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  1. Welcome back Oxide! Im curious to know what your profile image is.......a feather perhaps? Cheers
  2. Where are you Smokestack? I miss your fab/informative/titillating posts. Trust you are well Smokestack
  3. Princess Diana was apparently embalmed immediately after her “ accident “. Strange that.... Are all royal corpse’s keep from view in Windsor Castle?
  4. Oops typo!! Ment to read, obviously Windsor Castle must have a cool room, to preserve Philips corpse? Was his dead COVID-19 related?
  5. Where do they keep his dead corpse? At Windsor Castle? Obviously Philips dead corpse is not in the state morgue So Windsor Castle must have a cool t try on then, to keep corpses??
  6. Why does he have two very black eyes??
  7. Just pondering if David is stuck on the Isle of Wight? Or, does he travel at all to the mainland? Cheers
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