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  1. went to pub with mrs day before last lockdown.  staff shouting at people " stand there  stand here"  masks on etc"  I want  to see a mask when you go to toilet. It was like being at school....  idiot staff barking at everyone,,,wasnt a pleasant time in the pub at all...flat beer and cold food  so fuck em they have been taught not to care about customers

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  2. Just now, clownworld said:

    It is, but it's frustrating and difficult to do so because they make it so to put you off. If you don't feel up to it, put it into writing you want a family member to deal with it on your behalf. Or complain to your MP, because feck only knows they're paid enough to listen to you complain at them.


    I'm a big fan of chewing the ears off my elected representatives. 

    My gp surgery kept phoning and emailing me telling me to book the " vaccine"   in a coersive way.    I wrote to the gp head and told them to stop harrassing me and when i havent received proper information ( informed consent) GP phones me and says that the "vac" is my choice  he said he is only doing what he is told by nhs...now he is shitting himself as I have threatened legal action.  Dont put up with these morons

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  3. yes I even see people in cars wearing masks and some people letting the mask drape down from one ear !!


    such a fuc..ng fashion statement!!


    I am in disbelief where we are now


    People are more dangerous than people !!!

  4. I live near a park where I take my dog out for a walk regularly. I see lots of people... and 70% have masks on. And some wear  masks whilst running/ cycling


    I ask myself what has the MSM done to those people mentally?


    I cant take in the level of control that people have succumbed to


    Its so heartbreaking

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  5. 21 hours ago, Outsider said:

    They will give it over to nature and allow her to do as she wishes...rather like Pripyat. The way this is going I'm wondering if there will be no great dramatic change....they will just slowly propagandise the great reset in such a way that the masses won't realise it's occured. 

    yes  step by step as always

    making reasons to fit the overall agenda... we should be used to it by now but what happens when the deliverers of the message get affected?  someone will;l squeal. They cant keep shtum forever?

  6. You Keep taking the toxic pretentious vaccine... "govt" keep telling you that you need more and  blame the people not taking it as an excuse to roll out more measures and then govt keep pushing more tests that don't test for any virus but get more pos results


    People get ill from the jab...blame the people who didnt take the jab


    send the non jabbers to camps


    rip and smash this up before they get our kids





  7. Just now, Outsider said:

    Had the misfortune to watch the BBC news at lunchtime, really quite amazing that it doesn't seem to feature conventional news stories anymore. It seems totally dedicated to 'agendas' such as sexism in schools, racism...even the new apocalyptic problem of people dropping litter in parks...I can solve that one easily...put more bins in parks for people to use. Maybe a good idea to  open up all the closed public toilets again so people don't have to urinate in public.  

    I havent watched bullshit b channel in Months. It makes me physically sick. How those idiots can sit there spouting all this woke crap in front of the cameras is beyond me. They even charge us for it!!   The readers of the "news" are truly brainwashed

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  8. Just now, banjo dog said:

    Let them get their decent pay checks, they cant take it with them. The next existence does not give a shit how big your house was while you were here. They have no interest in what foreign holidays you had, the size of your yacht, how fast your car was. Human civilization will never sink beneath the waves, not entirely. There will always be some thing on this planet even if it is a human reset and back to just a handful of people. We are a magical, wonderful species. We can live in harmony with each other and create a utopia. Sadly a lot of knowledge as D.I has said many times has been stolen and kept from us to get us to obey. I once considered my self an atheist, then about forty years ago a chance meeting with a healer set me on the road to explore spiritualism. There is far more to life than this existence. Too many people allow their selves to be manipulated and controlled because all they are aware of is this physical existence, due to the spiritual knowledge being taken from us. Divide and rule. Kill the non believers, my religion is the right one not yours so you are wrong and must die. You live on that side of the fence and speak a different language to me, therefore you must die. We are taught from a very early age do as you are told. The second world war for instance would never have happened if the majority of German people had said "Fuck off Adolf, we are not doing that". The human race really does need a mass awakening to end the tyranny of authority the world over. Unfortunately I cant see that happening any time soon. The vast majority of Russian, Chinese or North Korean people are no threat to the rest of the world what so ever. I should imagine that the vast majority of military personnel have no desire to be on a battle field. The only perceived threat comes from the few in positions of power. They are the ones who will be no where near a battle field with a gun in their hands. Heard a bit on the radio recently. A question posed by Martin Lewis the money saving expert. The question was "What advice would you give to your 18 year old self if you could go back in time". My advice to me would be Live an alternative life style and do not get caught up in the system. Unfortunately I do not think my 18 year old self would have understood any of that.

    some think that their physical belongings and assets are too precious to lose so they go on pretending, turning a blind eye to what really is going on in an  attempt to be unnoticed. Time will come where people will have to make a stand...especially when they want to start jabbibg our kids

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