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  1. Footscray ? wasn't there an arsenal there ? maybe time to start it up again, only for the peoples benefit this time
  2. Please let it pass in the UK,i have gifts for them,boxed with a ribbon as well Merry forking christmas
  3. So GP's have lowered themselves to approx 40 quid an hour ( 4 consultations an hour at 15 mins per),so a quid a minute to be told by somone who has problems with the english language that you should get jabbed and buy xyz product to ensure you are safe? I can see the sheep lining up already with no sheep dog required Kerchiiiiing
  4. I absolutely adore this piece of art (even have photos of me standning on its feet freezing my bollocks off whilst wearing a kilt !! ) Now given the rash of cheap laser projectors could someone with some tech smarts give me a baseline figure of what it would cost to project some pertinent message across the angels wings,has to be non mains powered for obvious reasons With the nights drawing in and the clocks soon to be put back to 1984 i think its a lovley idea to entertain the drivers going norf n sarf
  5. I have to hold my hands up here and come out in defence of my gp,with a worsening health condition he has facilitated x rays and mri scans faster under the nhs system than when i had similar done some years ago under private health insurance,even though he still insists on dressing himself and his staff like extras from contagion i think he knows im a 'live wire' to put it mildly and not adverse to kicking off and claiming mental elf immunity ;-)
  6. Powerful stuff,(please,i have no need to know whether or not beelzebubs double is co or not) the message is clear enough https://www.bitchute.com/video/LNe1ABKMNx1H/
  7. Disturbing,but whats even more disturbing is the fact that in any video about our dystopian future they all use apple products
  8. This is what i see when i go out Monsters and children about to be traumatised
  9. OK im going full right wing fascist here How many of these gp's are not native born anglo saxon british ? How much do they get for seeing patients face to face and how much do they receive by offering a cursory phone service ? (hint a phone service is vastly more profitable than a f2f service) How much do they receive from pharmacos per year ? (this btw should be a legal requirement for them to disclose) Covid has made some of them extremely rich That money in many cases hasn't stayed in the UK
  10. Democide it is then All mentions of genocide are now illegal and are to be regarded as pre cursors to thought crime I see a glow in the distance My life flashes before someone elses eyes Semantics doesn't mean much anyway ;-)
  11. Yep i agree totally,ignore the elephant and worry about the little stuff is a good tactic,if it helps you through the day who am i to disagree?,we all choose our own coping mechanisms You are fucked,we are fucked they are fucked your calls for evidence are wasted breath my friend Prep for your own future but don't castigate people for their choices and beliefs,you come across as a complete cunt that way
  12. Nobody said a genocide had to happen in one fell swoop with everyone dropping dead at a given point in time No my friend this is the slowest genocide in histroy for a reason,they've been practising for over a 100 years and know that the slow kill is preferable,the third reich didn't drop the jews on a given time and date,they did it over a number of years,this time they have realised that they only need to build camps for the Unvaxxed,a much cheaper option,then let the rest die slowly
  13. Rob Braxman with some interesting thoughts on 5g
  14. Twigged the connction now,Kids,my daughter used to love that track on in the car
  15. Lyrics https://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/mgmt/littledarkage.html
  16. It's haunting and has a hook to it,europap meets kraftwerk with a dose of depeche mode and a bit of buggles lobbed in for variety
  17. Why do i know that music and where from? Thats the first time i have ever seen that vid but there is something oh so very very familiar about it. has it ben used in a film ?
  18. I think theres a reason you are 'behind' might be something to do with NZ being the designated bolt hole for 'them'
  19. Project Veritas with some VERY interesting film https://www.bitchute.com/video/L2FhBNI6FK9q/
  20. Polish journalist rfused entry to the UK for his 'opinions' https://www.bitchute.com/video/BFm1k5ncr5HR/
  21. Robert Fisk calling out St Jacinda of covid
  22. Bit like the BNP adopting 'If you tolerate this' by the manic street preachers Shameless plug for it,cant get the fucking thing out of my head today,ultimate headworm and a creepy as hell video in our new corona reality
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