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  1. Now that it has been proven that everything David says - and has said - is verifiably and absolutely true, it it not time that his followers laid claim to the fact that he is a true and genuine prophet? Furthermore, would it not make sense - for tax purposes alone - for a modern church to be set up in David’s name so that a greater legitimacy could be given to David’s teachings? Also, every other religion can claim protection on the grounds that their followers are being offended or are being victimised and discriminated against because of their beliefs, so it would surely go a long way to protecting David’s followers if they could be protected in this way. What do other Forum members think of this?
  2. Whilst I was browsing the site last week, I saw a post that told us how magnets were sticking to people’s arms after they had been vaccinated, however, I cannot now find these the videos, and would like to see them again. Could anyone tell me, please, whether these are still available, or whether they have now been removed?
  3. Could anyone help me, please, with some advice on whether you should take the vaccine “just to be on the safe side, and whether that has been a route down which you’ve travelled in an honest attempt to simply stay alive? I realise that David teaches that “there is no virus”, but our faith can weaken slightly when we see that so many thousands of people have died of “something”, so could anyone tell me, please, just exactly what it is that has been killing people, and why it is that fewer people are dying now after accepting the vaccine? Please don’t read this as the words of someone who is trying to trip anyone up as it is a genuine question for which I am trying to seek a learned and educated answer. Thank you in advance for any help you are able to give.
  4. Is China practising biological warfare against the West? I believe the story on the following link might be the real truth about the Covid virus, and would be interested to hear what other members have to say about this... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9556415/China-preparing-WW3-biological-weapons-six-years-investigators-say.html
  5. Hello again, all I apologise for the fact that I upset so many of you with my two questions. Were I in David’s position, I don’t think I would have considered them unfair, but I appreciate that many of you have now taken exception to my tone. Bearing everything in mind, I feel it’s probably best that we part company at this point. Thank you for allowing me the freedom to operate so far, and I wish you all the best for your individual futures. AfanofDavid
  6. Well, the question was largely given in the header, but does anyone think they’ll still be able to be followers of David if his theories prove to be wrong, and could he hope to retain even a shred of credibility if that were to be the case? Also, has anyone - despite being a follower of David - had the vaccine anyway ‘just in case?
  7. Is anyone able to enlighten me as to why David pronounces the letter t as a d, as in the manner of Americans? We thus get pronunciations such as ‘Illuminadi’ instead of Illuminati and so on. I wondered if it’s why he spends so much time amongst Americans, but I’d consider that to be quite unlikely, so I’m stumped as to a reason why he does it. Also, David claims at length in his books that he had had a wide range of deep spiritual experiences that have completely changed his life, and yet he has never once written a book or - to my knowledge - given any real guidance or teaching on how others can also have these experiences, too. Does anyone find this odd?
  8. I wondered how long it would be before the nastiness started on here. Is everyone happy with the fact that Gareth Icke was so nice and measured about the Duke on the main page. Do you think has dad will be annoyed with hi for this?
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