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  1. What you would want to do is time it just right for the new waves of 'vaccines' that they will unleash in September. Start building up the fear and cases in mid to late summer about the scary double mutant from India arriving in autumn/winter and urge everyone to get the jab. I've even heard people demanding to be given the mRNA shots and not those cheap viral vector jabs LOL It's one of those situations where you don't know whether to laugh or cry but I've chosen to laugh
  2. If we look to nature and observe we can see that there is some homosexuality that has been recognised so it occurs in all the species and cannot be considered anti nature/anti christ etc.... Someone who is transgender probably has had a difficult enough time in life without being called evil and demonised. But why the sudden increase especially with transgender? You could say that the fact it is becoming more accepted and people feel more confident to come out is the reason but I think only a small proportion can be put down to that and the huge immoral psychological media cam
  3. Maybe people like Bezos and Gates are getting divorced so they have a valid reason to offload company shares as they know the market collapse is coming.
  4. I've just wrote a new film script. It's about a young black man who's a struggling young boxer. His career isn't going so well and he's feeling depressed when one night he has a revelation, he realises he's actually a woman! Inspired and relieved to work out why life has never felt right Deontay now called Shanisha gets back to what she always loved and before long she starts winning, knocking bitches out left right and centre and she realises she's also great at other sports as well! After defeating some evil nazi's and racists by getting them sent to prison for h
  5. I hadn't thought of that, smart thinking. People like this don't need to go through a public divorce to move on and do their own thing, most likely a scam of some sort like you say.
  6. Joe Rogan backtracks on his vaccine comments when he realises it might affect his income and shows..........lol https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9527263/Joe-Rogan-backtracks-saying-young-people-NOT-COVID-19-vaccine.html
  7. A truly sickening image Hancock getting penetrated by his bum chum van tam
  8. Yeah I wondered about that as well. I mean I don't like the guy these days as I think he is a gatekeeper but if there is such serious accusation against him I think that should be accompanied by some evidence.
  9. Gatekeeper sums him up perfectly, remember when he tried it with his trews crap? Too many people were talking about the great reset, scamdemic etc so along comes Russell to act concerned and reframe it for his predominantly pseudo intellectual leftist audience....lol..... The guys so full of shit, typical 6th form type twat who smokes a few lines of brown then wants to bang on about how he was an addict for the next 20 years...tosser.
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