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  1. Its exactly 17:00 and i imagine there are thousands,nay millions glued to the tv listening to the scarecrow of downing st deliver more poundshop churchill rhetoric,more poorly disguised blame on ethnic minorities for lack of uptake of jabbery and other assorted bollocks and at approx 17;30 i'll look out of my window down the road where ythere is a spectacularly good fish n chip shop with a queue half a mile long and each and every one of them will be wearing masks Friday nights never used to be like this !
  2. I live in hope the bumfodder hoarders will wipe themselves out ba dum tish
  3. Just heard on Carl Vernon ''More Americans trust Dr Pepper than Fauci''
  4. PM to make announcement at 5pm on ''indian variant'' Whoosh....i see flying carrots
  5. 28 days later was a documentary
  6. Nothing like playing to the crowd is there https://www.timesofisrael.com/online-forums-for-anti-vaxxers-are-hotbeds-of-anti-semitism-uk-report-finds/
  7. Nails...coffin....hit They are coming and they are using every trick in the book ,filthy antivaxxers must be destroyed at all costs We are a threat to their profits
  8. I was involved in windpower (and am still pro wind but not for the reasons you might think) however commercial hemp is being grown here in the UK in an experimental phase Also there was once a law requiring people to grow hemp here as it was required for the production of sailcloth ,We don't have the rquirement for that now but there is an explosion taking place of CBD products so maybe we will see more of it being grown commercially and its uses expanded I fully expect it to explode if and when cannabis use is made if not legal,decirminilised fully,The connection between 'bad' illegal drug and benign hemp is too inextricibly linked at the moment for it to gain traction
  9. I dont think i have read or seen anything on my ramblings into the NWO agenda about plans for childrens education,I know of the concerted effort to dumb down education but nothing about how or what education will be when the NWO finally arrives,maybe they intend to wash their hands of it ? and it will be left to the survivors to school their own offspring ? but with the absolute top down control being planned i think thats highly unlikely Maybe the creepy agenda of taking children from their parents very early on and educating them in the new ways of total obedience will be the plan but that will only be for the selected who show promise and given the depop moves afoot now childbirth will be the exception rather than the rule
  10. There are definite plans afoot to make air travel for the proles either illegal or impossible by some confirmed date and in the UK we have the no diesel or petrol cars by 2030 agenda,That little gem has been publicly stated on more than one occasion but the collective stupefication of the masses means the actual nuts and bolts of that decision have yet to sink in 9 years is an incredibly short amount of time,what happens betweens now and then for that agenda to be realised will encompass every aspect of life Access to Drs is getting harder and harder by the day here and again,the same as teachers,their greed and reliance on government money means few will buck the trend They too are blindsided not realising that they are in actual fact killing off their profession AI can and will replace them
  11. I know only too well about the infiltration into good jobs,personally speaking i've done it,however i wasn't directly involved in teaching but more involved in the green con,all it takes is some research,an ability to learn management speak,comply with in house rules and directives and 'bring something to the table' . There is a downside in that deep down you know its all a con but the juggernaut is moving and its size and complexity make it impossible for you to stop in fact if i hadn't had to give it up due to health reasons i think i'd still be there spewing out their mantra's for my 60 k a year 2 weeks on 2 weeks off lifestyle
  12. Dont take it as a personal attack there's bad apples in every crop !! and i base my assumptions on having a torrid affair with a teacher who banged like a shit house door in a gale but was so befuddled by wokery it was better to only meet up with her when she was drunk and she couldn't remember the agenda and spoke ''out of turn'' (she was always full of apologies next morning and no amount of me saying it didn't really matter could assuage her guilt)
  13. I'm still wondering what the US will do with the estimated 1 billion dollars worth of bitcoin they hold seized with the help of a 'mysterious hacker'' when they shut down the silk roadf
  14. And on it goes the relentless push for the one world government,covid is just a means to an end for these murderous bastards https://off-guardian.org/2021/05/12/un-report-pushes-global-government-to-prevent-future-pandemics/
  15. The teachers are as brainwashed as the little darlings entrusted to their care,They exist in a closed loop society based on wokery and Guardian thought processes expect no help whatsoever from teachers in the coming debacle of child vaccination,they will roll over and do everything to comply
  16. Is this another primer article for something in the pipeline regarding free crypto's (as opposed to government/world bank authorised),note the tying in to the green agenda as in 'being bad for it' Once something has had that tag attached it's doomed https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2021/may/12/elon-musk-tesla-bitcoin
  17. Thanks and thanks to Simontv for explanation,very clear now
  18. I fully expect the blackbloods and sleepers to still have the taste of carrot in their mouths when they get that punch and fall flat on their arses as the rug is whipped away from them
  19. Or Taiwanese nationals misbehaving https://www.uniformmarketnews.com/taiwans-new-army-uniforms-are-downright-scary
  20. I'm trying to see the connectipon here Simon,could you explain a little more about the benzo's ?
  21. Well they almost got a taste of the carrot https://inews.co.uk/news/scientists-fear-possible-delay-end-lockdown-uk-cases-india-variant-triple-one-week-998811
  22. Chances are its fire retardent Nomex,although the masks will be something like abs so make sure just to burn their heads
  23. Here we go scream if you wanna go faster Lots of lovely meaningless graphs done by the intern(slave) who was good at presentation but shit at everything else https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-where-are-the-coronavirus-hotspots-in-the-uk-12303591
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