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  1. If the "fake vaccine" does everything that Dr. Carrie Madje, Dr. Tom Cowan, Dr. Andrew Kaufman and David Icke says it is doing inside people's bodies, then yes "many will die" from the vaccine. Isn't this the goal of "The Cult", Bill Gates, "The Great Reset", "The Georgia Stones" and others? Death by Vaccine will be blamed on the "Variants" and the anti-vaxxers. Their deaths will be caused by a compromised immune system when exposed to all the common illnesses (flu/cold and other respiratory challenges.) Then there is the blood clotting disorders caused by the vaccine and the neurological disorders. I was introduced to David Icke in the spring of 2020 at the start of the Covid Era. Since then I have read 12 of his books at least twice and underlined key and important sentences. I am a serious student even at age 71. There is one thing I have concluded from reading all these books: 'One man cannot save the world, but one man can deliver the message that will save this world.' I know with all my heart the David Icke is delivering that "Message."
  2. David was told, 1. "Knowledge will be put into his mind" "At other times he will be led to knowledge." 2. "He was chosen." 3. "One man cannot change the world, but one man can communicate the message that will change the world." 4. Arduous seeking is not necessary. The path is already mapped out. You only have to follow the clues. 5. We are guiding you along a set path. It was all arranged before you incarnated." After 30 years of David Icke's "message" you either believe he was "chosen" or you don't believe. Either you believe he has had a "path mapped out" or you don't believe. The biggest question you will ever have to answer is: Do you believe in David's message that will change the world? I not only believe in his "message" I "know" his message is 100% true. "Love is the Only Truth, Everything else is illusion."
  3. According to David who has studied the Nature of all Gods/Deities Ancient and Modern, he has concluded they all have 3 things in common. 1. They are willing to Kill and Destroy. (In the case of Yahweh/Jehovah that includes humans and animals. 2. Imposition of numerous rules and regulations. Do's and Don'ts. Mostly thou shall not involving Yahweh. 3. Self-Obsession. "I am the Only God." "There is no one like me." "My name is Great" blah blah blah. On the other had according to his advanced knowledge base, his "Knowing" the "Source of our Consciousness" 1. Has never killed or destroyed anyone or anything. The "Father does not judge anyone. There is no "Judgement Day." At so-called "death" of the body a person's state of consciousness (the Frequency Level) determines which dimension they will inhabit. (Read Everything You Need to Know But Have Never Been Told.) This Infinite One's most dominant quality is Love. 2. This "Eternal One" respects the "Universal Law of Free Will". The only rule is not to impose our will on anyone else. 3. Names are given to these Gods to differentiate them from each other Ra, Zeus, Yahweh etc. There are No Real Gods. The Eternal Father has no name. Does anyone call their earthly father by name. This Loving Source of our life does not expect or desire to be worshipped. What does this father want? -Your Love. One last thought. According to David's extensive research - There is NO JESUS!
  4. You state in your reply that "information" means it is just garbage. David has many times said everything begins "by information received." Then he says information received leads to "perception" which leads to "behavior." So I guess that means David is feeding us a lot of what you call "garbage". I don't think so.. You should really be careful when you send the kind of reply you did to my post. It was INSULTING. But like David's information has taught me. "Love is the only truth, everything else it just an illusion". Which means I still Love You Grumpy.
  5. David once said, "Most people think "Genius" is someone who can understand complexity. Whereas True Genius is to see the simplicity hidden by complexity." David's answer is to your question is very simple. It's found in his books "Everything You Need to Know But Have Never Been Told." and the read his book "The Answer." Check out my profile. I left a illustration for you and others there.
  6. Why? Because the lesson it teaches will affect how you Learn and Remember for the rest of your life! Illustration: "The Circle in the Sand." Imagine sitting on a beach and you decide to take your finger and draw a Circle in the Sand. Why will this circle in the sand eventually fade away? Most people realize that over time the wind and the rain will cause this circle to completely disappear. This illustrate the way we learn and remember. In just 24 hours most people will only be able to remember 60% of what they read for the first time. In just 48 hours most people will only be able to remember 40% of what they read for the first time. When you read something for the first time, when you initially "touch" information, it's like taking your finger and drawing a "circle in the sand." If you never revisit the information, if you never retouch the what you learn, the memory of what you were taught will gradually fade away. (This is what happens when you read David's books only once.) What if you took your finger and went around the same circle in the sand a second time? Because the circle is now deeper, it will remain longer than the first one. That's what happens when you "touch" the information a second time. That's what happens when you read David's book a second time. (You will also see things you missed the first time.) (Examples of doing this are Underlining or yellow marking important statements as you read David's book the second time.) What if your finger drew a circle in cement? The wind and the rain would have no effect. Why? Because the circle in now PERMANENT! The lesson? If you "touch" what you read enough times, it will become a permanent part of your memory. Therefore a "simple discipline" is to always "touch" important information at least twice. If you want to never forget something you read, the "simple discipline" is to touch the information as often as you can. Last thought: Telling other people and meditating on the material of David's book is another tremendous aid to remembering what you read. That's what
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