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  1. Have a look for yourself https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/scientific-advisory-group-for-emergencies-sage-coronavirus-covid-19-response-membership/list-of-participants-of-sage-and-related-sub-groups
  2. I don't know what country you are in but in the UK it's become increasingly difficult to do,and will become even more increasingly difficult as time rolls on The approach 'they' take to the 'hotspot' question may be telling i.e what forces are they going to use to start removing people and where are they going to be shipping them this is one off the first roundups they are attempting so i'll watch with interest They have a whole host of rules and regulations already in place to make off grid living here as impossible as they like at present, couple that with their omnipotent power they granted themselves and Boris' plans of rewilding by 2030 (everything needs to be done by 2030 for what end i'm unsure yet) and its looking like an increasingly difficult option
  3. It's widely believed it started in the USA in a military camp and was carried overseas by troops going to fight in ww1
  4. They are all areas with large populations of recent/economic migrants to the UK,note the use of ''overcrowded households'' ''alternative accomodation'' (at their expense of course) ''translation services'' etc They are going after immigrants/gimmegrants and the Asian community due to ''vaccine hesitancy''
  5. Reading through the linked article this stood out purely because of its incongruity as a reason to give the WHO more money,Left me scratching my head as its the first time i have seen this mentioned as being a cause for concern and as a result of the ''pandemic'' 10 million more girls are at risk of early marriage because of the pandemic https://www.blacklistednews.com/article/79998/who-give-us-total-control-and-covid-will-be-the-last.html (5)
  6. Klaus Scwab the poundland Darth Vader warned of aliens in 2016,took him a while but he's getting his wish now
  7. Does anyone know if batch/serial number allocation is being carried out individually on people having the jab? I'm beginning to lean toward the theory that with the jabs being experimental no company would miss the opportunity to have a certain amount of placebo shots or even whole batches designated along a whole host of criteria race/age/etc etc as not only is this a vast money spinner for them its also the biggest grab of medical data in the history of humanity and with data being the new currency i cant see any bloodthirsty pharmaco missing that opportunity to further profit from it I have seen or read virtually no reports on this so does anyone have any links or pointers ?
  8. I thought the same and noted that there has been several mentions in the last few days of wastewater analysis being carried out in regards to ''vaccines'' Hiding in plain sight again
  9. Coincidentally i had just read this https://davidicke.com/2021/05/21/flashback-scientists-developed-magnetic-nanoparticles-that-can-remotely-modulate-neural-circuits-change-your-perceptions-and-now-theyre-using-them-in-vaccines/ Its apparent they are going full pelt for substances to enable the crossing of the rubicon (BB barrier) and my long held belief that epicyte is going to see a resurgance sometime soon (or something very similar in the foodchain) they really do want all angles covered
  10. One argument is doing the same with Covid vaccines could help contribute to herd mentality - the point at which the virus struggles to dissappear because so many people are indoctrinated There,fixed it for you.
  11. And the dull witted and hypnotised masses will lap this up and believe every word,sadly many of them will survive to see the horrific outcomes of their rash,uninformed decisions because that nice man on the telly or the Daily Mail/Sun/Mirror/blah said so The levels of depravity the few seem willing to go to to enforce their will is shocking and very very depressing
  12. If i was a gambling man i'd be putting his name forward for consideration on 2022's death list https://deathlist.net/
  13. Theres a mountain of what we could haves and what we should haves but we didn't all we can do is adapt now and by that i don't mean adapt to become a normie/sheeple/whatever term is in vogue this week,Adapt so that your life is as comfortable and secure as you can make it under the circumstances as they exist at the time,this will differ enormously per each individual and with each rapid change 'they' bring about but it really is about survival now,survival in a very very different world to the one we inhabited pre 2020 Improvise,adapt,overcome is good mindset to begin with and i probably think that isn't the answer you are looking for but its a good starting point
  14. I don't think anybody is going back to pre 2020 style ever,the divisions sown are long lasting and permanent in some cases and more are yet to come We can only adapt and change but its going to have to be nothing like pre 2020,thats what got us in this mess in the first place.We as nations had become too trusting,believed too much and sat back and watched it happen in all its technicolour glory awake or not
  15. I wont cancel my order of indian variant viagra just yet its called Biagra ,bollywood viagra i may be an old dog but theres life in me sometimes
  16. It'll go something like this Troops 'helping' to 'deliver vacine programme' turn up on your doorstep and you answer the door,they already have NO record of the person/s at this address being jabbed and the dog gives a positive response to you having 'covid' Danger to the public/mental health act/blah blah blah They really are determined aint they
  17. Knew i had seen it before this story on Reuters dated Feb 3 21 Look at the pretty uniform the dogs handler is wearing,i think i've just realised why they are rehashing it ! https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-germany-sniffer-do-idUSKBN2A32Q4
  18. Is this a rehash of the story that was in the media some months ago?,i distinctly remember seeing stories about covid sniffing dogs (i cant be bothered with the Biden inferences here) but dont remember where exactly and if it is why are they rehashing it again?
  19. Could also be so peoples vax status can be read with readers positioned in doorways at shoulder height,also could be the reason shots appear to be given in each arm by those foolish enough to have em both
  20. Folks can i recommend you install telegram on your device/computer especially if you are attending any of the freedom marches next saturday ,I can also heartily recommend joining the White Rose telegram channel (and if you dont know who Sophie Scholl was i suggest you google/search engine of choice) I dont in any way condone the inexcusable act of 'stickering' (coff you can get one for under 50 quid and enough printer roll for 2k stickers for 8 quid) neither can i condone the full instructions to be found on the White Rose channel,although conincidentally i purchased one last night as i have a lot of parcels that need addressing ! There are White Rose telegram channels worldwide and many many local chat groups in the UK (and worldwide) https://telegram.org/ @jointhewhiterose World Doctors Alliance is another Telegram group well worth joining
  21. Wow and from ITV as well,a journalist actually accusing them of lying,wonders will never cease https://t.me/worlddoctorsalliance/5810
  22. The Telegraph having a nibble round the edges of the truth by proxy thus absolving them of straying from the party line
  23. I think the stickers are White Rose designs,they have full info on buying a cheap thermal label printer and getting some of the designs they have available and diy,love it,grass roots rebellion @jointhewhiterose
  24. Hmmmmm https://www.bitchute.com/video/FApEqfMvbOYw/
  25. F*** her to death but wear a condom(probably a a full body one if you can find it),you'll feel better and she wont be killing anybody anymore
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