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  1. cant understand why no legal action has been successful so far in uk unlike other contries in eu is it poisonous all over UK ?
  2. went to pub with mrs day before last lockdown. staff shouting at people " stand there stand here" masks on etc" I want to see a mask when you go to toilet. It was like being at school.... idiot staff barking at everyone,,,wasnt a pleasant time in the pub at all...flat beer and cold food so fuck em they have been taught not to care about customers
  3. most of majority are in fear fear is what got us here even the govt / witty et el are fearful its out of their control always was the big boys are in charge now
  4. My gp surgery kept phoning and emailing me telling me to book the " vaccine" in a coersive way. I wrote to the gp head and told them to stop harrassing me and when i havent received proper information ( informed consent) GP phones me and says that the "vac" is my choice he said he is only doing what he is told by nhs...now he is shitting himself as I have threatened legal action. Dont put up with these morons
  5. so keep away from t and t and dont engage we are done for if we dont fight back
  6. Apartheid...... people v people thats what they always want clever bas,,,rds
  7. yes I even see people in cars wearing masks and some people letting the mask drape down from one ear !! such a fuc..ng fashion statement!! I am in disbelief where we are now People are more dangerous than people !!!
  8. I live near a park where I take my dog out for a walk regularly. I see lots of people... and 70% have masks on. And some wear masks whilst running/ cycling I ask myself what has the MSM done to those people mentally? I cant take in the level of control that people have succumbed to Its so heartbreaking
  9. Setting parents against their kids / "kids do you really want to visit grandma? you could harm her with the virus the whole agenda/ thing is sick
  10. Division of people is being rammed down our throats. Its been going on for years. Picking us of to oppose one another. It keeps them in charge.
  11. yes step by step as always making reasons to fit the overall agenda... we should be used to it by now but what happens when the deliverers of the message get affected? someone will;l squeal. They cant keep shtum forever?
  12. ill take him to the pub and buy him a few beers ( as long as he wears a mask) He will enjoy it I know I would
  13. When they have eventually done most of us, what do they plan to do with all the billions of miles of wasteland where no people live? whats the plan ??
  14. they do not have our best interests at heart time to start
  15. being polite with these snides doesnt work. They wish us harm lovely people being shat on
  16. You Keep taking the toxic pretentious vaccine... "govt" keep telling you that you need more and blame the people not taking it as an excuse to roll out more measures and then govt keep pushing more tests that don't test for any virus but get more pos results People get ill from the jab...blame the people who didnt take the jab send the non jabbers to camps rip and smash this up before they get our kids
  17. hope he gets his jab......might give him a sense of humour. Seen more humour in a piece of 3 x 2 timber
  18. I havent watched bullshit b channel in Months. It makes me physically sick. How those idiots can sit there spouting all this woke crap in front of the cameras is beyond me. They even charge us for it!! The readers of the "news" are truly brainwashed
  19. and the Met promote woke Police that take the knee and get pissed on by certain groups
  20. some think that their physical belongings and assets are too precious to lose so they go on pretending, turning a blind eye to what really is going on in an attempt to be unnoticed. Time will come where people will have to make a stand...especially when they want to start jabbibg our kids
  21. ah but big Bill G was behind the curtain pulling the strings!!!
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