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  1. Maybe I misunderstood the previous reply to your initial post but whatever. Veganism is absolutely a major part of their plans, Vegans are abolitionists, they don't just want to abstain themselves from animal products. They want you to as well and want it to be enforced by the law. All animals in nature instinctively know what their natural diet is. If they don't get it it might take a while but first it will show in their mental health and behaviour before the body will start leeching the missing nutrients from the internal organs and brain eventually resulting in illness dementia and death. Human beings natural diet is animal proteins and fats supplemented with natural sugars that appear in summer and autumn to store as fat for the hard winters. Those who abstain from flesh can still get it from produce such as raw milk butter and eggs etc.... it's called vegetarianism and has been around for thousands of years lol They can fuck off with their new world order diet. Sorry for the rant it just annoys me, and for going off topic
  2. These weirdos are everywhere. I think they love it and don't want it to be over! I've noticed they have selective memories as well, for example the government never denied vaccine passports would be used etc etc etc.... They've had two injections but still hide away and wear masks everywhere Freaks!!! On a darker note I've also noticed that there seems to be extreme left wingers and commie types who'll do anything to defend the official narrative and will do anything to distract people and try to ridicule anyone or anything that goes against it even when there is blatant proof Total wankers
  3. That's what you feed cattle and slaves.
  4. For a while now I've thought that the artificial intelligence algorithms let loose on the net are getting better at predicting human behaviour and thoughts but I don't really know how I can put it into a coherent hypothesis so I won't lol. As far as the dreams and documentary thing go I'm not sure what the op is getting at so can't really comment on that except to say I think dreams can sometimes forewarn of things to come and relay important messages if we care to explore their meanings.
  5. EA’s brand boss: “There’s really no such thing as gamers at all” https://www.nme.com/news/gaming-news/eas-brand-boss-theres-really-no-such-thing-as-gamers-at-all-3004930
  6. They're going to cancel us all soon. I guess most of us here know that right. People have become too stupid, too vicious, gullible. We are the people they talked about who left the smart cities in the great reset propaganda. Disenfranchised censored and ridiculed while the technocratic control grid goes up all around them. If not now they'll only pull the bird flu card or something else to finish the job. Sorry to be spitting black pills so early in the morning, it just seems inevitable
  7. What an absolute sack full of shit this man is. Last summer respiratory infections were low because it was summer but this year it's because vaccines are working and if they're not its because of filthy unvaxxed people.
  8. The digital story is behind a paywall but the idea is having an app that monitors what you buy and rewards you for healthy food choices. All sounds a bit too much like China style social credit scores and engineering to me. They'll be promoting grains seeds and cultivated foods that no human in nature would ever eat as well.
  9. Just more gaslighting of the public as they push the retarded scared and angry into accepting the increasingly draconian measures they're going to be imposing in the autumn\winter.
  10. Poll: Should anti-vaxxers who end up in ICU with Covid pay their own medical bills? SPAIN is engrossed in a heated debate over whether hospitalised Covid patients should be charged for their treatment if they refused the vaccine. Express.co.uk wants to know whether you think ICU Covid patients should be forced to pay for their NHS treatment if they refused the vaccine. Let us know by voting in our poll and leaving a comment. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1465292/Covid-vaccine-anti-vaxxers-nhs-treatment-hospitals-medical-bills-poll
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