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  1. Is a high portion of the population needed to raise frequency level? Could depopulation mean the shift from the third dimension won't then happen?
  2. Is there somewhere to see how many people have died in the UK after having a covid 19 vaccine and have been classed as unvaccinated? Also how can you see how many are in hospital being classed as unvaccinated when they've actually had at least one dose or are within 2 weeks of having second dose? The CDC website defines someone as vaccinated only 2 weeks after receiving their second dose.
  3. Anyone have a powerful video to convey the message in this song? https://m.soundcloud.com/satnams-tash/all-of-us-are-free
  4. Please share message through music with the world ❤ https://m.soundcloud.com/satnams-tash/all-of-us-are-free Idea- quick and effective way to let people know vaccines are in trial stage still - hold protests at vaccine sites. Protest banners informing of facts - Trial stage till 2023 Meant for emergency use only Yellow card evidence
  5. All of us are free - share with the world Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.
  6. All Of Us Are Free Please share - spread the message
  7. Freedom Fighters - music is universal, spread the message
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