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  1. god is what i would say our souls and what is in living form.. which devil backwards is to be lived which life we are in
  2. human conscience i would be AI of some form off. even spirit or ghost still alive but no machine to control. same energy process other creatures except humans are more advanced
  3. thoughts come as i had a tooth infection which paralyzed half of my face a type of bells palsy. got me thinking of our body's being like living robots which self heal which machines don't. been a few months and I'm slowly getting my smile back. we could be that very ai we fear and we just don't know it. and maybe we are running in this simulator because we fucked up and created ai which in the end killed us off ai killing ai on a endless loop learning and studying over and over. we just don't know it yet. i feel ai has been experimented for a long time now.. now we are starting to see it poke it ugly head when you post a porn photo in face book in seconds you get banned or a word logged to be hate speech etc.
  4. that is just some of the puzzle it's a hard pill to take but that's what i see so far in this life
  5. the only problem with ai doesn't understand is future. us stupid humans don't under stand we are that ai trapped in human body's we destroyed billions of years ago trying to study what went wrong. and it will be on a endless loop for ever and ever. you under stand!
  6. your ok man! we all need to let people express there experiences no matter how crazy they are you will miss out on something mind blowing there things out there we are not meant to see and all we do is block it.
  7. (yet have still offered no substance). I've given you nothing that's what I've done. you have invented your own story it's your head not mine
  8. Why are people so defensive and unwilling to see another point of view? people are a mixed bag when you group them up. you will always get the nasty ones doing there thing because there ass holes. shit got to come out no matter what!
  9. a narcissist will never apologize or take responsibility for there actions. they will take as much attention and play the victim. deep down they want your life to feel shit makes them happy knowing your life is shit. narcissist big hate is when you call them out and you much more bigger smarter than they are lol.
  10. getting into your psyche is going to be easy but not going to be taken lightly by you because you are never wrong. everybody else is that shell is a lie, fragile, weak, untrustworthy, insufficient & needs governing externally. in your mind. what I'm about to tell you is not a nice way i go about my life as i care for people. and i like to help. your disorder is that shell is a lie, fragile, weak, untrustworthy, insufficient & needs governing externally that you fear in being a narcissist
  11. Keyboard Samurai's are trained and are ready to stop free speech. they point out mistakes and convert also adding information that never existed in the original writing. they insult you trying to get a group to gang up and attack. replying that there right and your wrong. it's a trending since the 90's. the only problem now is we have portable technology whist these people hang out on daily. what is truly wrong with these people. what your views
  12. ahhh more people to attack on this forum. who's next on your hit list my friend.
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