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  1. It happened recently and i got delivered to a certain North staffs hospital in a police car,This hospital has an horrendous previous reputation for killing people needlessly,HOWEVER,the place was nearly empty,wasn't asked about my jab status once and got turfed out some 18 laters later non the worse for wear...they aint all bad but they still frighten the life out of me....Things have changed in the last 2 years
  2. Nice post Mac...brings it into perspective
  3. I have quite serious health issues the mo and my biggest fear is of being found collapsed somewhere and ending up in my local hospital...trying my hardest to purge my sytsem of all prescription meds and only going out when i feel 100% capable of making it home under my own steam...I was married to an staff nurse for a long time and always respected her and her colleagues for what they did...now i view NHS hospitals as charnal houses to be avoided at all costs
  4. I won't tell you about my ex partner and the young male n female rat she poked through a couples letterbox,She had fallen out with them and they were about ot go on a 6 week round the world holiday of your dreams trip ....womens are worse than men....they had nervous breakdowns when they got back...and the house was fucked (check out the gestation period of a rat)
  5. Nice short article that could help as a primer with some good links and explanations https://hypertextbook.com/facts/2003/ChrisDAmbrose.shtml
  6. I firmly believe the frequency spectrum has the potential for good but equally the potential for harm....in regard to convid and 5g it doesn't take a genius to work out where THAT ones going
  7. Last post on my journey into sound But have a think after reading this wiki and think on regarding where the 5g spectrum is intended to go Makes me quite fearful how far they may have come (there are some cutely described as ''Non lethal area denial weapons'' in use today by some law enforcement and military around the world today https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Mosquito
  8. I did actually think (seriously ) about some meat through the letterbox with a lovely benzodiazepamine marinade on it...however that was too risky....too many variables where the outcome could have been nasty
  9. I know you were mate...skin like a rhino me...dunnnerwurri
  10. I'd just like to state i actually love dogs,cats all animals in fact ...i just hate bad owners and pets not living in harmony with their surroundings
  11. Outside the audible frequency range of humans and it only has to be on once its yapping,think of the medical applications for certain ranges of frequency....want yer kidney stones blasted ? get some Hz in it I think 5g may affect dogs before humans so if you have dogs look for behavioural changes...they may turn out to be a powerful warning for us https://www.cuteness.com/article/audio-frequencies-painful-dogs
  12. I'd tried every available legal avenue even down to the council and noise abatement and the RSPCA all to no avail and short of kicking her door in (i was tempted and kidnapping her dog and driving it out to Cannock chase and dumping it) i think i chose an elegant solution...she moved very shortly after Bit like that 'mosquito' noise they used to play to keep kids from congregating at shopping malls n places that which none over 21 years of age could hear (its where i got the idea actually ,my daughter used to complain about the 'mosquito' if we went shopping together) The noise and radio spectrums are one and the same I used to think the 5g stuff was a load of bollocks Not so sure now
  13. Little example...once upon a time the bitch in the flat above me would go out to work and leave her dog cooped up for 12 hours...the mutt used to bark for 12 hours straight...i tried remonstrating with her but she ignored me so ten miutes research online to find the frequency that affected dogs and hurt them ,downloaded a tone generator made a 3 minute recording and jammed the speakers in my slightly ajar 2nd floor window...stuck it on loop and amazingly the dog shut the fuck up....first hint of a yap and id stick the Hz loop on...now if a thick,pig ignorant prick like me can control a dog like that....imagine what these bastards have in store for us !
  14. Nothing to do with people getting smart,lawyering up tc...it's orders from the WEF mate...lockstep in unsion across Europe...they spent 2 years dodging anything joe public could rustle up Make no mistake this has been ordered on high in preparation for the next phase Do not become deluded and watch your back They aint finished yet by a long chalk
  15. I might even hitch from near Derby...if im well enough by sunday....try and catch em coming down and keep hitchin
  16. Get a white sheet....cut a piece 6' x 4 foot and paint a red Maple leaf on it....it'll be dry be sunday.....you just need some bright red arylic paint
  17. Good site keeping a running total of 'athletes' dying or being injured due to suspected (suspected?...cmon we know what the fucks causing it) 603 dead and injured https://goodsciencing.com/covid/athletes-suffer-cardiac-arrest-die-after-covid-shot/
  18. Tiimely warnings from Janet Ossebard and Cyntha Koeter whose work i have an amazing amount of time for ...check em out Bitchute 'They' are going to install the false messiah Beware https://www.bitchute.com/video/OKV4c5q1t8Vn/
  19. Bang on there mate...It's a lull....they have summat up their sleeves and as you say across nations in lockstep.....Been in some other forums n lots of normally bitter cynical fuckers like me getting all excited over nothing but the damage has been done now The staged die off continues Theres quite a few rats vanished off the ship off late I'll pray for violent revolution and the decoration of street furniture with the wicked just before i got to bed in a bit
  20. George O'Dowd turned into a common or garden baghead This is all part of the band wagon jumping along with those other pricks on Spotify.....watch all the has beens come out for some free publicity
  21. He also had his own needle fixation and ended up in a rehab in Ashby De La Zouch....so i think he needs t shut his fucin head
  22. And lets not forget Sage and the myriad sub committes The most heinous bunch of c88ts ever assembled https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/scientific-advisory-group-for-emergencies-sage-coronavirus-covid-19-response-membership/list-of-participants-of-sage-and-related-sub-groups
  23. Horseshit...my favourite is that if someone calls me an 'ati vaxxer' or vaccine hesitant i simply ask them if hey have had the rabies vaccine or the yellow fever vaccine...i have and a shed load of others cos i've worked in some shitholes in the world....childhood trauma?....i had my fair share of that n'orl...they started locking me up when i was 15 and theres some horrible shit long before that.....i think in modern parlance its called Gaslighting More absolute bollocks from Sly news
  24. Thank you for that zArk...absolutely sickening.....and this is going to continue happening all year...and next year...and the year after....the crowd 'sickness' at sporting events...the publicity campaigns to try to 'normalise' myocarditis and other heart problems in fuckin children...it's breaking my bastard heart....its graduated it's planned and its happening
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