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  1. Thanks for your replies. It's confirmed what I thought, feel it's best to wait until the last minute with vaccination. A possible hope is a treatment called "Bioresonance", done with a Biome machine. Had one a couple of times and it's highly effective to get rid of poisons from our bodies. Don't look on google though, it's not getting any positive reviews but is portrayed as "quak madicine". The reason I know is from the symptoms after the treatment, the pracitioner said that I would feel quite groggy, similar to when doing a fast and getting to the second day, when toxins get released into the bloodstream. That is exactly what happened the first time. I may have the vaccine if unavoidable and follow it up with a bioresonance treatment.
  2. I have a question for David Icke: your latest interview is talking about the gene changing RNA vaccines which are rolled out in the West. I have friends who on purpose travelled to Asia to get instead the Sinovac vaccine which apparently is a non gene altering vaccine. Is this correct?
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