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  1. push back against these bastards all you gotto do is push !!!
  2. dont live dont communicate dont talk to strangers Dio had it sussed years ago
  3. trying to educate those who are benefiting from the scam.. will turn a blind eye if they can make money from the scam It seems that injecting desperation into people will make them tow the line Take the tv plug out the wall the media is the enemy
  4. The problem is............ many employees "feel" this new found power that they think they have .. and it seems that they enjoy it Going into a royal mail delivery office for instance.. to post a parcel and being met with a pathetic "person" telling me I must mask up for something that takes 20 seconds Also .. the empowered "door supervisors" at local supermarkets that make you feel like a criminal as you spend money and shop. These doorpeople are anti nice people Treating good people like this will eventually explode the government are setting psyopted people against peoplke its even splitting families apart ba ards
  5. and the problem is the amount of people that have done no critical thinking about this and just accepted the needle of doom Ive heard some say that they have got to take it complete brainwashing at play from msm cut the plug off the tv,,, that wpuld be a start !!!!
  6. From my experience of the GP...... They want to take an "arms length" approach. Push the admin staff to do all the harrassing/chasing up of the flock. The GP then sits back denying any involvement in the scam "im just doing my job being told by govt" as their filthy bank accounts fill up with vaccine money BASTARDS Does anyone know how to de register from a gp practice,,, im done with these murderous turds
  7. its gonna take 100 years to get justice over this lot There are so many of them in this gravy train destruction plan
  8. isnt it time this a hole was indicted also?
  9. F Hell seen it all now badly brainwashed no way back for these pratts it seems they are competing for biggest twat
  10. why mot pulp the food in to a liquid and drink through a straw?? Or a one way valve open and closed via a fucking plastic face box Or why bother eating like this in public I dont suppose you are able to get a conversation out of them?? Its getting too much .. they deserve to have the piss ripped out of them What really gets me is some of these people are quite intelligent why do they excel in this BS?
  11. go in your own back garden with mates for a beer..... simple how silly are these people.. sheople
  12. Some of the reactions I get from some people close and not so close.......... The state will look after us They wouldn't harm us ... would they? They wouldn't lie to us...why would they? I believe it all because they said it on the telly...they wouldn't lie How could they possibly organise all this to harm people Ive taken the jab cos its easier to go and see people and go on holiday When everybody gets the vac we will be free ( blame the non vaxers for any delay ) Ive took the vac cos I want my life back !! (phew) Ive had it and feel fine cant wait till my 2nd one the BBC wouldnt lie The Govt wouldn't lie and so it goes on and on and on .................................. I despair !!
  13. his paycheque it seems money comes first thats why the GP will keep pushing the "vaccine" to get his £27 drink per jabbed patient cunts all of them
  14. TOTALLY AGREE MY GP practice kept harassing me by phone...leaving messages telling me to book jib jab After ignoring a few I decided to write to the GP to highlight my distaste of the constant tel calls. I havent actually refused it but set out a number of questions relating to the "vaccine", its efficacy, its safety and asked GP about the ingredients, possible side effects, safety and the apparent “need” to take the “vaccine” according to the reception appointment handlers and the fact that you dont know which vaccine you are getting until you get to the jab centre ( all very dodgy if you ask me) I also highlighted the legal requirement of informed consent which is absent in all this and requested a response within 14 days The GP phoned me 2 days later expressing his concern about my letter. I re iterated my rights to informed consent and explained that the form he sent me says very little about providing information to the patient, pre jab. He said he was just doing what the govt tells him. He has no idea of ingredients, safety etc. He is just doing his job !! unbelievable He agreed that its my choice. However, I then pointed out that many people will just get the jab because they havent been spoken to by the GP with a balanced view. The GP responded saying “in normality we would sit down with the patient and explain things but this is different” I said no chance....this is all rushed and I remain sceptical until satisfied His professionalism has gone down to rock bottom in my estimation after this. It seems that the £27 "drink" they receive per patient jab is more important He couldnt answer my questions but instead pointed me to the Green Book on the govt website. He seemed frightened to carry on with our coversation. I think he was more worried that I may take it further which I WILL IF I GET HARASSED AGAIN I ask myself "is this the system I paid into most of my working life" A B A LAW (HONS) at the bottom of my letters always gets them moving I must say !!!
  15. Just a query Can used masks go in the recycling bin or rubbish bin? I don't wear a mask but I see them all over the ground thesedasys around the area perhaps they can be recycled "we buy anymask.com"
  16. strange... Aldi here are ok. No shit wagger on the door. They used to have one last year on 1st lock down. He confronted me cos I had someone with me. He came so close to my face I could smell his smoking breath so I raised my voice... the Manager came over and he was sent away haven't seen him since. seems like the door prat thought he had lots of power
  17. everybody is exempt cos its a scam
  18. These retards that think they are doing something useful deserve a special attention They actually put people off actually going to the supermarket. Morrisons, Asda, Lidl...all seem to employ brainless door turds that in the long run will damage the company reputation Being confronted at a supermarket entrance by one of these low life gold/missing tooth reprobates with McDonald smelling breath will surely put people off.
  20. Have you had a "mask incident" ?
  21. nice prospect you love it then?
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