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  1. Did the nazi genocide take place overnight?...or did it take a while?...give it time
  2. I read this document a couple of nights ago and apart from the age of it and the names what we are seeing now is the descendants of the mentioned names and there quest for world domination.Its very interesting especially given the last 14 months and contains some hints at whats to come. I'm aware of the claims of plagiarism and the shady past of the 'author' however if only 10% of the document is true its frightening If you have time give it a look and for the ultra paranoid amongst you ...yes it is from the cia library so for you folks better put up your wooo shields https://www.cia.gov/library/abbottabad-compound/4A/4A92FD2FB4DAE3F773DB0B7742CF0F65_Coleman.-.CONSPIRATORS.HIERARCHY.-.THE.STORY.OF.THE.COMMITTEE.OF.300.R.pdf
  3. Its getting similar to the industry i worked in some years ago which all of a sudden got forced into adopting long and complex permit to work systems,it got to the point where you needed a permit to get a permit before people realised it had gone a bit too far and needed to be streamlined and rationalised I wont hold my breath on that kind of clarity appearing anytime soon
  4. I think after 14 months of repeated legal attempts we have to accept the fact that the judiciary is never going to give anything other that crumbs regarding successful legal outcomes of anything related to the plandemic/cronaviroose
  5. I dont for one minute expect a response in fact even if i get one i couldn't give a flying fig,the whole piece and its promotion stinks of government bribe money being poured in and ''editors'' being far too reliant on it to do anything remotely like honest reporting. A factual piece would include pro's and con's from both sides of the argument but can you imagine what would happen if it printed the totals from each of the links ?
  6. That piece irritated me so much i've just sent this Dear Kerry Further to your opinion piece regarding the gentleman who unfortunately lost a limb you quoted that adverse effects of a certain dose of a certain vaccine were ''miniscule'' I would like you to explain how the the numbers involved at the following links amount to ''miniscule'' particularly the fatalities as a direct result of the vaccine (please scroll to the last page of each document linked for a summary of A adverse reactions and B fatalities) I would also like to know if you are aware that it is illegal to give medical advice unless you are a suitably qualified practitioner and also if you are aware of the Nuremberg code regarding medical experimentation ?.As all the ''vaccines' are black triangle (i.e experimental) products and are not vaccine's but are experimental gene therapy treatments how are you qualified to opine that people should take them ? https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/983472/COVID-19_mRNA_Pfizer-_BioNTech_vaccine_analysis_print.pdf https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/983475/COVID-19_vaccine_AstraZeneca_analysis_print.pdf https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/983474/COVID-19_vaccine_Moderna_analysis_print.pdf https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/983473/COVID-19_vaccine_brand_unspecified_analysis_print.pdf Yours sincerely
  7. I also think she perhaps might need reminding of the Nuremberg code (i say reminding ,she's probably totally unaware of it)
  8. Is she unaware of the fact that its illegal to give medical advice wthout being a certified medical practioner ? Or maybe she is aware and has skirted round the issue ?
  9. Trusting UKcolumn far FAR more than any other msm new source i'd bet money on it happening in almost exactly the same way as it has been outlined and i'd also say based on nothing other than intuition there are going to be some more 'surprises ' nobody bargained for appearing before the end of the year
  10. The multi national stores have to comply or they will feel the wrath of government (and the drop in profits) the smaller stores are not subject to the same amount of scrutiny however with the advent of covid marshalls i see a push to change that being on the cards,up to now though i have had similar experiences and not noticed any new stasi marshalls as yet
  11. And? is it a crime yet ? and who made you enforcer of my opinions? hush the meds trolly will be around soon
  12. Thank many Gods for Dr Sam the perfect antidote to that obnoxious prick Dr Shelton
  13. I'll link to this again as its worth watching more than once,if only it could get more views as in it Dr Yeadon pulls no punches https://rumble.com/vg4inv-michael-yeadon-full-interview-planet-lockdown.html
  14. Its sport that shows us the public face of tribalism,it occurs at lower levels everyday but they are less perceptible .I also lived and worked in Scotland many years ago and remember the biggest surprise was at the level of devotion to football to teams that were to me not much more than pub teams throw in the religous sectarianism which still exists and its a heady mixture
  15. Are they being funded to do it or is it out of some sense of civic duty (or desperation for custom) ?
  16. I Im actually only about 50 minutes away from N Wales and spent a long time working there and saw some beautiful places where i thought 'hmm i could live there,nice amount of seclusion but near towns for essentials' but i fear that kind of thinking will have to wait until we are the other side of the scam but its definitely a place i have considered moving to
  17. I tried Wales for a while,the mountains dont look very inhabited and learning the llanguage would be difficult,in fact i only know two words of Welsh Araf and Heddlu
  18. Heres the health and safety repport from the same case,it also has some interesting observations particularly regarding risk assessments https://drive.google.com/file/d/106AfuBg3qslWwEiMtV-hnyXc2Dcc-RC1/view
  19. You wish...if and when they awake from their induced comas all they will be concerned with is if bake off is still on and what they missed in eastenders street
  20. If only i could...mountains are in short supply round here
  21. I do see your point totally about hearts and minds and agree that whatever replaces the current ruling system coud be far far worse,i have spent the last year taking part in my own personal hearts and minds but i'm at the point now where i'm beginning to realise the whole shitshow is about non violent subjugation of the population,'they' dont need arms and violence to accomplish this they have an army of psychologists/psychiatrists,behavioural experts and other assorted 'specialists' available 24/7 combine that with a bought and paid for media and a shift away from armed conflict and you have the perfect petri dish for a successful outcome.As i said before if violent revolution occurs it will self instigate from a collective mindset and the government know this hence the measures taken to isolate the population and put barriers to social interaction at every step of the way I really hope deep down that because they have brought forward the original plan (the original date being 2050 for the completion of the nwo) that their greed and impatience will be their achilles heel,how to expose that and make it vulnerable is a whole different discussion but the sooner it happens the better People are dying whilst we consider violent/non violent revolution ,people who potentialy had a lot to give to society,that breaks my heart however my broken heart wont stop it happening only a mass collective voice will do that
  22. '' if only most people were operating out of common sense rather than fear and ignorance. Exposing the flawed narrative therefore needs to be central to the plan. '' All well and good but how many more lives have to be lost before there is mass uptake of non violent action? From everything i have witnessed so far my hopes are incredibly low for the uptake of non violent action. The nation gets stupefied at the sight of baking programmes i cant see them moving far from that position anytime soon
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