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  1. It is not only psychopaths, it is all inhumane people, i.e., people with no conscience and no empathy (no love, only hate). The key issue here is, you may be surprised to know, is health! The way these people operate is to affect another person's health. If they can underhandedly play foul games as to affect the health of another person, then they can gain power and influence over the other person so as to be able to manipulate and control them. So the solution is to understand that disease is not due to any physical causes as we are being told over and over again. Disease i
  2. Neither hospital nor hot soup garlic etc., is going to do any good. IMO the doctors and the biomedical scientists are withholding information that is vital. There are two things to know to say healthy. 1. When a person is stressed their immune system will be somewhat declined. How to get it back up and working to its full capacity. Simple. Recognize that the primary danger is in the body and not the external "afraid I'm going to lose my job" or afraid of some other problem. Without our health we can't address any external problem. 2. Never uphold, entertain or bec
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