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  1. I see it as a message delivered by a citizen of the world,could be bollocks and an 'home goal' but my spideysense says delivered by someone attuned to whats happening...Fair play and much kudos to them
  2. Very good documentary which highlights why we are not seeing what is happening 'on the ground' and highlighting the cowardly msm attitude to the whole conflict,might appease those who believe its all cgi and think that because they haven't seen 'swathes of attacking infantry wiping each other out' its not happening (armchair generals and the normal batshit crazy halfwits spouting off from thousands of miles away safe in their comfortable existence) https://www.bitchute.com/video/t3RQh9xEO0vK/
  3. wonder if the bookies are taking bets on the next PM being a POC (i detest that phrase btw,however it serves its purpose here and now) The race for wokery in the extreme is on...No more appointment on the merit of past performance/character...Now its a box ticking exercise in fear of the msm daring to criticise the party line and selection choice
  4. Unfortunately within 2 years we will see the red clowns occupy No10...Then we will experience even more devastation...I'm no fan of any political party as i regard them as all peeing in the same pot but the level of destruction coming from Labour is a certainty,In fact we cannot advance in any way shape or form until it happens...As me granny usd to say ''It has to get worse before it can get better''
  5. I agree we may have been at crossed purposes so apologies for that regarding Congo,there are actually 2 congo's The democratic republic of congo and Republic of congo which correspond to what was once the Belgian and French congos.what was the french Congo is not too bad a place..at least you can get decent baguette and decent coffee and good beer...the colonial hangover 'They' do seem to like these countries for experimentation though through jabbery and other wickedness from big pharma
  6. I beg to differ,try getting into the likes of congo or gabon without a yellow fever jab and certificate...i speak from experience
  7. Just like to add i don't subscribe to the flat earth theory nor do i subscribe to the globe theory...however i do find it interesting to hear different opinions and watch some decently produced video espousing both sides of the argument I prefer the Terry Pratchett theory of a discworld that is not quite flat !
  8. Looking at it from a comms point of view it makes perfect sense,these networks (rail and motorways) stretch the length and breadth of the country and every one has 'nodes' (junctions or stations) where the 5g could be diverted to smaller communities/towns and then propagated further afield Something to keep an eye on for sure
  9. That coincides with something i noticed over the last 2 years as i started travelling by train again,Normally the railway companies trim growth back from the trackside every year if there is a potential for it to become hazardous to passing trains but this was something different,They have gone full chainsaw frenzy and gone far back from what would have normally been done. I did think at the time this is being cleared for 'line of sight comms' along established corridors I fully expect to see some development in this area shortly
  10. Only a doctor can declare someone dead and as for body parts etc,thats the whole point there has been 1 photograph released of the aftermath..cameraphones wern't exactly rare at that point.Did you actually watch the 3 parts ? Perhaps get in touch with Richard D Hall and correct him ?
  11. The panic a dirty bomb would cause would be enough to cripple everything within the M25 circle....50 smoke detectors and a bit of 'oomph' under them voila measurable radioactivity above background..mass panic ensues...stock market sharts itself ...mass exodus from close environment to epicentre and cabinet evacuted to a secure bunker somewhere with much hand wringing and lessons learned from our erstwhile government Or a scenario which is far more likely ...They would just lie and say ''nothing to see here move along'' Would all depend who planted it in the first place
  12. I'm aware that picture of the crisis Doris is from when the first jabs were introduced but it was quickly spotted she had been moonlighting elsewhere.Wonder where her career has taken her now ? The codger who was touted as first to receive the jab at the same time cowked it some time ago (Arf! shouldn't laugh) .In the last two years those crisis agencies must have had a field day providing staff
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