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  1. ie look around.....how many people do you see in face nappies that dont want to wear them? I was in a shop the other day (unmasked as usual. The woman behined counter was masked up. Her face was blood red and she clearly looked in distress. She said she couldnt breathe properly. I said take it off. She said no, Ill lose my job !! I said is a job here worth being ill for. Tell the shop owners you are exempt. She was clearly scared
  2. The "govt" will introduce measures incremently as they have done all long. Thats how the got away with it so far just a little more then you will be free... bait can never be reached
  3. Just wondering,,,,, has Gates had (or pretended to have) the fake vac??
  4. If only someone would leak some info from cabinet meetings/ The dam would burst
  5. and the constant divide and rule tactics creating more "ists" It has arrived at a stage where some are scared to speak for fear of offending someone
  6. and extreme peer pressure thats why I see some cracking
  7. The Foliticians are scared to stand out and disagree with the hoax...afraid of what they will lose Some of them are parents and grandparents thats what so disturbing
  8. When the truth finally surfaces we will see foliticians blaming and grassing oneanother. It will be a sight worth seeing
  9. jail em get the ones at the top before they do us all
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