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  1. So, was relieved to find this place but within 1 week I am shocked. There are some decent people on here but, from what they put into words, and have the nerve to post, 90% of the rest have gotten there minds in a right knot! This is bloody dismal. Reminds me of FB, loads of chavs with some illusionary opinion created by their overactive minds. Maybe some of you were awake at one point but now this place is full of people stuck in Wonderland. A psychosis, their minds have a grasp on them. Or do you really think you are your minds? You think your 'person', body, mind & beliefs about yourself are real. Hanging on for dear life and making a mess of your sorry existance. Fuck this, I'm off to find some human beings. Sorry to the few good souls here. You'll know who you are. You've a good chance of making it. The rest, GOOD LUCK, you'll need it!
  2. I have to agree. I couldn't listen, I left it on but watered my plants instead. A lot of contradictions, from the small amount I listened too. So, some doctor Cocks says its so, must be true then. Perhapse Davids seeing from a different perspective... like we all do lol.
  3. And resentment is better? Pitty. You might have woken up, but far from Awakened.
  4. Aww, decided to give it another read. Politics is BS. Politics is why we're in this shit hole. Politics lies. Do you believe in Santa? The tooth fairy? Did that hurt your feelings? Sorry I was just kidding, you should put your false teeth (and ideas) under your pillow tonight! I pray they will be gone by the morning
  5. Been feeling shitty for a few days, but nice to see some feedback. I'll start with saying, the ego is always the most powerful ruiner of lives. Don't just wake up, grow up too. A lot of angry, sociopathic comments. Vengence, is that what people are looking for? Seems to be ricocheting off the walls in here lol. I actually only read the first few comments, the first comment was nicely thought out, well written and, well, true. Not because he/she agreed with me, in fact they didn't. Just sounded fare, conscious and authentic. Then the resentment... Different experts have there own ideas of the actual number, but it is estimated that between 80 and 95% of all mental and emotional suffering is created by the 'mind' or ego, fear especially but anything bathed in negativity. It's all illusion that we, for some reason can get a compulsion to act out or think or both, to negatively impact someone else or ourselves. Very strange behaviour... I'm no saint but I'm pretty good at sensing where the line is, the line I shouldn't cross. Like I said I only read the first few then had to stop reading. I'm pointing at no comments precisely, well maybe one from the BLM supporter. The comment I speak of is obvious. So I haven't read the rest yet. Tommorow I will. Night friends and foes. Will be looking forward to the 'snapping' back
  6. I'll keep this short. There is an increasing narrative amongst us, without many exceptions, including myself. I see people who have awakened to this War we're in increasingly dissing the 'zombies' with their 'face nappies' and 'blindeness & stupidity'. Have we all forgotten the Psychopaths' mane tactic that's been taking place for over the last year (and millennia)?? DIVIDE AND CONQUER I'm sorry but we all, including myself must check ourselves and make sure we stay as good peaceful Citizens to our Comrades! They are all victims, none of them 'wanted' any of this, many people still in that coma but what good are we to forget our own compassion? Yes it is extremely frustrating and disappointing but that's not their fault. The only culprits are the real culprits of this evil and we all know who they are! We must live and let live. Does anyone expect them to wake up when we are becoming more and more opposite, angry and blaming them? Maybe, just maybe if we could simply be decent neighbors then there may still be many of them still able to wake up to the tyranny. But not if we keep aggravating them in retaliation and spitefulness. Some still need time to think critically if they've any chance of still waking up. And what about those who have been vaccinated? Do they all deserve to be left to rott because they made a critical error? Who hasn't made big mistakes in their life's? DIVIDE AND CONQUER Let's not allow them that satisfaction. Peace
  7. until

    Wish I could get there. I'll be looking online for it. Keep safe y'all Bristol... only thing I've seen here was BLM ripping down bloody statues. Of a slave master from the turn of the 19th century. Don't they understand that if history is thrown away and burnt, people will forget the lessons learned?
  8. I guess that, in my above post I was basically saying, realise your power and take it back. Perhapse my reply makes a bit more sense now? It was late
  9. YES, but I've been ill for ages. Was already a recluse when lockdown began. Actually, it was nice cos nobody was around so my anxiety dropped. Didn't take long before the anger and resentment (towards gov) grew though. But I'm coming out of that phase now. I'm gonna start a thread, probably tomorrow (Fri) regarding something we ALL need to realise and change. It'ss be 1st post so easy to find. Not sure where to post it though, which forum. I haven't been scared one bit though. All the problems (mainly mental though everything else in my life was crap) have subsided since 1st lockdown. Nobody out at the start, my anxiety lowered. Been enjoying the ammusement of seeing nappie weares for a whole year, I've not wore one at all. Nobody has too. On the government website it says you don't have to carry a doctors note or anything else. No need to tell 'em sh*t. I even have the bookmark for the page on my phone. I've mocked a few shope security guards by shouwing them that page. The gov put it there, if everyone decided to use it all at once... wishful thinking. Like everything else, they love to mock us. They create a rule then at the same time give EVERYONE a legal reason not to wear one and that you don't have to tell them S%#T! If they do ask, say "its personal". If its a cop, say "panic attacks which come out of nowhere" If they ask for your doctors details say "I've never spoken to my doctor about it" But they knew that, with the help of top Psychologists as well as a gradual dumbing down of society over the last several decades, fear would be the 1st thing to invade most peoples minds, in turn preventing people from thinking rationally and completely overlooking the obvious nonsense lol. And that's exactly what happened, to the vast majority. "Exemption cards If you have an age, health or disability reason for not wearing a face covering: you do not routinely need to show any written evidence of this you do not need show an exemption card This means that you do not need to seek advice or request a letter from a medical professional about your reason for not wearing a face covering. However, some people may feel more comfortable showing something that says they do not have to wear a face covering. This could be in the form of an exemption card, badge or even a home-made sign. Carrying an exemption card or badge is a personal choice and is not required by law. If you wish to use an exemption card or badge, you can download exemption templates. You can then print these yourself or show them on a mobile device. Please note that the government is not able to provide physical exemption cards or badges." https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/face-coverings-when-to-wear-one-and-how-to-make-your-own/face-coverings-when-to-wear-one-and-how-to-make-your-own I've found myself listening to music I know but now, so many of them feel like the songs were made for today! Disturbed ~ "Innocence" (with lyrics) Disturbed-Innocence- LYRICS.mp4
  11. Thanks for the welcomes. dnxmix, I just was about to finish a bloody long message to you (pretty long message, me rambling) and it dissapeared! That's happened a few times now. I think its when I switch tabs, If I haven't save or sent it its gone lol. Anyway, about to post some important, somewhere lol. Find an appropriate forum for it and begin a thread. Or maybe tomorrow. I'm knackered lol. Oh, don't mind my bad taste in music lol. I've been listening to lyrics in music more deeply recently and there are so many that relate to today! Iron Maiden ~ Revelations
  12. Truth seeker, seeking Truth Great to be here, haven't found many like-minded seers until now and theres loads of you! Phew! Have felt and been isolated since last March. I don't know what's happened to me but I saw through this from day one. No fear, no confusion and seeing with lucid transparency. I think not owning a TV since 2008 has helped! Been hard finding anyone to share thoughts with, already suffered with depression and anxiety. However, there was no shock or nuffin. But frustration and despize WOW! With these dictators I mean. OK caaaalm... Well, now I'm here lets have a browse. Look forward to sharing thoughts with you all
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