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  1. hahaha.....yeah misprint for sure but its not the only one lol..
  2. Its time to start moving away from those.. Those who do that for the sake of getting time off and are aware the whole thing is a scam, are the ones fucking up everyone else's efforts to stop this madness, therefore its time to have a deep sleep and wake up to a new plan to change this. Moving away from those! Life changes will need to be done....otherwise we will all go down with them.
  3. This is how out of control things are already..... Spot the difference:
  4. The 'blue suit "Not-serve & Not-protect" as usual vomiting all the brainwashing programmed into his small capacity memory bank. Always the same speech pattern....even in the face of genuine advice with all the evidence.... This has been and will be only a fight with people against people. So....self sufficient communities still a bad idea? Or is it time to start doing it? The division will be the only way unfortunately because people who want to live free from the tyranny will not be welcomed to live with the ones in favour of the system at present... So the likely "Division" is actually the solution..sadly.
  5. Still.......up to the parents now....if they are still asleep then all is fucked. Taking them out of school is the solution, but most can't see that truth.
  6. Lol......well....in my opinion as long as its relevant to the ONE thing we All are fighting for, its all good. Inspirational, constructive and infectious positivity towards solutions! That is what i stand for the most. I gave up on duelling on subjects that becomes a never ending spiral especially about the daily "bad news" that does not help at all..... I am focussed on the solutions because the time spent on sharing the constant daily bad news which for some is handy to know (i get that) but does steal the precious limited time to focus on solutions. "Focus, time, limited".....all these are crucial because of the above mentioned.....We all are already aware the speed in which "The Big Wigs" are trying to silence and stop people like us and "kill some time" by delaying our train of thought.
  7. Thank you very much! Its always nice to hear words that are sadly vanishing nowadays.. But yes this is a very tough subject in which sadly enough should not be sad nor difficult because its about all want We once upon a time were, lived and experienced....the free living.....the great freedom to live, the great healthy food we took for granted that now is considered Luxury food! All that nowadays is being ridiculed and dismissed at all costs...
  8. Yes, it is a delicate matter in which the habits of previous life routines would have to be treated in a delicate way making sure the whole awareness of a "close community" would be clear. A back to basics daily life is not for everyone who have been so used to a luxurious roof over their heads. Many sections of the whole subject has a few misleading or not well understood realities. But keeping all "wheels on the ground" is the important part.
  9. hahaha spot on. I had all that already in the back of my mind and its always a difficult task due to all the points about "leaders" in every aspect of a society. And yes of course, the details would have to be in Groups instead of individual. I have some ideas as many people do and you too, i will come up with something "as suggestions" and see who posts on it afterwords as contribution of ideas and see what comes out of it. This subject is a deeply and serious one that in my own experience for example: Starts with 150 people saying: "yeah yeah i'm up for it" "yes indeed im in" "yes good idea, i am working in it" And then when time comes after long discussions and pros and cons etc etc the list goes on.....ends up on just 60 people......then when the "D" day comes, only 15 are really in! Fingers & Toes crossed
  10. lol..... Good point, but then rounded up by whom? Considering if that would happen it would have to be "performed" by people with some guts and balls to risk it lol But in that case there wouldn't be anyone else left with some Balls attached in order to do it lol.... Only ball-less individuals... lol Seen a lot already....last 10 years has increased considerably.. The thing about straight or non straight for me is ok as long as they Do Not Impose on me or on anyone else. But its clear that They like to always make a point out of it.....its what makes most people uneasy about...
  11. That is the truth indeed. The other considerable temporary problem would be the people who want to do this and be part of, are spread throughout England,Wales,Scotland......and the majority of a presumably community agglomeration would probably randomly be in a certain area with higher numbers with more possible variety of possibilities either for the shared work load within, also the possible daily living conditions that may become an issue for the ones far away with less "joint-community-support" within those smaller areas... I guess IF "these days" come into reality, there will unfortunately be many leaving their properties or forced to....and therefore these issues would have to be one of the main list of possible outcome priorities to think about as a result. Creating a list of the people in the forum who already are thinking about it and seriously contemplating the possibility that this will not be just a "pretend" game and therefore being listed with all their trades/profession etc etc..... what can people do DIY wise etc etc.... Its a very big task to make something of this seriousness work in a short planned time frame. But always better "early late" than "late too Late".... Also i am aware and anyone else here as far as i can tell that We are keeping our details hidden obviously, but if "shit hits the air-con fan" lol ...... we will have to start opening up a bit more with details of where abouts people live etc etc so then to have an idea at least a brief vision of demographics....
  12. It has to start with someone with a substantial amount of land and money/resources in order to actually start something without the estate being involved.....as they always tend to impose those taxes and rules that most cannot even afford to comply with. The "green" inspectors, the Health & Safety box ticking.....and all the rest..... But if an independent investor/owner do come forward will be a good start... But again....will be a wide open target for the ones trying to continue to abolish the freedom of our own Manufacturing "ways". I mean....it has to be a Huge variety of trades involved....kind of "back to basics" as in.....Food markets, important trades such as carpenters, plumbers.....Green Houses for certain kinds of consumables that usually cannot be grown here in UK..... Its a big list of things well worth moving up to the extremely top priority list.. Surely lots of people have thought about this and all that but......what other options are there in order to still manage to get a sort of "normal" liveable life without being "chained" to the tyrannic system? Enough people coming together, enough and also crucial trade people who genuinely would consider giving all this a deep thought.
  13. Low mileage with all the bells and whistles
  14. Or Not watch it at all....ever again....otherwise the ''waves'' will still manage to get through your mind lol
  15. First time admiring Jeri Ryan? She is indeed..
  16. So in that case, we will need to get rid of our multimeters as they contain the oms as Omega ''Variant'' symbol hahahaha
  17. Yeah....Janet Ossebaard has been doing a lot of work on these.. Thats a good point about how fast things are moving. It seems for each 10 videos/documentaries against the System in general, the ''Elites'' immediately try get ahead with 100 of their mainstreem propaganda pushing against us..
  18. No...they don't care.. they never did really... the only difference is that now there are more people realising it due to the treatments needed, hence all the focus towards the NHS and therefore thats what makes more people wake up......but its a little late now......
  19. This clip actually is spot on on that subject: https://www.bitchute.com/video/I0skuRWp7182/
  20. More like a Zonami..... Zombie tsunami
  21. None.....because they all end up dead by doing so.. Thats how bad it will get everywhere else..
  22. Just make sure you ''protect'' others ;)
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