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  1. I believ the spoon faced little troll with the iq of a pull along duck is about to release her 4th (? WTF) shadow written book ....should be a good read for when you are stuck on the toilet and theres no paper
  2. With Awww story they all seem more interested in the cat...cry havoc and let slip the cats of war !
  3. I believe UK Column touched in this today regarding Plymouth as well ...Funding issues ?,It sure as heck aint covid or some other driven agenda?
  4. Been very ill again and got dragged up to A&E Monday night....now i was expecting to see masks (my local hospital all the staff wear them and there are signs everywhere) and i was expecting to have to start fighting em off with a shitty stick with interminable covid questions ....not once in the 10 hours i was in there did i get asked to wear a mask nor did i get asked once about test status or jab status...it was like they had never heard of it...quite refreshing,ok i can kinda understand they all wear their masks as its a condition of employment (i used to have to wear ppe when i was working and if i didnt i'd get the sack) This is the second this has happened to me in a hospital,half expected them to ramp up the fear factor as various wretches in the msm continue to do so with dubious reporting I even think the NHS have realised they got conned
  5. Notice how the red arrows on the Deagel map perfectly delineate Eastasia and Eurasia....The world is being divided and look the countries with virtually static population movement...All ripe for exploitation
  6. And more thanks to metak88,much appreciated,knew i hadn't been mistaked when my spidey senses went on high alert after hearing him babbling about the green agenda,makes everything after and present circumstances incredibly suspect,he did come out of the young leaders programme though run by that wretched old paedo Anal Schwab
  7. Thank you GR for that,i was having trouble finding it,much appreciated
  8. Spent ten hours in a local A&E department last night (nothing convid related) and still masks and signs everywhere but what was amazing was i was not once asked to wear a mask,was never asked the convid test status and not once asked about my jab status,Heard the word covid mentioned once in the whole ten hours and thats was a really ill old fella in the next bed to me who looked to have approximately 7 minutes of life left Even the NHS know its bollocks
  9. It's the new generation we have to worry about,those whose names are unknown as of yet but are in the mill being prepared for the future ....Raze it to the ground and stamp on the ashes...Its the only way we'll sort the endemic corruption
  10. I'd say thats hogwash,Israeli's can build anything they want,they have the technology and facilities and why on earth would they be doing car boot style shopping in a war zone...complete bollocks mate
  11. I don't have a link sorry,maybe google or another search engine may help,it was in one of his televised speeches
  12. there is the added bonus that these can be repurposed...consider them easter eggs ...slava Ukraine
  13. Give it time...i have a feling you'll hear real bombs dropping before you collect your pensions credits!
  14. The fact President Zelensky 'just happened' to drop the green agenda into one of his speeches set my teeth on edge and my spidey senses go WTF?....This is orchestrated and being used as a drawing in device ....you are either with us or you are with 'them'....Divide and conquer
  15. I'll be out in my kilt on the 30th at Rock city dr martens on and a freshly shaved head....and the kilts black ...and if i see a masked up lunatic in the mosh ima slap em upside the head (i think there is a very high probability i wont,don't think i'll see many shirts either and that includes the lasses willing to dive in )...dont get that kind of night out in the Northern ;-)
  16. I spent 25 years working in your homeland and loved every minute of it but to see whats happened since covid saddens me immensly, and i woud gladly stand along side you in your quest for independence but what she has done to the indy movement and how in my humble opinion it's been set back 10 years worries me. I do hope that Scotland just tells her to get tae fuck and brings in more capable leaders with a more clear view of the path to proceed on...my hearts out to you mate
  17. I used to get the Indian made Bollywood version in bulk 'Biagra'worked out about 20p a tablet !...Dont think those would help looking at the wee Krankie !...Please please please Scotland remove her from power ,shes a female Napolean with delusions of grandeur
  18. No! give them to others more deserving...i detest what she has done to my beautiful second homeland Alba...sooner they lop her napper off and replace her with a grown up the better !!
  19. 1 speaks eloquently and an awful lot of common sense and does some shit hot history programmes and the other is nothing more than an extremely challenging wank !
  20. Theres a defib appeared on the outside wall of one of the biggest funeral directors in the area just down the road from me ....keep meaning to take a photo and meme the heck out of it
  21. I went out this afternoon to a rather large supermarket near me and noticed about 4 people still muzzled (wanted to scream at them 'take that stupid rag off yer face) but what was most striking was all the employees in said supermarket were wearing them as company policy dictates they must....really bizarre situation As long as corporations continue to mandate shit like this the impressionable sheep will continue to obey and propagate the myth They need a good fucking slap
  22. Thank you so much for this Eve,a very valuable resource and means i can send friends the link and encourage them to explore without 'banging the drum' of the convid crap
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