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  1. "You can't get loose from it, thats the problem. Once it's in place you can't break free" More people need to understand that point Zbigniew Brzezinski gets everywhere doesn't he.
  2. Cool version of electioneering I had let down popping into my head this morning from somewhere and came across the choir cover when i was listening to this scott weiland cover which i also like. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O43qWdxlGYw
  3. Again no offence intended but what you've done now is created a situation where you've come on here saying you're going to have the vaccine and now all of a sudden after a few replies and a bit chute video you're not. What if you die of something unrelated and it goes down as a covid death? All of a sudden those nutters on the david icke forum caused your death. Don't mean to sound harsh but sites like these are going to come under increasing attack over the coming year. What you need to do is take your time. Do a lot of research on these vaccines from all sources and lis
  4. I've never tried to burn compacted snow so it's a shame it's all melted here or we could recreate the experiment. Soot from the candle flame is nothing unusual.
  5. They live streamed that moon landing all over the world to peoples televisions with 1960's technology and thankfully nothing went wrong. Amazing eh? Take that Russians
  6. You either want to take it or you don't it's your decision not other peoples. You talk about all these punishments you're going to face if you don't take it but you don't know what is going to happen in the future you're just assuming. You're certainly not going to be one of the people standing up to say its your body and no government has the right to force you into medical experiments. No they won't. Sure all you have to do is just take a little jab and then you can be all super spiritual and vegan blah blah blah What a joke! Why don't you spend a day
  7. Great video from Max. He mentions the upcoming cyber polygon event so I want to add a few links. Official site for 9 July 2021 https://cyberpolygon.com W.E.F page https://www.weforum.org/projects/cyber-polygon PDF download of last years event available here https://2020.cyberpolygon.com/results-2020/ 2020 Agenda: The conference featured global leaders and experts, including Mikhail Mishustin, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, and Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum as well as top off
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