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  1. Thats neat thats neat thats neat i really love your chicken feet Apologies to Mud and those born after 1975
  2. We have done the grunt work,screamed until we grew hoarse but still those who do not want to be awakened looked the other way and quietly hummed to themselves It's a shocking fact of life that in 18 months we are left with decisions that truly will affect the life and untimely death of millions Children are going to die,so be it,adults are going to die,so be it,wide awake people are going to die,so be it Me ? i've invested my dosh in popcorn and a comfy chair Fuckem
  3. How do you punish the brainwashd mother for allowing their child to be jabbed in the belief that it was the right thing to do? How do you punish the nurse that injected the midazolam and morphine totally beleiving it was the right thing to do ? How do you punish the local council official who carried out the segregation of people queuing to pay for car parking at the ticket machine ? If and when we come out the other side we are going to have to go through a 'great forgetting' as Germany did post ww2 If we hang or otherwise kill them all we become no better than 'them' allowances will have to be made no matter how distatseful you personally find it ,if we go full annihilation on 'everyone' we risk wiping ourselves out in the process
  4. These are a very real possibility in the future this video demonstrates the effectiveness of the smaller calibre rubber projectiles with these being .45 calibre and consistent with the guys injuries,although the picture shows a projectile probably paintball calibre of .68 so could be that ( they do use converted 'paintball ' guns for riot control),the videos of the Aus protests i've seen there is a lot of firing going on but no fatalities which leads me to think they are using 'less lethal'' projectiles and launchers Don't confuse them with baton rounds used by the UK miitary which were/are 37mm in diameter ( a bit bigger than a C cell battery) and which will floor a horse and kill a human far more rapidly than the smaller calibre stuff Skip to 5 minutes plus to see the effects on a chicken (pre deaded and plucked)
  5. i actually logged in to reply to a brain dead fraggle in the comments on this and lo and behold i'm already banned,i look on it as an achievement meaning i have at some time in the past been so over the target i've got right up somenones nose win win for me
  6. I'm waiting for the introduction of no jab no benefits in the UK which it surely will,however witholding taxes whilst noble in its ideals is impossible to do in the UK if people are on the PAYE scheme where its deducted at source and individuals have no control over it whatsoever and many companies flatly refuse to employ you on a self employed basis.Couple that with local councils propensity for using a collction agency (normally rundles) at the first sniff of non payment of council tax and the thieves behind the government cloak have the majority wrapped up
  7. It wasn't until the union leader sided with the governmnt that people realised they had been shafted,i'm thinking that union doesn't have a future thats bright
  8. NLP is just a tiny portion of their armoury,just looking at the people who comprise the SPI- B committee and the establishments they come from shows that,this is not only a free for all in the psychobabble world but its a free for all in techniques and processes we haven't even heard of yet
  9. The holes comprise the mix n match 'oh but we dont know which one caused the problem and we never forced anyone to take them' Case dismissed
  10. There is no 5g a yet,more a 4g plus being punted to the gullible,Rob Braxman explains it far better than i could ever hope to
  11. Many actions will happen and there wont be any cameras around ;-) some folk aint just attending their first rodeo !
  12. Ignore the refences to gnus and the purely US take on this but what he says is applicable to any country,birds of a feather n'orl that (it's quite old as well but oh so very prescient now) https://www.bitchute.com/video/MCKcyd1rV1o/
  13. Stinks of SPI-B and their ilk in the way its written,The question is will the msm pick up on it ? i won't bother waiting for an answer
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