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  1. Follow the noise,let your ears be your guide ;-)
  2. The biggest drug dealers have been playing population chess for years,What a whizzo idea it was to get the British East India Company shipping opium to china,and when the chinese said ''whoa the fuck up there pilgrim we don't ned no opium''' they kindly sent in the private army of the BEIC to change their minds,the parallels with Afghanistan are worth a closer look and the companies who profited and who are still operating today like the Honk Kong and Shanghai bank (HSBC) the Peninsular and Oriental steam navigation compny ( P&O) no to mention the family nams who got obscenly rich on the addictions of the chinese and most of those ar still causing misry wherever they appear
  3. Doctors have been doing it for years,is your Dr your healer or is he/she/it your dealer ?
  4. Keep at it mate we need more like you,my oldest friend (we were at school together in the 70's) has been paying for leaflets and flyers out of her shitty carers wage so she can spread the word in the village she lives in and she says much the same as you 'it needs to be done',it folks like you that deserve the medals not the fucking workshy financially shackled nhs employees Rant mode OFF
  5. Rabid Ferocious Dog fan here and not a million miles from you either (i'm on the dark side of Derby) nice to know there are wide awakers nearby And speaking of FD i'm going to see em tomorrow in a pub in a certain northern town and its th pubs reopening aftr a cruel lockdown,i've looked at their websit and they have the mask mandate bollocks,saying thy should be worn,trust me,the minut they ask me to mask up i'm back in the car and back down the road. Think i'll take my completely made up exemption card explaining i suffer from severe mental health issues and that should they have any queries please address them to my carer directly and not me or alternatively contact Broadmoor hospital 01283 456789 (totally made up phone number) and please be aware that i am on an escorted visit so should not be alone (my mates in on it and does a good concerned carer impression) I need some music and the company of people who still have critical thinking abilities so desperately i'd be willing ot walk there if there was no other option !!
  6. i saw a post about this yesterday in another place i visit occasionally and virtually every single poster commented on his racist comments in the past,all trying to outwoke one another,not one single poster had any comment whatsoever saying that his stance is correct regardless of his comments in the past,now either the forum is infested with bots and alphabet spies or there are far too many wokerati still fast asleep,mind you these ar the cnuts that 2 years ago if you said you were voting for anyone other than corbyn you were the devil incarnate How soon they have changed their tune,hanging on to every word spewed forth by the present 'government' and its 'scientists' They havn't realised yet that politics as they knew it is dead and they are as disposable as everyone else regardless of how they voted
  7. Go to the page and click the little tiny link marked 'data' at the bottom of the page,see how the votes are oraganised by mp then have a think how that info could be used/sold/be a reason to get you a place in one of the new hostelries without bars on the windows !
  8. I've got several pairs of high viz trousers , fleece or two and some t shirts all in glorious high viz eye assaulting yellow if you want to be really REALLY safe,can never have enough protection you know
  9. In the last couple of days i've had an internal monologue going on regarding 'awake' people and i've come to the conclusion that the vast majority who say they are awake are no where near fucking awake,i've had several converations in th last 48 hrs with unjabbed seemingly awake people but its become apparent that apart from not wanting the jab nor wanting to see children jabbed thy really havent got a fucking clue about anything bigger than what they see on facebook and twitter,It's quite surprised me actually,i've tried to look at it from the point of view that folks don't have as much time as me to look into stuff but again it isnt that,if it doesn't fit on a phone screen and doesn't require searching they MIGHT have heard of something and there it ends There are a lot of self professed awake people still stumbling along in a haze glued to their phones and they are in for a massive shock Or perhaps ignorance really is bliss
  10. These fraggles are definitely controlled opposition and paid actors but the big question is exactly who is paying them?. I'm leaning more toward the legacy media paying them to simulate trouble so they can get their storylines and pictures,i don't for one minute think the police nor the government nor any of the alphabet agencies would use any of these idiots directly ,i mean just look at em,tatman the shaved simian,greybleeder the mouth breather,whether the funding is coming from the usual suspects soros,b n m gates etc but i'm convinced thats wherever the funding is coming from its being funneled through the legacy media outlets to obtain complete deniability of the actual paymasters
  11. Anoint oneself with the holy sanitiser,anoint your holy goods basket/ trolley with the holy sanitiser,check your religous vestment is on correctly (the mask) then entr into the temple precints with the blessing of the temple guardian ( minimum wage 'security' oddball on the door) follow the temple directions set into the hallowed ground carefully select from the bountiful goodness presented before you before finally heading to pay penance at the electronic alter ,swipe away your guilt knowing you have done your best to save humanity and dont forget to let the world know of your selfless actions by virtue signalling on faceache or twatter Nahhh its not a ritual at all,it's to protect people innit
  12. As Mick Stott of the Guardians300 said in one of his talks ''you fight,you lose'' Any protest connected with convid will only ever be portrayed in a negative sense,the msm are completely and utterly bought and paid for Time and a place for everything,streets of London aint the place and the time isn't now,unfortunately its going to have to get a lot worse before it does become time,this isn't Q woo and me saying trust the plan and all that ballcocks this is me saying i understand people are getting desperate and want to see affirmitive action but look at the reality of things and what will happen should things start to get violent,We havent got martial law yet,but give them a chance by kicking off and we'll have it faster than lightning The protests have replaced the festivals and i must admit i've met more people by going to them who are awake than any i have 'met' online so as a means of networking they are fantastic,just ignore the paid for controlled opposition performing tricks for the legacy media in front of the police and accept as a given there will be police spies within the crowd (and following people onto trains and striking up conversation...but thats a story for another day) and also accept as a cold hard fact that the government can only call on a maximum of 450,000 people to protect them and consider that includes the police all over the UK the Navy mostly afloat somewher and the raf scattered like the army (we'll discount UN peacekeepers for now,but expect it in the not too distant future if it gets messy) a crowd of 1 million whilst apparently achieving nothing is in fact achieving a great deal,the message its sending is priceless
  13. I know i lived there for a while in 2012,the company i was workng for leased one of the barrack blocks and used it as accomodation for us due to there being a lack of hotels in Campbeltown,never found out much being on the 'inside of the wire' so to speak,but i did find out that the houses that were originally built as married quarters were suitable for cyprus so lightly insulated etc,perfect given its location!! and no doubt the houses in Cyprus were suitable for the harsh campbeltown winters ! The Americans did have nuclear torpedoes there at one point and a seal team was based there,still haven't found out if it was an emergency landing site for the space shuttle though even though the runway is a kilometre long. Still it'll make hell of an internment camp for the Scottish unvaxxed,nearest McDonalds is about 140 miles away in Glasgow (theres a nearer one in Belfast but you need a boat to fetch it and i dont think deliveroo travel that far)
  14. Best keep the fighting to the winter months,we'll have a distinctly unfair advantage which is sorely needed
  15. I had a long discussion on the train yesterday with a guy and we got round to the youth of generation z being far more accepting of digital shackles than us older folk who remember the days before the disease of 'stucktumafone' became prevalent and thereby being far more amenable to government mandates if delivered by phone.The leaders of tomorrow equates to a position that was once occupied by lackys within the prison system they are after all going to need administrators and petty tyrants galore to herd the unjabbed rebels and keep them incarcerated,they will also need 'scientists' to further hone and refine the control measures and mechanisms to keep those 499 million masked slave workers in line in their shoebox accomodation in their 20 minute cities If thats the future they are welcome to it
  16. At last the diddy men have found gainful employment
  17. I saw a vido a couple od days ago and it highlightd just how close one of the new prisons was to a crematorium,so close that if you stand stil long enough it'll scorch you
  18. They'll start with the pets,then the climate lockdowns for the proles,all to save the environment and greeting thunderbugs utopian dream of course and they will start pushing facts and figures to show how WELL the enviironment fared during lockdowns and started repairing itself I'm off to burn some fossil fuels whilst i still can
  19. We are all slaves on th digital plantation now Even us unjabbed
  20. Not too bad plus i managed to get 40 winks old person afternoon nap style on the grassed area in parliament square and me tan is looking lovely now,i don't have the washed out pallour of death so many of the jabbed exhibit either
  21. Yup,we'll become one of the two classes of people that it is authorised to hate,expect more hatred for us and more rainbow dildo buttmonkey type events for the children (but only if they have been jabbed of course)
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