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  1. I guess they want a large pool of people to select from so only the fittest survive (survival of the fittest).
  2. Maybe the plan is to send in a false God who will be seen to initially help us but who ultimately will be the leader in a world dictatorship (New World Order).
  3. This is not Prince Charles! Could it be a reptilian clone? Prince Clone VS Prince Charles - YouTube
  4. Watch from 14 minutes Is there an issue with blue surgical face masks and standard NHS PPE? - YouTube
  5. All my dealings with the police, they have been very nice. Not all police are monsters, I don't know the percentage of ones that are, but I believe most are OK.
  6. It's just fucking gay - makes me feel sick just looking at them
  7. I'll give them my name and how many people are living in the property and the rest I'll just put n/a
  8. Covid-19 Vaccines Are Weapons of Mass Destruction - and Could Wipe out the Human Race (brandnewtube.com) I tried sharing this video on Facebook but it won't let me.
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