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  1. The problem being that many of those people on the list are edging towards the prime of their life,whats more intriguing is who are the unknowns we never hear about who are presntly being groomed for installation of one world govrnment regions ??
  2. 7 page thread on it on God like productions https://godlike.com/forum1/message4927602/pg1
  3. Just watching a live stream on Cumbre Vieja erupting Could somebody please kamikaze the spineless albino jellyfishes plane into it please prior to him going on his ''well deserved'' break
  4. Just been chatting about that elsewhere and how i nterpret it as the world is being carved into two think eastasia and oceiania and eurasia and the middle east AU NZ CA USA being the depopulated buffer zones The green arrows are static or minimal populations dropping and in some cases rising,then think about the vax rollouts in africa and south america,these are the continents big pharma normally descend on first like locusts
  5. Why were there corporations in the temple offering payday loans ? Bit like whats happened with coprorations and schools in the USA and increasingly and insidously in the UK Religion next,captive audience great for advertising,franchise your own payday outlet in a tmple of your choice guranteed profit
  6. Didn't he kick the moneylenders out of the tmple ?
  7. THE reason for the supposed fuel crisis
  8. Spent saturday in hospital getting investigated poked n probed for heart issues ,nothing in particular found and not once did anyone mention the jab to me and never once tried to test me, but what was interesting that i had a d-dimer test ( called it something else but from the description the cardio person explained to me it was d-dimer) which showed absolutely nothing so if shedding exis s it hasn't got me yet ! Never seen so many people in an a & e department with no physical injuries apparent,nothing like i remmber a & e departments,and ive spent a lot of time in them over the years
  9. Th warning of whats in the post,hint to the jabbed,it ain't your christmas cards
  10. Spoons,people connecting to computers physically now this ? Those Marvel comics films were documentaries you know
  11. And i'll regard you as british as they come,until the moment you struggle with my native tongue and claim that you are 'different' You are either british or you claim some kind of attachment that makes you 'special' and i should alter my life in some way to accomodate you I honestly really do not give a flying fuck how you chose to classify yourself,but the minute you feel the need to point out the difference between us i will ask the question ,Who exactly is the racist here ?
  12. And? now what? more figures more numbers fuck all seems to be halting this 'things' progression no matter how you intrpret the figures Don't piss in my pocket and tell me its raining
  13. It's too late ,there is no grabbing for flotsam floating past,they have made their 'adult' decisions' fuckem
  14. Midlands accent,proud to be of the same tribe !
  15. Prior to approx 4 months ago there was no shortage of hgv drivers ,they had no trouble delivering the clotshots and supermarket shelves were as you remember them prior to march 2019 Then woosh All the hgv drivers have vanished,the Sun gets on the case various theories abound that its brexit related or all the foreign drivers have cleared off FAKE NEWS Fact checked by me and they are lying cunts.....prove me wrong
  16. I laughed until i cried at that the other day,absolute classic
  17. I have memories of troops in the early days (1970's) in Norn Iron perhaps saying similar and something to do with ground glass !
  18. Anchorman II the legend continues OK it has the best line of a film EVER delivered by that hallowed goddess Christina Applegate (i'd crawl naked over broken bottles to be allowed the privilege of paddling in her pish) ''Go anywhere near him again and i will shoot you in the cooch with a BB gun''
  19. I prefer Klaus, its not restricted to trannies it's anyone who has a belief (very often not an original belief but an implanted one) who because of their 'singularity' requires i treat them differently,i will treat all men (and women) as equals up to the point that they appeal to my nature to regard them as 'special' at that point my normal easygoing self reverts to something from my past and as i don't see a reasoned argument anywhere in the future i resort to that most base of instincts ,violence, It solves nothing but it is funny to see people crying and bleeding from the nose at the same time
  20. The price of silence is illustrated by the lack of honest reporting and reliance on bullshit facts and figures coupled with insurance companies throwing their 2 penn'orth in and ultimately highly paid young men seeing the results of taking up the offer of 'vaccination'' get the jab and the ve Nice earner for what 6-8 years study ? nearly 1700 euro a week for doing what exactly ? and this has been going on for 18 months now no wonder thy are reluctant to see the great unwashed in person when that golden goose keps shitting them eggs and all under the cover of plausible deniability Contempt is the most polite term i can find for them
  21. Tranny? Be a tranny as much as you like ,HOWEVER the minute you start bleating that you are somehow different from me and deserve special considerations i will punch you so hard in the face that you require the services of facial surgeons Pffft
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