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  1. I thought we had a glut of Co2 ? Isn't this news to the ecoterrorists ears a cause to celebrate ?
  2. Salty cracker and nazi Purebloods and filthy little mudbloods https://www.bitchute.com/video/86IRiLqSaIL4/
  3. Food shortages,cost of living increases of 30 quid a week ,luxury items like kids toys restricted,increased fuel prices,lack of lorry drivers caused by pingdemic AND pandemic measures both government orchestrated,used vehicles priced out of range leaving no option but hybrids/electrics lack of Co2 (thought we had a glut of it? ) staples like bread and meat restricted same with staples (for some people these are essentials) like beer and fizzy drinks which probably points to giants like molson coors and cocacola being hit hard in the uk,alcohol dulls the pain so its an alternative medicine so restrict it Merry christmas you will eat nothing and exchange nothing and you wont be driving anywhere to exchange nothings either SNAFUBAR Thats how that reads to me ymmv
  4. Not often but he does visit occasionaly,but he's wide awake and involved in the truth movement ;-)
  5. And anyone who dares to challenge that is ostracised villified,imprisoned (David Noakes and Lyn Thyer come to mind here) or simply got rid of,the profits involved are beyond the understanding of most normal folk,myself included Imagine a cure was found tomorrow,the charities that would be out of business,the hospitals that would lose customers and the staff they would have to shed and the pharmco's profits slumping,its become a self perpetuating machine as intended by that paragon of allopathic medicine rockefeller john d
  6. I think its going to be more a slow cull with involuntary sterilisation thrown in ,2030 has a lot hanging on it as a target for a multitude of projects and 2050 the completion date for the half a billion who they require to 'serve ' them
  7. Rockefeller cancer ,still prefer rockafeller skank mesen https://naturalsociety.com/john-d-rockefeller-founded-american-cancer-society-1913-never-meant-cure-cancer/
  8. Strange they can get away with that but no charity would ever be allowed to quote the exponential equivalent of kids becoming autistic
  9. I saw the clip of Eastenders when they portrayed the unjabbed as brainless troughers willing to put anything in their bodies except the holy vax I imagine all the soaps feel its their public duty to follow suit (or more likely are ordered to) .Wonder if they are jabbing with gay abandon in Ambridge ?
  10. I notice the wording of 'article' is couched in propaganda speak 'It has left beeb chiefs fearing a spate of show wrecking covid cases' Which translates to 'if we have to go off air you muppets who sit watching this shit can blame the unjabbed and its nothing to do with us you can blame the filthy unvaxxed lepers for spoiling the highlight of your humdrum lifestyle where a cunch of bunts flitter around and you call it enterainment''
  11. Epicyte anyone ? contraceptive corn technology is now 20 years old,just think what they've managed to do with that concept in that timeframe Try eating something that DOESN'T contain corn starch,sugar or some other by product and if they can get the 'vax' to pass the blood brain barrier i have no doubt whatsoever that sterility for many could be an integral part of everyones weekly shop They really do plan to 'get' everyone one way or another even vegans !
  12. It's thanks to people like yourself bringing it almost real time to the rest of the world that we in the northern hemisphere know about it as the msm will barely report on it as you know My heart goes out to the people standing up and making themselves heard
  13. I read about the mad squirrel thing years ago in a book called 'noodling for flatheads' by burkhard bilger(had me crying with laughter when i read it,well worth reading if you can find a copy) and intrigued just ddgo'd mad squrrel disease and came across this https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(05)63333-8/fulltext Quite a few terms in there that pre covid i had never heard of,suddenly things like prion disease are common and thats from 1996 Makes ya wonder
  14. I've actually had the pleasure of seing reds in their native habitat in Scotland and love to see stories where real efforts are being made to conserve native wildlife however with so many years of seeing a lot of those efforts being hijacked by climate change alarmists to further this agenda or that agenda i'm instantly on alert for the story behind the story so to speak I personally think they should leave the greys alone,they might be a valuable source of protein soon ! but dont eat the brains as they do in the southern u.s states,they carry a squirelly form of creutzfeldt jakob disease otherwise known as mad cow ,which,surprisingly is also getting some media time of late !
  15. As much as i applaud the efforts being undertaken to reintroduce the reds (and other extinct or extremely rare species) to their traditional habitats and the destruction of invasive foreign species i get the feeling this isn't being done for the good of the people but ties in more with the rewilding agenda and the movement of people from the countryside to cities There also seems to be a lot of stories of this nature suddenly appearing,in the last month alone i have read of beavers in scotland,wild boar in the uk and the potential reintroduction of lynx and wolf as well as scottish wildcats and the efforts to increase the dwindling population Once a site has the designation of SSSI slapped on it nothing can happen in that area without protracted legal battles you only have to look at some of the roadbuilding instances in the last 30 years to see examples of it being used to further the climae change agenda
  16. Latest epic from Mr Truth Bomb Death of the deep state episode 1 Rockefeller medicine https://www.bitchute.com/video/R9jn9qEmK1GO/
  17. The way they are going before too long Genesis will be a 'triggers broom' type of band,bit like the Clash became (rip JS voice of a generation)
  18. I think our brethren in the six counties may have something to say on that matter
  19. Yet they still trot out the mantra's of the new cult of covid without once stopping for 30 seconds to notice the incongruity in their statements I suppose the pay does that to people,makes them hard of critical thinking skills and oblivious to facts
  20. Know your gases,cs smells of marzipam,so if it smells of battenberg cake suddnly...Run https://www.poynter.org/reporting-editing/2020/there-are-many-types-of-tear-gas-heres-how-to-tell-the-difference/
  21. I thought this forum had gone but was pleasantly surprised to find it still up today and its amazing resource put together over many years.If you only read the Ludlow survivors group documents you wil have gained some knowledge that perhaps you hadn't considered before http://files.survivaluk.net/index.php?dir=/
  22. I just read through th T's & C's for entry,now theres companies trying to exist and make a profit and theres corporations like the NEC becoming an arm of government and acting as enforcers with some of their own unique conditions thrown in Needs boycotting or mass refunds being requested Will that happen ? I very much doubt it
  23. And in the UK our elected (and unelected) officials seem to have vanished en masse and if they do poke their snouts above the trough it's to go along with whatever is trending today,we have a glut of ex elected officials who have suddenly crawled out from under the rocks they went to hide under when they were deposed and the msm give them airtime and column inches as if their opinions matter and we should be listening People are going about their business lulled into a false sense of security and are in the 'phony war' phase occupied with bread and circuses and freakish side shows that keeps them suitably looking in the wrong direction,the summer is over and protest is almost over as the weather changes,with the carnival/festival atmosphere put away till next summer in their minds I'm afraid the UK has fallen to a point of no return and it's been done slightly differently to Australia and New Zealands rabid dictatorial approach,which is to be expected as its being run from the UK,they dont tend to shit where they sleep these controllers of the purse and public If the USA does fall totally the rest of the west will surely follow,the USA has the second amendment in its favour its about time to start using it cos up to now those guns have been awful silent
  24. That'll be the cable that brings in the 'power made from renewable resources' much publicisd by EDF forgetting to mention that its 90% nuclear generated Funny that,you don't hear the green howls from the anti nuke/climate change apostles about it as they scrutinise their bills
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