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  1. I cant give enough likes for Primal scream opening, top man
  2. Its actually played ok for me using firefox and nothing more then the free edition of 'superantispyware' admittedly its centerd on the 'troubles' in northern Ireland but its a very good insight into the levels government is prepared to stoop to for them to gain some unseen upperhand Watching it with covid eyes and taking into account the advances in technology and applying that to the present situation gives an idea of exactly what we are facing now
  3. Were/are there any live streams of todays protest in Londinium ? Seems to be a lack of them today comapared to recent events across YT/Bitchute etc Admittedly i'v been busy today so haven't had chance to have a proper trawl of the webs but non so far which is worrying
  4. Yep,and i'm still waiting for you to lead the charge,has it never crossed your mind that there are people older and perhaps significantly wiser than you in the background doing things that will NEVER appear online ? I understand your anger but i also understand that an open forum is the last place to proclaim death threats and try to drum up support against the ruling 'elite' .If you want to gain support perhaps this won't be the place you find it as most people who are awake will view it as A a government fishing mission or B someone whose anger hasn't found a useful outlet yet The resistance won't be televised and if you look hard enough and in venues perhaps away from your phone/computer you may find it but gaining support will fail online,anybody with an ounce of common sense is wise enough to be aware of the very real risks of committing comments to fora/social media and the risk of them being used against them at a point in a not too distant future
  5. Please feel free to start removing them ,i'll get popcorn
  6. At what point do we stop killing ? Do we do a few token public hangings ? Whitty ? the jellyfish ? ferguson ? Do we start hanging doctors who hid behind their 'phone consultations' and watched their bank balance swell ? Do we hang the nurses who made tic tok videos ? Do we hang headtachers who allow their schools to be used as jab centres? Do we hang the 'volunter vaccinators' ? Do we hang those who called for draconian measures against the unjabbed via twitter of facebook ? I could go on and on ,just when do we stop killing ? or even in an act of mercy imprisoning them ? There is a real danger of wiping ourselves out in the process in we start punishment regimes when perhaps we may need to look to ourselves as to why it got to the point it did and start accepting our part in the 'blame game' If we had gone out and battered to death a few politicians instead of coming here and commenting we might not be in the situation we are in If we had made more effort and perhaps spent some of our own money on 5000 fliers and posted them in every letterbox in our locality we might have awoken more people Again on and on i could go I have no answers for anyone but myself however looking for someone or something to blame and focussing all your attention in that direction will stop nothing,will slow nothing down and will leave you so unable to look further into what really is happening you'll miss the real direction you need to be looking in
  7. Official premiere on yt in 4 days
  8. Brief synopsis of the socio economic situation the UK now finds itself in delivered by Keith
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/253065393456?hash=item3aebdf7530:g:n2kAAOSwdDpZcrp7 Loads of predator patches on ebay,still doesnt xplain why the guy thought it a good idea to put it on his issued kit
  10. Superb documntary (90 mins) on the history of allopathic medicine and much much more leading to where we are today Toddlers on amphetamine-history of big pharma and the major players https://www.bitchute.com/video/XtCvwZvJDzJz/
  11. Not as long as me though,giddy up yee ha !
  12. In my last job i was one of the oldest there and the level of deskilling was in your face apparent from the generation z guys,even the most basic of simple manual tasks had to be explained over and over again and i used to think back to when i was 20+ and think to myself 'my god how are they so thick' took me a while to realise it wasn't the particular person that was singularly inept it was actually a generational thing and affected them all I actually had the pleasure on more than one occasion giving them a two way radio with a small screen that only showed frequencies and laughing as their first instinct was to stab the screen or try swiping it, I also remember my daughter doing exactly the same with an old dumb phone so definitely a learned response
  13. Through the video i've discovered the bonfire guy and his videos which although i cant quite get on the Q horse completely being im a citizen of what was once the UK i do find it more intriguing and infinitely more watchable than the dross on my not so smart tv !
  14. Airline pilots are another profession blindly staring their career vanishing in the face and totally oblivious to it I firmly believe the 3 airports in the UK will become a reality,on time and on target and i don't doubt for one minute that there are many other professions slated to vanish but the professionals involved are again oblivious to it,teaching comes to mind and many others within the nhs not just doctors
  15. Really enjoy the the stuff Mark Devlin puts out and thanks for this one as i hadn't caught up with it yet
  16. I can actually see her misguided point,and think she's coming at it from the angle of security of kids using trick n trace and the 'they can track where i go shopping but cant track paedophiles ' coulpe that with the fact she's probably jab happy and she see's an opportunity for a public service and perhaps even believes it herself I think i'll pass on signing it
  17. I have no desire to see anyone die Although should any hangmans jobs ,firing squad members,guillotine operators come up rest assured my cv will be in like a shot
  18. I think you might be getting near the real reason this has been engineered
  19. No need to apologise,we all have em,scroll on you are amongst friends
  20. This politician would get my vote every time,why can't we have party political broadcasts like this ? Toyota Pious gets it https://www.bitchute.com/video/l-rv5obcp4c/
  21. Have you actually looked who else was there? Don't knock the hopium ,it's keeping a lot of people going and preventing them getting jabbed so in that regard its a resounding success cos without that good old hopioid of the masses many more would have folded and got jabbed Or perhaps we should all just roll over and go and get jabbed ? seeing as its all so useless according to you?
  22. Whoever it was they won't be an mp long,or perhaps the mp was just a fishing mission to see exactly whats happening and what the 'opposition' have,John O'L says he watched the mp and got the idea his heart wasn't exactly in what he was there for whatever you chose to believe it will change little and stop nothing
  23. Plus the 20k troops sitting twiddling their thumbs after coming back from Afghan,no wars going just yet so they have to be put to use somehow
  24. 15 minutes of angry people,funny in parts includes the fact that the people are no longer human and have no human rights Warning for the sensitive,LOTS of sweary words https://www.bitchute.com/video/WMWNo3B7YS1v/
  25. Part two of the Mark Sexton statement https://www.bitchute.com/video/wDVplNBinQrF/
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