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  1. Ahh the ear tabs !! theres also clips of the evil little humunculus fauci and his mask slipping and its not unheard of for dictators to have many body doubles,Saddam,ghaddafi,idi amin dada i suppose it comes with the territory
  2. Probably not as theres a proportion who get their fluoride from natural sources ,interstingly i came across this document from 2018 recently,on the first page scroll down to the heading 'TARGET GROUPS' Utopia was a documentary not a dystopian sci fi series on Ch4 ! https://www.england.nhs.uk/ltphimenu/better-care-for-health-conditions-for-dental-healthcare/dental-care-and-water-fluoridation/
  3. Ere anyone following any discussion anywhere about creepy joe being replaced by a stand in due to the original being so mentally unfit to carry out the role of potus he's had to be retired ? Seen some convincing pictures of masks and stand ins/body doubles and a clip of our own spineless albino jellyfish saying 'you aint joe biden' off camera Wouldn't put it past them
  4. I'd worry more about forced jabs than getting hung up on fluoride in the water at this present time,90% of England has had it for years,its only because the Scots and the Welsh are about to get it that its become newsworthy all of a sudden which everyone seems to have missed
  5. Oh noes not the french blockading the tax free Jersey fishermen cant have that wot wot wot,Where were the fuckin royal Navy.The senior service, when the flotilla of fighting age males were coming across the fucking channel in pedallos like they were on a bastard day trip ? What does it matter afterall? we are all fucked ,this is just entertainment until judgement day
  6. Wouldn't be surprisd in th slightest if some well intentioned american citizen introduced the guidestones to some energetic materials I do hope they video and post the resultant bang
  7. Meanwhile the UK announces cuts to the Border Farce now that the weather has changed and channel crossings become increasingly more dangerous
  8. 3 elegant solutions all at once Tmorrow we conquer the world,ther is nothing to stop us !!!
  9. Just going from the headline i'd wager good money she won't be mentioning vaccines as the biggest cause but in actual fact blaming anything and everything other than vaccines Edit If you enter the url above into th wayback machine and take the last snapshot from the most recent date listed it gives the article in full and bypasses the paywall https://web.archive.org/web/20210927225126/https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/09/24/analysis-thousands-usual-dying-not-covid/
  10. And a very large percentage of the population would call it fake news and say the BBC had it completley wrong such is the disconnect so elegantly engineered in their minds
  11. Yep i agree,however what is interesting is the almost complete lack of coverage by the msm,every time previous there has been coverage,this time none and more importantly what has been added and snuck in under the radar?
  12. Try rum.makes for interesting wednesdays
  13. When do the emergency powers act come up for renewal ? I was sure it was this month and we have 24 hrs left of it Or have they put a D notice on reporting it ?
  14. Well Dr Simone it's all about fear,70k got rid of is nothing really if they can be replaced with troops that would otherwise be sitting idle since withdrawing from Afghan ( and there being no current suitable conflicts to redeploy them to)and think of the propaganda value of losing 70k workers to scare the 'vaccine hesitant' into compliance And yes your question may be rhetorical ,however if you still believe in a pandemic at this point you either haven't been paying attention or your bank balance has disturbed the balance of your mind
  15. Power outages,web outages,food shortages,rationing,water supply cut or poisoned,tv outages martial law curfews 'wellness' camps forced jabbery children being taken due to parents vaccine status blah blah blah They haven't even started yet and are just warming up
  16. Mr Truth Bombs latest documentary/fillum https://www.bitchute.com/video/rvcQQgSb8F7W/
  17. Guerilla shopping will become en vogue soon ;-)
  18. But only on twitter,barely passes a mention outside of the twitter sphere
  19. If you have rainwater catchment facilities and the space these are great if you can pick them up locally for around 50 quid,and given the way its pissng down where i live i could fill one in a day https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284000302136?hash=item421fbcb438:g:ODUAAOSwubRfUlsA Look for foodsafe ibc/1000 litre containers ,many food compnaies get ingredients in them and are looking to get rid of a surplus they accumulate
  20. Ebay for about 60 quid for a 3 pot distiller that will do water or alcohol,2 pot are cheaper and easier to use for water or splurge a bit and seach for 'air still' or electric still,all will work
  21. Pre birth vaccinations will come eventually Leave no one behind Especially if its an income stream previousy unexploited Extremely sinister
  22. I'll try and paint a picture,imagine it has a sheeps head two spindly arms with collapsed veins ,a chest with 3 teats each with two nipples with a robust covering of chest hair,it has an ass like a kardashian on steroids and two sets of genitalia,non of which work in the proscribed manner it has spindly legs that look barely capable of supporting it and cloven hooves and can only communicate with grunts and farts and has a penchant for eating live children It has also asked to be included in the lbtq alphabet
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