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  1. If you help me pray i will teach all of you how to deprogram yourself from mkultra monarch based programming. If you could pray that i am protected by love thats all i want
  2. Something people dont talk about is the early mysticism of the jews regarding hekhalot. Palaces. More accurately the merkava/merkaba. New agers mean the merkaba consist of two tetrahedrons interlocking each other. Forming the star of david. It relates to the throne of god. But I dont know if the new age part is true.
  3. Hello I was wondering someone reading this would like to pray for me because Im trapped in black magic. Its ok if you pray to your higher self, or angels. I was just wondering if anyone wanted to. I would be grateful
  4. Veritas


    If they could take the domain and put up the same site/forum without permission
  5. Veritas


    Hello As far as I know forums are not protected by copyright. But stealing the domain and all its content and userdatabase would. Sounds stupid I guess. But if an agency were doing this they would succeed I think. What are the odds and what do I check for.
  6. Is there any psychic people here
  7. the diversity of topics. I guess aliens
  8. Yes Im familiar with his work in general
  9. Hello Im new here but not new to the topics being discussed. I havent read davids books. I have always been massively abused by the elite. Through mind control.
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