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  1. Just catching up on the thread so apologies for late comment I once worked for our local fire and rescue service ...believe me...it's full of mutton headed body builders who have a hero complex or lasses who like the rug and think they are making a statement on equality...generalisation i know but most of em think 5g will make their phones faster...ignore them...leave them to cats in trees,road smashes and the occasional fire
  2. Would that 15% also come from African data? where medical help is scant ?.The data i'm seeing so far from Western countries where health care is accesible is that its not a great deal to worry about ,the major panic being instigated by the msm ?
  3. My Granny always used to call cheese 'bunghole' seemingly to much made you constipated according to her wisdom (8 pints of guinness and some extra mature cheddar and 12 hours later i'll refute that factoid)....However jesting aside whats with the homosensual/transgender aspect to this pox?..yes i know its a virtual rerun of the 80's AIDS 'epidemic' but why latch onto it a second time around ?...Do they think folk have short memories? is it a convenient story to either garner hatred/love/admiration/solidarity/blah with the LBTQ abc and 39 other genders ? This is the most puzzling aspect of it personally speaking
  4. Won't bother me,since becoming ancient and subsequent loss of libido which no amount of indian biagra can raise coupled with the snip when i was a younger man so if ejaculation occurs its more in the fashion of a puff ball fungus shedding spores i.e dust i have no worries,and no ones coming near my todger...its for pissing and stirring my tea with when i forget the spoon
  5. Expect by August to be required to mask up again,be locked down,travel restricted blah blah blah Fuckem I didn't bother last time and i won't be bothering this time Fuck you and your spots
  6. Dutty bomba,Dirty bomb with low level radioactivity ensuring mass panic...fuck me i could make a dutty bomba with 20 smoke detectors and and camping gaz cylinder and a bit of heat....Imagine the outright panic if something like that was to happen and the msm with their WILD imaginations were let loose The convid didn't work as planned,the simianpox is too slow what better than a bit of mass panic over low level specific radioactivity (not much more than background but let the msm rottweilers have it) Yup...somethings on its way
  7. The AP watermark should tell you all you need to know
  8. Norfolk police?...I've had dealings with them in the past and every time i watch 'Hot Fuzz' i'm reminded of them....All ex tractor pilots and cabbage kickers,surprised their patrol cars aint John Deere tractors
  9. He's as senile now as Biden the child sniffer ...No country for old men indeed !
  10. Bless you my child you are forgiven....and im laughing like mad here (and having a small coughing fit) ...Best we keep laughing otherwise we'll get dragged down to 'their' level
  11. A taser or a 'stun gun' or tear gas or pepper spray are all section 5 prohibited weapons for the general populace of the UK ,now they want to arm fucking hobby bobbies with tasers ? Who are they more frightened of? the public or themselves ?
  12. During WW2 in the UK we had the 'dig for victory' campaign (which is an interesting topic to read about by itself) ,Everyone was involved and that was with a huge proportion of the men away doing the fighting,every possible bit of land was turned to crop production and we reduced our reliance on imports significantly,admittedly there was rationing which helped as well and it wouldnt hurt now to ration some stuff,might help the pieabeties epidemic and the obsity crisis Can you imagine the government trying it now?...there are masses of the population who couldnt tell you one end of a spade from the other and still think hoes are why they go to Thailand on stag do's With a concerted effort it could happen again,however, there is no personal threat of invasion or war on the doorstep...yet and when that threeat does arrive it'll be too late Great 8 part series on Rationing and Digging for Victory
  13. Is this the michael jackson anal bleach gone horribly wrong in reverse ?
  14. Could you have linked to anything more msm? Daily mail ? Vice? ffs Skitz i thought you had more discernment,Although propaganda comes in many forms !!!
  15. Latest from Janet Ossebard and Cyntha Koeter in the 'Sequal to the fall of the Cabal ' series,part 23 https://www.bitchute.com/video/TTqtC1eYo91C/
  16. Last few words on this topic ''I could care less'' So as well as being delusional you are also absolutly crap with your own opsec...only Americans use that phrase ...so we now know you are an armchair general somewhere in the USA stamping his feet because he cannot find the footage showing 'warporn' how he IMAGINES it should look,I'm actually laughing here at the obtuse American amazed that he can't see what he wants ,Talk about density...Mate, yer as dense as a good solid turd that wont flush
  17. I remember the stories when they first started to air in the msm about the 'amazing sniffing dogs' and it was around the time when the prospect of forced vaccinations first started appearing and i got the impression from the stories that it was a veiled threat as 'We'll find you wherever you are' .The powers that shouldnt be were bringing in the troops 'to assist' along with those oh so clever sniffer dogs,The fear levels ramped up suitably for SAGE to go to bed soundly each evening and dream of covid sniffer dogs rounding up the sheep for the jab
  18. Surprised me as well as i was always of the same opinion and aware of the fact/myth/urban legend that a true JW would never have a blood transfusion regardless if it was going to save their life or not,For the Elders of the church to wholeheartedly accept the jabbery and even promote it given the evidence available is incredibly surprising
  19. I'll ask you again...What is it exactly you want to see?...Lines of advancing troops?....battles being fought hand to hand and street to street ? and as for the reddit link if you cant deduce whats happening and claiming it doesn't show where or when you are beginning to sound like a petulant child screaming and stamping their feet becuase things are not being shown 'How you want them to be' . War is not as you want it to be....War evolves ,its dynamic and one things for certain it isn't a video game so lay off the COD Get on a plane get over there,come back and give US the truth,because as it stands you have as much information as everybody else at your child like fingertips Time for you to go on ignore my friend
  20. You aint looking hard enough...I'll ask you the same question....What exactly are you looking for ?...Define independent? How much more independent do you want ? https://www.reddit.com/r/CombatFootage/
  21. Less money in sniffing out cancer than convid....Billions being poured into the scam from every aspect but cancer now takes a back seat https://www.rd.com/article/dogs-sniff-out-cancer/
  22. ''Actors taking part''....Hmmm.........The majority of them from the young global leaders programme from previous years cohorts (including Putin) and who are now in place in positions of power and influence....Uncle Klaus may appear as the saviour of mankind in his pound shop Darth Vader outfit and sort it all out
  23. Because your initial post regarding this came across as somebody sitting there expecting warporn, that was reliant on Telegram with not an ounce of compassion for the people dying just a whine about the 'same 4 clips' THATS what i found offensive ''Oh the age of the smartphone'...''They'll film anything'' What is that you ACTUALLY want ?...the truth?...its war mate the truth comes later and what good is you knowing the 'truth' going to do right now ? going to change the shape of war ? be a historical record ? Do you want to debate the veracity of the reporting?...do you want to debate the authenticity of the PROPAGANDA coming from both sides ? Perhaps you'd like to debate the wire services i.e Reuters etc where a lot of this comes from ? I'm out
  24. Yes its all cgi and fake and no ones dying and the propaganda from both sides is shit because the 101st Chairborne Commando's of the DI forum say so I'm out guys Wait for the history to be written by the winners but for now use multiple sources across that big bad internet and form your own opinions
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