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  1. Multiple reasons. Some sinister some silly A dichotomy of ideologies intersecting within any given thread on any and all topics Hobby trolls (ragging each other and everyone else too) State actors (inevitably from multiple states in the same thread occasionally) Dicks (plentiful supply) Lunatics (borderline personality disorder mob) School holidays (web analytics support this) Mental health or wealth Aliens (because there is a movie in this somewhere e.g Alien Flame Wars II - This time they've got scripts) Shit posters (sub species of the hobby-troll) Under the influence of ... (been in twitter jail due to strong Trapist beer altering my default social filters) Dizza, it's the internet, people are never going to stay in their lane due to the complex nature of the thoroughways we're all traversing together
  2. Trails caching the sunlight (as others have said) at an oblique angle so filtered through iron particles in the atmosphere, hence the colour
  3. Oh.. you turn your back for five, um, years and look what happens! Cheers
  4. What happened to the other forum? This is my third Icke forum & incarnation with the same user name. Are old accounts dead now, I couldn't sign in? Anyway, hello again. Are there any original forum folk still alive here or have they all had enough conspiritainment to last a lifetime?
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