare to the same extent as it is being utilised in the UK ?
  11. Please do so Saved...your words and thoughts are valuable in a time of 'uniformity'...we need more like ya
  12. Which,if united ,could quite easily topple a government of scared politicians
  13. You need to post that on PPRUNE (private pilots rumour network) forum....beware though they'll come out like screaming banshees telling you its horseshit
  14. again...as with kinderegg...i'd love to be given opportunity to fist her whilst wearing a boxing glove and wear her like a glove puppet....she's got the look of death in that face
  15. Script to ensure there is even more censorship on antisocial media platforms.....priming for the masses
  16. One and the same...as you know he's native SA,he did a lengthy one from around may of may this year
  17. South Africa is in a perilous state without the convid lie with political corruption rife and some heavy duty rioting earlier this year A guy by the name of Serpentza on youtube has some really good in depth videos and commentary on the subject
  18. I wouldn't worry too much about what WAS said,I'd worry more about what is happening right now ,the blame game can be debated upon once the genocide is stopped
  19. Where was the reporting from London? It's happening over there...look that way.......nothing happening here Shit magicians with terrible sleight of hand
  20. I actually detest football with a passion,it was a hypothetical question posed by another poster i was answering and the seeming determination by the government to stop mass gatherings Will fans get all the required jabs passes n chips to sit at home paying to view 22 overpaid pricks kick a ball about to a dubbed crowd noise like a cheap tv comedy ? Or will they realise they are seeing the destruction of their favourite sport?
  21. There are some appearing (football fans that is) disillusioned with what has become of the game.We must start a recruitment drive !!
  22. It think that's what frightens the government so much ,Football is the last bastion of tribalism evident on a grand scale,And i agree fully with what you said about them joining the protests and uniting and organising,The government would be out on its ear in no time
  23. I was speaking to friends last night that were there and they commented how it 'felt' different with non of the 'logo' organisations and ''celebrity'' speakers playing front and centre (Mr Icke is excluded from that as i have no doubt about his integrity and beliefs) But no Piers,no shemirani,no steel nor the host of others who have shown themselvs to be of questionable reasons for being there Maybe theres a shift change?
  24. I'm no fan of football in the slightest however looking at the way things have been panning out it looks like theres a concerted effort to shut it down completly as an attendance event for millions and turn it into a totally fake television only 'exhibition' entertainment package The games played last year with no fans The sudden deaths and as you say blamed on the unvaxxed The covid pass horseshit to deter people from attending Definitely on a downward spiral....cant have the masses congregating and talking now can we ?
  25. From the streams i've seen of today this one wasn't like the previous ones organised by various 'groups' with 'logo's' big name speakers etc and was promoted as such on the flyers Grass roots ,yes there will be CO amongst them ,thats a given and it won't stop anything However Having attended most of them what it's enabled me to do is make some fantastic new friends and network ,it's enabled me to attend events with live music,a good sunday afternoon piss up and some fantastic conversation and not a single mask or convid restriction in sight and make even more new friends It's happening folks,people ARE getting together regardless of restrictions and are coming together and non of it published or broadcast on social media....this worries the powers that shouldn't be.....and long may it continue
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