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  1. never worn one and never will get funny looks now but f em im ready to rip a head off
  2. they can have my organs I have drank so much piss over the past 12 months due to the stressof the BS im sure all organs are fucked and they are welcome to them
  3. yes in the "old" days the main disguise was a stocking over the head.. " hand it over " post office robbery etc in the sweeney I always thought that was funny because you could always make out who it was. It was no disguise at all !!!! or is the major ploy in the eye retina i.d soon?
  4. deprivation of oxygen in other words suffocation eventually -----brain damage Lots of MPs have kids do they make them go to school wearing face nappies all day? its got to break soon -- the bs
  5. having to be deceitful in order to breathe wtf are we doing? jail the lot when we get the evidence imagine the amount of kids suffering at school?
  6. people against people great trick they play divide and rule I seem to remember
  7. also emphasis whats going on here I live in a half decent neighbourhood However, as people have found out about my views on the scam ...lots of people seem to swerve me now The bullshit they have taken in is so strong and powerful Setting people against people was always the plot These bastards in govt / BBC and msm all need to be held accountable How long will it take to unthread all of this? scaring people and even children against friends and family
  8. hope the private prosecution gets off the ground
  9. that bastard should have been strung up long ago
  10. reclaiming freedom? this is so indicative of how far we have come and how some people have allowed it to continue lock these bastards up
  11. Rid people of past give hope to new needy people and rinse them like we have been rinsed indigenous un needed
  12. hope the non vax camp I get sent to is as good as the "camp" the rescued migrants get provided with on their unlawful entry Loads of jobs going at a famous b and b
  13. tell your gp to f off he gets £27 for sending you to a vac centre I told my GP that he hadnt given me opportunity to receive information before I consented He shat himself when I sent a legal letter dont put up with it
  14. sounds like a good smoke !! nice one mate
  15. non white lives matter more so it seems but you cant mention it...i just did
  16. the new society is already shaping up ( they are here now ready in luxurious camps .. or b and b) once they have done with and rinsed us they will let the next subjects take up the next chapter in this
  17. Has the Bernician got anywhere yet? It needs something to happen in uk to shake it up and push back especially the MSM
  18. dont eat that shite it has been badly messed with Fucdonalds
  19. it gets to the point that you cannot believe even the weather forecasts anymore. They ( the media) will always be told what to say so as to control us plebs I say go out and see anyone that you want. F..ck them all They want to do your kids lets smash em
  20. sky "news" on the same par as british bullshit company and whatever happened to channel 3? in the 80s they at least seemed to push back on govt stuff now the "news" channels are poodles and shit spreaders for govt
  21. true even intelligent people are good at turning a blind eye you just wont get through to some people its amazing how unresponsive some people are even when you point stuff out to them
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