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  1. Thank you and I agree with you. For me there was always something mysterious about all this in general and especially since I had that experience which in the end only make me stronger and wiser. Of course, I couldn't be this today if I don't have my grounding methods. I find my "recipe" to keep stability but with all this happening in world last year in some days is bit harder. I see so many people being "zombi look" or talking nonsenses, being more extreme or drug/alcohol abussing cuz they are suffering, their emotional and spiritual body don't have what is required to have to be balan
  2. Hi all, pretty new to the forum but couldn't find a similar topic and not sure if my 'case' is individual or if there are other people with this experience. Long story short, 2013. In spring time I had a psychotic episode (acute) which started in winter and lasted for 4 months before I was hospitalized at the Psychiatric ward in my hometown. During that time in the first and biggest psychotic stage I had hallucinations (mostly voices in my head). As time was passing I had more intense and louder voices and a scenario that was shown in my perception back then was basically a paralle
  3. Hello all Bit late to the party but better now then never. To be honest when was first "outbreak" in Europe I was manipulated by media and other people buying this shit stories about "Virus". Luckily I come to my senses quickly and trying to keep my sanity and common sense on a daily basis. After informing and connecting the dots with help of Icke's videocasts and numerous discussion with only one friend who thinks like us about this all hoax, I had enough of just sitting and watching this and hoping it will end. It is so hurtful to watch 98% of people in your life
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