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  1. North Korea: Troops break bricks with bare hands in bizarre show of force Look at Kims face
  2. Sad to hear about the crashes but interesting nonetheless. What do you reckon? Do the scenes in the videos match the images in the dream in any way? Problem with predicting the future and\or fortune telling is if it doesn't happen you're wrong and if it does it's a coincidence so a tough crowd lol. Good stuff though mate, you should carry on documenting these dreams.
  3. Cool. I find dreams and their meanings really interesting. Plane crash dream isn't so bad really, unless you've predicted the future and it happens which would be shitty obviously.
  4. Did you get this from a dream or some kind of premonition?
  5. Bloody hell! What a find, just a coincidence of course though lol
  6. More unbelievable BS. I remember reading articles in trash magazines back in the day where it's some dumb broad talking about how prozac or some other poison has saved their life and how amazing it is but in the top corner it says 'advertisement' in tiny letters lol. This trash brain implant story is no different imo, it's about getting people used to the idea of having brain implants that will control your emotions and thought processes just like anti depressants don't cure depression but make you high as a kite and destroy the frontal lobe of the brain.
  7. Chilling Moment Wayne Couzens Admits to Kidnapping Sarah Everard.
  8. Bad times It's shocking how the current system is radicalising youngsters these days. You'd think a multi-cultural space would be a place where people come together whatever the colour of the skin, religion etc.... The fact she felt entitled and completely in the right to try to remove students based solely on their skin colour is the worst aspect of this story for me. I guess the Irony is lost on her lol.
  9. Someone posted this thread a while ago Some interesting ideas in it, Your post reminded me.
  10. From todays headline page: Sarra’s attack on two white male students, who were studying in what she claimed was the University’s Multicultural Center went viral on TikTok, bring the graduate student’s anti-American activity into sharp focus. According to AZ Free News, “The room in question was the ASU Tempe Campus’s Student Success Center in the Student Pavilion, room 321. It has not officially been designated as a multicultural center – ASU says that efforts for such a center are underway, but the university hasn’t indicated where or when the center will be established.” https://davidicke.com/2021/09/28/sarra-tekola-who-harassed-two-white-students-for-sitting-in-a-designated-multicultural-space-it-wasnt-is-a-co-minister-of-activism-for-cult-created-black-lives-matter-and-a-fellow-of-the-c/ I think this is her: Multi-cult spaces don't include whites I guess.
  11. BBC shitpiece: The edible insects coming to a supermarket near you: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-58636969 Eh?
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