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  1. Absolutely!!! Is Camilla giving the Illuminati hand sign ?
  2. Has any noticed Camillia’s neck line during the signing in Ceremony? I think it looks quite odd, if you look closer, you can see almost a plastic neck outline around her neck, above her pearl necklace. Is it a plastic/rubber mask thingie? Thanks..
  3. I watched a Dolores Cannon video recently about following your life purpose/life passion She stated once we come to Earth, and truly find our life purpose/passion and truly live it, we age much slower and are seldom ill. This kinda resonates with me personally,and then thought about Eckhart Tolle, as I believe he is following his life purpose, enlightening humans to live a much simpler and better life, being in nature, forgiveness and letting go of resentments etc .... His book “The Power Of Now” and ‘A New Earth” were really eat openers for me Also he looks much younger than his age, 73 I believe, he has also stated he rarely get ill Thoughts??.....Thank you
  4. Oh my!!!! Just took a few hours to slowly absorb the “tricked the light” interview........... Than sat on the edge of my bed for a while to recoup my senses!! Ha!! It truly is a beyond incredible interview, the interviewee’ s retelling of his NDE made me gasp and weep, much of which resonates with my heart, similar to DI’s books/info THANK YOU F AS O MUCH FOR SHARING
  5. Thank you Origin for reply. A most unusual cloud formation indeed!!! To other photo of a moon? Is equally intriguing indeed!! Cheers
  6. Hi Origin What is your profile image? Kinda looks egg shaped, with something inside? jus curious....thanks
  7. That was kind of you to apologise, im impressed!! I like your Luke Kelly profile photo also. Cheers
  8. Just found a snippet of info today whilst randomly browsing, I found intrigued by! The purported UFO crash site in Roswell, just happed to be next to a town named ‘ Corona’!! Thought I’d share this tibit of info with members, apologies if already known. Thanks anyway .....
  9. My breakfast this morning, just ‘noticed’ the porridge image on front of box. Looks familiar? Or am I being slightly paranoid? Shall have muslie instead tomorrow...lol
  10. Welcome back Oxide! Im curious to know what your profile image is.......a feather perhaps? Cheers
  11. Where are you Smokestack? I miss your fab/informative/titillating posts. Trust you are well Smokestack
  12. Princess Diana was apparently embalmed immediately after her “ accident “. Strange that.... Are all royal corpse’s keep from view in Windsor Castle?
  13. Oops typo!! Ment to read, obviously Windsor Castle must have a cool room, to preserve Philips corpse? Was his dead COVID-19 related?
  14. Where do they keep his dead corpse? At Windsor Castle? Obviously Philips dead corpse is not in the state morgue So Windsor Castle must have a cool t try on then, to keep corpses??
  15. Why does he have two very black eyes??
  16. Just pondering if David is stuck on the Isle of Wight? Or, does he travel at all to the mainland? Cheers
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