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  1. God almighty!!!!! Searching the will to live after watching something like this...hahahahahah
  2. Not sure if this has been posted already.... Link to full press release: https://gov.wales/african-swine-fever-disease-contingency-plans-tested-through-uk-wide-exercise African swine fever disease contingency plans tested through UK-wide exercise A UK-wide exercise that simulates an outbreak of African swine fever (ASF) is taking place to test government contingency plans to contain and eliminate the disease in the event that it reached the UK. ASF is a disease which affects pigs and wild boar and in recent years it has been circulating in parts of Asia and Africa, leading to the deaths of millions of pigs worldwide and causing significant disruption to the meat trade. The disease has also spread to parts of Eastern Europe through the movement of wild boar. Whilst there has never been an outbreak of ASF in the UK, the simulated exercise is an important part of testing the UK’s plans to prevent and respond to a potential future outbreak. ASF poses no risk to human health as it only affects pigs and related animals. ASF spreads between animals, but the virus can also be transmitted through feeding infected meat to other animals. The government currently deems the risk of the virus being brought into the UK in animal products from affected countries, including from illegal imports, to be at ‘medium’ risk. The exercise, which is named ‘Exercise Holly’, will see the Animal and Plant Health Agency, Defra, Scottish Government, the Welsh Government and the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs in Northern Ireland (DAERA-NI) working together to test the government’s contingency plans to respond to a national outbreak of ASF, enabling teams from across the country to work together to assess the UK’s state of readiness to manage such an outbreak. In a joint statement, the UK’s four Chief Veterinary Officers said: The exercise will help improve the UK’s animal disease response capabilities through testing plans, instructions and the structures employed in managing an outbreak. ASF poses no risk to human health as it only affects pigs and related animals. Everyone can help to stop the spread of ASF to the UK by doing the following: if you have visited ASF-affected areas in Europe, or elsewhere in the world, you must not bring any pork or pork products back to the UK. disposing of leftovers or food waste in secure bins that pigs or wildlife cannot access. farmers, the public and members of the food industry should practise high biosecurity standards, including never feeding catering waste, kitchen scraps or meat products to pigs which is illegal and can spread the disease. The Government continually monitors disease outbreaks around the world to assess whether there may be risks for the UK and takes action to limit the risk of the disease reaching our shores. A lessons identified report will be published after the exercise, with any improvements implemented to strengthen our national contingency plans.
  3. Hard to believe that..... Do you also drive with your headlights on during a sunny day and flash other cars coming on the opposite direction when they have theirs off? Just wondering...
  4. You wear a high vis jacket and helmet when you got out? You mean.....you wear all that when you leave your house to go out anywhere?
  5. Lol.......next up will be: ''New Health & Safesty measures compulsory for everyone aged between 0 - 100 must have a certificate of H&S attendance just in case they don't know how to walk out their front doors without falling down or being hit by a cyclist who was hit by a bumble bee who was chased by a mosquito who was flying away from the madness of freshly processed shinny turds who were stamped on by a left foot who's right foot slid down on a banana skin along the pathway of madness...... 2020 and 2021 are the years of comedy at best.
  6. That is so true! Even older ones.... You mentioned something very interesting that i always tried telling people about: ''I often look at people who have their face or ear glued to their devices and wonder how they got along in life before these things''. That is exactly what also applies to the belief system in regards to the ''virus''...... Most seem to have forgotten the days of rolling on the grass, climbing trees, swimming in places that weren't very clean lol......but still with an immune system that beats everything.......and the things that were just a ''thought of the future not likely'' actually is what is happening right now.... People don't look back in time and realize how life was and how connected to natural instincts we were.....especially the now 30's 40's should remember it well.
  7. Hahahaha....spot on! Or instead of an accident, just a surprise few more numbers in their back accounts.....which for most of the Judges is what they always became Judges for.
  8. Its unbelievable that so many people have not as yet seen through the Lies.......and have not got the inner voice telling them ''When the Goverment is VERY keen and persistent on 'helping' people for 18 months nonstop''.......it only and ALWAYS means that its the opposite of it! Never ever be a time when they do anything in our benefit NEVER. Most of us sometimes feel that we are just talking to a wall....not a brick or concrete wall........a stone wall..
  9. You almost made me believe You were having wishful thinking ;)
  10. Joined Facebook in 2007 and got rid of it and others in July 2020. Reason i joined in the first place was the usual (back then) way to easily communicate with others far away and also for ''profession'' reasons. When it all started going downhill in 2016 i still kept using it but with a bitter taste to it..... Then January 2020 i made a comment on the 'Wuhan' bulshit about the ''fastest hospital build'', i said that i was 98% sure it was all another Hoax and everything in between.......then got banned for 2 days by FB for posting ''non fact checked'' opinions.....and then also that was when the list of so called ''friends'' started droping ahhahahahah....and along the way up to July it was just a constant flood of persistent ignorant arrogant cunts just vomiting what they were told by the Media and turning against each other as usual ...and then the rest is history...still got as far as July 2020 but downloaded the whole of my FB history / backup etc etc.....once all done deleted EVERYTHING one by one......post by post....photos...videos....took me almost a week, a little everyday making sure it was all gone from my side of things, but still knowing that FB would still keep everything in their DATA Collection bucket.....but.....Then finally got rid of it after the 30 days period of ''just in case you wanna get back to it'' bull-crap....never looked back since. Same applied to Instagram. And whatsapp too which is owned by the same piranhas.....
  11. I keep trying to contain my "verbal thoughts" but THIS....? Those like her deserve death!!!!! End of!
  12. Yep......was funny that one lol But £15.000 tesla is quite a bit for most.....but the whole principle is the key and it is more than ever what Everyone should be considering..and fast.. I remember the first few Richplanet ''starship'' episodes......time goes fast..
  13. Honestly......i don't see any reason for people to go OR watch football nowadays anyway! By doing so people are supporting the 'tyranny system' without even knowing! Money money money!! It seems its 'ok' to keep fucking football going and at the same time Not supporting the music industry.....and by industry i mean pubs, venues.....the live music life! (Not the MTV class) Which by the end of the Year there will be a start of something not so pretty called Purge.......slowly getting there....
  14. I wouln't worry about that because it does not make any difference.....they make it as they go along and they always get away with it. They slip in the ''signatures over night'' you know?..... They managed to get away with it for 17 months......they have all the ''hands and pens'' ready for their ''3,2,1 GO sign it!'' The only thing i can see.....soon enough......is the animal instinct, defense mechanism coming back to most of us.....and it won't be pretty...
  15. Stop it!! lol You giving them ideas ;)
  16. In a way...all this time was a revealing way to see how the intelect of ''graduates, High profile, some Nurses and many many others that are so self indulged with their own ''inteligence'' falling for all this.... And it is still increasing by the day....i wonder how do they feel to be a fully ''qualified'' fresh from Indoctrination Camp...

    @screamingeagle Might not be of any interest for most but i just thought this was interesting:

    The numbers on this are ''July 13th'' on ''Page 13''.

    Pure coincidence or not, still interesting lol....

    Just wondering what was the time at that very moment...



  18. You're going to need a big bucket of popcorn and watch the whole chaos from the top of a sunny mountain..
  19. I guess the "riot protective gear they wear is the exemption" ;)
  20. It all starts from the moment One sets foot in school. At least from the last 20 years most have been indoctrinated in such a way that makes all this possible, predictable and obvious..
  21. Next step from that is even 'safer':
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