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  1. It is not only psychopaths, it is all inhumane people, i.e., people with no conscience and no empathy (no love, only hate). The key issue here is, you may be surprised to know, is health! The way these people operate is to affect another person's health. If they can underhandedly play foul games as to affect the health of another person, then they can gain power and influence over the other person so as to be able to manipulate and control them. So the solution is to understand that disease is not due to any physical causes as we are being told over and over again. Disease is due to our reactions to ideas that we deem are our own thinking. Our reaction is of course somatic, so one sort or other disharmony takes place in the body. David Icke has recognized that there are secret societies as he calls them and that they are networked. What he hasn't recognized it the body of the iceberg. He has only seen the few at the top, who are to one extent or other, visible. These people, despite their wealth and positions of power are nothing, if not for the massive 20% of the world's population, who are inhumane. And hidden in plain sight owing to the masks they wear. One in five people are part of this huge iceberg and they exist in every country. These people are networked but not by design. Rather they are networked by necessity. To play their underhanded foul games they need other like minded people. Hence their circle of friends are their partners in crime. So they are thus locally networked. How do these local networks then get networked world wide. The answer to this is that as people move, to new jobs or new neighborhood, across country or to other countries, they will again seek out a circle of like-minded friends. Thus they become a part of a new network of people like themselves. This means they know those in the old and the new networks. As a result they become the hubs that connect the old and the new networks. When humane people, the 80% of the world's population understand the true nature of disease and how they are really in control, they can show the inhumane the middle finger.. animated. This is the ultimate disempowerment of the inhumane. They don't need to be killed off, they perish instead. Problem solved.
  2. Neither hospital nor hot soup garlic etc., is going to do any good. IMO the doctors and the biomedical scientists are withholding information that is vital. There are two things to know to say healthy. 1. When a person is stressed their immune system will be somewhat declined. How to get it back up and working to its full capacity. Simple. Recognize that the primary danger is in the body and not the external "afraid I'm going to lose my job" or afraid of some other problem. Without our health we can't address any external problem. 2. Never uphold, entertain or become distressed over any ideas of damage. The idea that the media is promoting heavily is "dangerous virus doing damage". This ideas will put the immune system into over-drive. This was seen in the first fifty years of drug trials when they tested chemotherapy drugs. In those days the control group got a dummy drug, a sugar pill or saline solution. They found that on average (some trials more and some trials less) but on average some 50% of the people in the CONTROL ARM, who were taking the dummy drug, lost their hair and vomited and other problems too. How can that happen on a sugar pill? We need to understand that the person who goes to a drug trial is desperately looking for a solution to their cancer. They want to believe, even move to believe that they were given the real drug. They were told that the real drug damaged rapidly dividing cells because at the time that is what they thought cancer was. So the people in the control arm, who believed that they had the real drug, also believed that the drug that they had taken would do damage to their hair follicles, gut lining, skin and in the bone marrow. This belief caused their immune system to move to clear away the damaged cells. But their cells were not damaged. The inflammation caused damage. I learnt about this at university. I don't see it though on the net. Only a few doctors, like Dr. Lissa Rankin M.D. have mentioned it in their internet activity and really only briefly. Since covid 19 began some of their work/ videos have vanished. Why so? In Covid 19, doctors are at last beginning to admit that it is the immune system that causes the massive inflammation, enough to do serious and even fatal damage. But most are mincing words and still trying to link it to the virus. I would say with certainty that the virus may cause the flu if the person is stressed and their immunity is not working properly. BUT I do not believe for one moment that the virus sets off the immune system to do damage. My advice is hold no ideas of any damage in your body, ever, not only for covid 19. The body will recognize damaged cells if there are any. No need for any ideas and distress. If there are ideas that persist, you can be sure these are not your own thinking, but merely your perceptions of someone else's mental suggestions. That someone else would have to be moderately strongly to strongly related to be able to address you with the mental suggestions. And for the most part, most likely inhumane with an agenda. Simply recognizing they are not your own thinking is the key to easily discarding them because only our own thinking carries our authority. When we believe the ideas are our own we will react and that reaction is somatic. When we recognize the ideas are not our own, then they carry no authority, we can discard them and not react.
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