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  1. These cunts are everywhere and the scary thing is some of them are actually real. I had one fella telling me the vaccine MUST be mandatory, but if the vaccine protects you from illness why would you be worried about everyone taking it?.... I said. Apparently its to protect those who can't take it, the immuno-compromised etc... LOL You couldn't make this shit up, If these fuckers were on fire I'd have to think twice about pissing on them. If you told them the vaccine is more effective if Matt Hancock personally fists you up the arse while you take it they'd roll up their sleeves AND b
  2. Rockefeller Jul 2019: New normal 2:36
  3. Today in London, Police harass and arrest Women at Parliament Square. There was almost no-one around but the police decided to swoop in and arrest 2 women. all for sitting around and associating.
  4. It makes me feel sick to see people do this. So terrible for the habitats of the local wildlife, they have a hard enough life as it is without these morons destroying anything natural and beautiful to be replaced with plastic and concrete
  5. Friend of mine who was made unemployed in the gap between furlough schemes (another scam) took a job in the local testing centre. He says he's never seen more than 6 people in one day (12 hour shifts) He also was in no doubt from the size of the centres they were going to be used for vaccination. So they are going to take a spike protein from a genetically modified virus, deep freeze it and surround it in a layer of fat to keep it alive, then inject it into the arms of millions of British citizens where it will release itself from suspension enter the cells of them and 'reprogram' the way
  6. Noticed that they wouldn't release the latest figures yesterday as they are 'relocating' some of the cases to be more accurate......lol from the bbc: Note: Total case numbers in some areas may have dropped between 15 and 16 Nov. This is due to Public Health England reallocating some cases to different local authority areas. Dr Yvonne Doyle, Medical Director at Public Health England, said: "This better reflects the distribution of positive cases in recent weeks and months, particularly among younger people of university age who may not have yet registered with a GP at their ter
  7. Australia and New Zealand seem to be the testing ground for how much they can get away with What they are going to say over there is No jab No job
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