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  1. Great analogy from one of the comments.....
  2. I'm back in the workplace stroke Office and have been since last July. 95% of the people who work in the same building are still working from home though so I don't get to speak to those unless it's a teams meeting which to date Covid apart from risk assessments haven't really been discussed. So far the ones in the work place have been advised to take two weekly Covid tests, it's not compulsory and I haven't took any to date but know once people start to trickle back into work things are going to become heated. Of the people I work with who are in the workplace with me; all have had the jab apart from those who are currently too young but even those have said they'll get it when it's offered. They know I haven't had the jab and my reasons for not having it and to be fair they have all been understanding about it, saying that I've worked with these guys for years and if the boot was on the other foot I'd be exactly the same out of respect. There's one or two who are dickheads and have only had the jab because they thought they would be able to go on Holiday and thought It was clever to try and take the piss out of me having to stay at home and got into a heated argument when I told them no matter what you do you won't be able to go 'just like me' unless you've had a test. To cut a long story story short, those fcukers aren't laughing now and the guy's on the periphery of this argument who had also had the job but thought better of getting into a heated discussion with me are now telling me what I said is true. That was back in March and I've found it's a lot easier to keep one step ahead of them by telling them what to expect before it happens as so far it's always come true. The only fear I have, well not fear but uncertainty is when the Flu season comes around again in the Autumn and the deaths start rising, I've pre-warned them that it will be the unvaxxed like me taking the blame when the vaxxed start falling over. I've told them I've never been a risk to any of you all my life during all the years we've worked together so why should that change now, If you think it's because of a Vaccination then what does that tell you? At the end of the day, I live in greater Manchester by the way which is another story if you read todays papers where it seems we are in dire need of military help, at the end of the day the unvaxxed should be dying by the bucket load, how can you push so fervently for a Vaccine when when the number of deaths are virtually zilch on both sides of the divide, the mind boggles yet people are still queuing up so they say to get a shot. I'm beginning to wonder if the North wests numbers are not as great as they are making out hence all the current scare mongering. As mentioned, I think when we hit Autumn and the flu season the fun and games are going to begin, let's cross that bridge when we come to it and not spoil the summer and current lovely infection free weather.
  3. At the end of the day you'll never beat Mother Nature. At the moment the powers that be are trying to inject the whole human race with an untested I won't even call it a Vaccine because it isn't, a liquid that hasn't been tested, say it goes tits up months down the line and everybody starts keeling over. It's impossible to comprehend and even the most idiotic amongst us wouldn't take that chance, yet the government we have elected are willing to do it, It's like a real life version of Lemmings. Nobody but NOBODY is that stupid so don't think anybody in the government is injecting this shit into themselves. Mother nature has won every battle from the year dot, take her on at your will but don't try and force me against her. I'll die fighting with her at my side against any parasite in a suit who wants to bring it on.
  4. Hi L and L, sorry for the late reply but I normally view this forum on my phone so am not normally logged in. I hope you and your daughter have now returned to some sort of normality. I've just read a few replies since logging in and believe me this is not in my head, anybody who knows me will tell you how strong willed I am, In various accidents I've had a fractured skull, eye socket, had my left foot re-attached after a car accident and hundreds of stitches all over my body from being stupid, so I know when I feel ill or not. When I posted about feeling cold and not being able to get warm after being near people who had just had the jab was real. I live with two women, my wife and daughter and our usual fall out is about them having the heating on, even they couldn't believe me covering up under a blanket trying to get warm. I'm glad to say I'm over that now and back to normal, even after meeting workmates who have had their second injection since. Whether I've been infected and now Immune to the injection I don't know, but I do know in those early days I definitely picked something up from the vaxxed.
  5. Wouldn't surprise me. I returned to work in July after the first lockdown and never had a problem. Since the Jabs were released I've been close to two people the day after they had it and twice I've felt rough the day afterwards, nothing major just the feeing of the flu coming on and not being able to get warm for a few days. That was a couple of months ago, this week I had the same sort of symptoms and wo and behold today one of the lads I work with mentioned he'd had his second top up jab the day before I started to feel the symptoms so there was nothing placebo about it.
  6. Or most likely the Unvaccinated.
  7. Sorry for quoting myself but the article is craftily worded to make the reader think Covid has caused Gastroparesis when in fact it has not.. 'The disease' that has ruined his stomach is Gastroparesis. Which is brought on my Diabetes, which the Daily Mail clearly states he has at the end of the article but no mention of it being related to Gastroparesis. This Headline has been written to 100% kid the reader Gastroparesis has been caused by Covid.
  8. Britain's longest Covid sufferer who now has Gastroparesis ... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9525597/UKs-longest-suffering-Covid-patient-hospital-YEAR-vomits-day.html Took me 30 secs to see the main cause of Gastroparesis is Diabetes which this poor fella has. It's in the following NHS article. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/gastroparesis/
  9. Hi, first post so go easy on me. Been reading this forum for yrs but feel the need to come out of the woodwork now these bastards are intent on injecting kids with their snake oil. Watching the teenagers partying in the parks this week has inspired me and made me think why would they want to injure them, then my brain kind of flipped and thought what if the powers that be wanted to protect them, what if this Vaccine was to protect what is to come? and target open minded like ourselves who do not get the vaccine and will suffer once a man made virus is released. The sheep are easy to control and will take the vaccine, do you not think they would be the people to take forward in the new world rather than people who would put up a barrier. It's the only thing that makes sense to me as why they would want to vaccinate kids, I can't believe they would be wiling to wipe out the future work force. Watching these kids partying and giving two fingers to authority is a tad of hope in what looks like a sinking ship, if they could do the same to the vaccine when it comes there way, then I think we may have a way of escaping this torture. From now on in I think the younger generation hold all the cards, they must be encouraged to get on with life as normal as possible without being conned into taking a vaccine they do not need as Covid does not effect them.
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