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  1. So what is the answer then ?, the question is very simple ,how do you remove a tyrannical government from power? legal means ? the legal system has goalposts on wheels,peaceful protest ? sit back and hope someone does 'something' as long as it means you dont have to get your hands dirty ? and it may have escaped your attention but innocents are dying on a daily basis as a result in a misguided beief in a medical experiment and will continue to die in increasing numbers including children.Do you really think that is ok? And of course disarming the populace has been deliberate ,cant have the great unwashed with a means of defending themselves (although that is now a moot point with regards to the advances in 3d printing) .Note Uncle Joes mutterings about gun control in the states,they will continue to attempt to disarm the populace and before any US citizens start squeaking about 2nd amendment rights and how many guns you have take a look at whats happened so far and how much shooting you have actually done,not a good record so far is it? I dont have the answer but i do know that defeatist attitudes will lead to the body count of 'innocents' to start to grow exponentially
  2. I read this earlier and was impressed with the authors take on things regarding the psyop being carried out on the UK public https://www.ukcolumn.org/article/we-are-all-pavlovs-dogs-now I really do think its time the members of these committees sage,spi-b,spi-m etc had their names addresses and work contact details published online so people can thank them personally for their sterling efforts during the corona crisis (shit loads of gongs awarded to lots of them in the new years honours list for services rendered during the cronacon).
  3. I'm still waiting for someone to point me to examples of tyrannies removed with peaceful protest and a collective 'just saying no' I do think its time for people to start accepting that 'they' will not be removed with anything other than extreme violence and as to ''its what they want'' its quite simple you either fight or you die early anyway i don't think there is anyone that uses this forum important enough to be allowed to survive if mass depopulation is really high on 'their' agenda ,i could be wrong,but even having an alternative view is slowly but surely being turned into a criminal offence with a whole scale of sliding penalties from death at the extreme end (look to China for that one ) to having your government handouts severely curtailed. I would love to be proven wrong on everything but looking at the bigger picture (admittedly my world view is skewed and limited to what i can still find online) i really do think this summer is the only chance anyone is going to have to reverse this situation after that it doesn't really bear thinking about it's not going to be pretty thats for sure
  4. It was more aimed at the original hit n run op but seeing as you took umbrage please accept my most insincere apologies Your words mean nothing and you even less
  5. I'm agent Orange sent to defoliate you To think this forum isn't monitored by 'them' is foolhardy in the extreme,however you shouldn't let that fact feed your own paranoia you only wind yourself into such a tight little spiral that you lose faith in humanity and trust no one.....not even yourself
  6. It was always intended that the cost of smart everything should be ultimately covered by the consumer/user of the technology you WILL pay for your own enslavement
  7. And equally the unvaxxed are just as identifiable,this year will see everyone in the UK being able to be identified as to vaccination status as the age cohorts become lower,we are in the 40's age group at present and children in the sights that gap is closing fast very very fast
  8. I think it was the the last american vagabond i was listening ot recently when he proposed that what we are experiencing now wasn't due to come in to play until 2050 but the greed of certain partiesd involved overcame them and they pressed to bring everything forward (just look at the UK's plan to do away with petrol and diesel vehicles in 8 years) in doing so they have messed up the 'plan' Hopefully if there is a grain of truth in this they will continue to mess things up It'll be one of the few chances we get to turn it around
  9. A rat in a maze is free to go anywhere it wishes as long as it remains in the maze Margaret Atwood The Handmaids tale
  10. So whats been the purpose of reframing the way people think without them knowing its been done ? Is that not forcing people to carry out actions that wouldn't have been the case if they hadn't undertaken the mass psyop? Wall to wall 24/7 propaganda,whole committees and sub committees and sub committees of sub committees focused on nothing else but changing the way people think and react...is that not force? Threats of social/financial/emotional penalties for thinking anything other than the way government desire you to think..is that not force? I admire your thinking that people are free to make the choices they want,however i feel that it is in fact exactly the opposite that is taking place,people are being herded towards desired outcomes with no say in that outcome
  11. Interesting documentary on BBC4 right now The violence paradox (ok im watching the enemys broadcasting arm..bite me) proposes we are less violent now than in the centuries past, It is not filling me with hope
  12. The numbers protesting are nowhere near enough to pose any kind of threat to governments hegemony ,i will admit the numbers seem to be rising almost exponentially but i put that down to the weather more than a mass awakening,ALL protests are weather dependent,for example it wasn't the police or the state that stopped the Tottenham riots even though the polices position at being in control was a spiders web thin thread away from snapping,it was the weather that stopped them. The state has yet to bring out all the toys in its armoury,no tear gas used yet,just coppers with sticks,theres an awful long way to go yet before the government will do anything but collectively sit there and grin smugly and mutter 'you aint seen nothing yet'
  13. I'd volunteer i would also volunteer for any hangmans positions coming up same with firing squads guillotines switch thrower for electric chairs etc etc They Know they are killing people and dont seem particularly bothered by it so why on earth should i give one single flying fuck at what happens to them? Sometimes peoples compassion and empathy pots are emptied against their will
  14. I think thats the intention,Its being made that no one can point at a single source that refutes the insane beliefs of the vaxxed
  15. Forget firing squads,lynchings,guillottines or any other means of retribution i want a beat up old land rover with an industrial woodchipper hooked up behind it.My new career, you can call me the mincer ,i fully expect that initially people will grin when threatened with ''The Mincer'' i also expect that in the future parents will scare their children into submission with threats of the mincer if they dont behave/go to bed/tidy their rooms but once the initial humour has worn off the threat of the mincer will be enough It would give me no greater pleasure than to see Hatt Mancock being drawn between the rollers feet first
  16. i'm more prepared than the majority,still have my sanity and an unending supply of pitchforks and burning torches
  17. I thought New Zealand was going to be the bolt hole ? or is that just the temple of leisure and pleasure for the elites and control will be ceded to various overcrowded cities?
  18. Some of it is still available via the internet archive https://web.archive.org/web/20200605180654/https://social.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/5503-coronavirus-mega-thread/&page=76 Thats just an example i pulled up from exactly 1 year ago
  19. Nobody,the obnoxious little hobgoblin is unadoptable
  20. WTF is that wooly headed fraggle ???...get through this together ????....oi mister ,you can your sweeties back yer putting nothing in me
  21. Never before have i seen two individuals so worthy of being thrown into an industrial woodchipper (i can think of many many more equally deserving but they must wait their turn)
  22. You would think they would be cautious after the last carrot/stick episode but no within hours adverts appearing on tv for holidays again and the docile covidian cult members will be wetting themselves at the thought of 2 weeks in some shitty hotel with,admittedly,slightly better weather than the uk ,If only they knew the hoops they will have to jump through to get to vacation nirvana (if at all there is still the looming spectre of 3 cases of the Indian variant in Leicester they have up their wizards sleeve to pull out on request)
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