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  1. I did think all that Biolab balls and then the threat of nuclear weapons which have strangely taken second place amongst all media now would have been an excuse for the jab manufacturers to have gone full on producing anti chemical warfare agent jabs and anti fallout protection fuckery Seems they missed that boat
  2. Her constant whining about her (incredibly well looking) man reminds me of Zippy from the original Rainbow TV series....when i hear her speaking i can hear Zippys voice
  3. If Benadryl Cabbagepatch is poking that i want to know his secret formula
  4. The government line https://www.gov.uk/government/news/the-truth-about-porton-down Labs? we've had them for years Now get a grip and realise you are being led down a ''narrative path'' You WILL believe what we tell you
  5. You are not as powrless as you think ....for 3 years now i have paid no mortgae paymets (grand a month) refuse to use phone and refuse to answer the post or even open it.....Yes i understand its very difficult to do ...but once you've done it it gets easier....what thy gonna do ?...send you more red letters ?....you have the power
  6. I suppose i'd better post the link (my bad) to whom i'm alluding to,i got carried away with a blind rage https://www.bitchute.com/video/LcC6uEoq9fVy/
  7. Who is this women with the strangest set of tits i've ever seen ? Are they belly warmers or kneecap warmers ?...there is summat wrong with the bra she's wearing and as for charisma....like a tombstone Don't think she going down in history as memorable for anything except her odd tits
  8. 2027?...if she had balls and meant what she has alluded to it would be stopped now.....2027 gives them 5 years to await the outcome...Pish and piffle to placate the gullible Strong words ? She's as full of shit as the rest of them
  9. I will quantify my last post by saying if you are under 45 years of age there is a very good chance you perhaps won't be aware of the hysteria that went on in 1990/91,the death of David Kelly (suicided apparently ! ) and the wholesale destruction and future invasion of Iraq and lets not forget the 13 ''enduring bases'' constructed by the ham shanks to protect the stolen oil and future supplies of the black gold Putins actions (are they really his own actions?) is just a re run of what happened then....the similarities are amazing ....It's like having my own wayback machine and travelling back in time watching this crap shoot unfold
  10. Are peoples memories so fucked that they don't remember the hysteria over WMD and chemical weapons last time around ??? It's like watching history repeat itself and people sit there nodding in agreement and waffling about Yank funded labs.Or is it a case of cognitive dissonance ? The hypnotists are at it again.....Don't look into the eyes , look around them....3..2...1......back in the room
  11. Lets not forget Putin was one of Schwabs rent boys once upon a time and part of the global young leaders programme (they had to raise the age barrier to 46 to accomodate that poisonous little goblin Merkel) Does anyone seriously believe for one minute he's gone rogue and gone against uncle schwabs guiding principles ? All part of the plan
  12. I can't watch GBnews except for the Neil Oliver set pices which appear seperately on YT...and the Daily Mail ?...the only thing the mail is good for is the comments sections on their stories which are very often open and you can,with a judicious use of language and back handed insults have some fun Even Al Jazeera is better than the BBC (and they do actually have some decent reporting)
  13. Agree with you totally there EW although i am finding it difficult now to find the viewpoint from the Russian side ,i tend to gravitate towards DW TV (German) i find their reporting far more honest than the BBC although i do also watch a multitude of others from France to India To accept the line being fed to you by the 5 mainstream channels in the UK is to show just how ignorant you are ,sadly this is the majority of people so the narrative is controlled
  14. Good video from Serpentza highlighting China's collusion in this which is an aspect being totally overlooked.......and am i the only one that would like to see the slug beast in the orange jacket indoctrinating the kids run over by a tank ?
  15. Great film...twee story...but the depiction of our very near future is quite brilliantly done....I've watched it about 6 times just for the opening scenes and its nod to 1984
  16. He's quite astute...what he is doing is called damage limitation and he got on the early bus...no seeing of the light all he is doing is trying to protect his youtube income stream and prevent himself from decorating some street furniture ....sooner his youtube channel goes and he gets struck off whatever professional register he is on the happier i will be There was a word for him during ww2....Collaborator
  17. I love this one....Imagine if the jabs opened the blood brain barrier then every corn product you ingested be it starch ,syrup whatever came from gmo corn that had the Epicyte gene implanted into it,a gene which causes permanent sterility in both males and females Far fetched? Google Epicyte
  18. Next you'll be tlling me you see Don Gianaro running round the walls...come on...get a grip ffs
  19. Glad to meet someone who knows of 'The Journey to ixtlan'...what the fuck its got to do with Ukraine i don't know but its hell of a book !
  20. Another oldie but a good one for some recent historical perspective on Ukraine and its struggle for independence Winter on Fire (90 mins)
  21. The msm don't like going straight in after bomb blasts they prefer to wait until its been made comparitivly safe and all the fires are out ! Check out thermobaric weapons though,and there is evidence coming out of Ukraine that the Russians are using them
  22. You do the maths Skitz...i'm terrible with numbers https://goodsciencing.com/covid/athletes-suffer-cardiac-arrest-die-after-covid-shot/
  23. Also Video production company in Germany so maybe handling the raw feeds and splicing and dicing them for the msm ? Sorry its all in German https://www.unternehmen24.info/Handelsregister/Deutschland/Neueintragung/Firma/4774665
  24. Yup and some of the footage i'm watching is live streamed !...They'd be better of with gas masks...or maybe its like a facial comfort blanket cos they'll be crapping themselves with the present situation.....Thats how they got them in the cattle cars in ww2....conditioning
  25. Rarely see masks round here now but what amazes me is the amount of people in the footage im watching of people being bombed out of their homes and dragging what they can down into the subways or streaming over the border crossings all with masks still stuck on their faces.....The peoples have trained well comrade
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