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  1. THE Blair is still alive? Thought he had been taken to a slaughter house not long ago... What a shame....he still walks.....talks....lives.....after all he did.....no one seems to get the laser correctly pointed at his forehead.....
  2. They / Those are always an only "brave" online... Now....on the other hand...where are all those Humans with Balls?? Less and less..
  3. Cunts.....no other way to describe them..... He can stick it up his native hemorrhoids location at once!
  4. I think your name says it all........a bit of an ''Overkill'' entrance on this forum don't you think? Just an observation..
  5. There's another great point you just mentioned there: ''Cops pull them out and arrest them whilst everyone else just films'' That is so true, most similar situation images/videos seen throughout the last few years is pretty much just like that........the union is so 'united' that the ones being harrassed by police are being filmed by the twats with no back bone and don't even help out......that is exactly what the authorities want. And from those videos showing such, the authorities get even more confident about the fact that they can relax and harrass ANYONE they please and having in mind that the ones filming it will not have any courage to fight back or help the harrassed ones....
  6. Problem as yet is how many of those 67.100.000 have the balls still attached....
  7. Won't take long until a stench builds up around him...and no pure air....what a monumental cunt.. Gotta pinch ourselves into realizing that People like that can still actually exist...
  8. Oh.......its so blatant the nerve they have to twist the whole thing.....now they will scare people into thinking that the non existent Covid is the cause of clots lol.... I think these Hoax creators have their days numbered..
  9. I feel your pain and anger! Sometimes we just feel like REALLY twisting their fucking necks ALL OF THEM! We may say things we perhaps regret later on BUT......why would we say these things? Why do we feel like this? Because it has got to the point that this stupidity is affecting us and its not fair! We do have a certain size "tank full" of tolerance to give, and its already empty. Some people really need a wakeup call or an electric shock to reset their fucking stupid ignorant minds....
  10. oh man......thats awesome! Good old Beavis and buthead! Some look a likes there!
  11. oh man......thats awesome! Good old Beavis and buthead! Some look a likes there!
  12. That right there, is what makes the division between fully asleep and fully awake.
  13. That means there is a great push back from people in avoiding the poison. Still very blatant the fact that these days when a clearly non existent ''Pandemic'' is being used to force people into getting injected for their ''safety''........when in the other hand IF there was a real ''thing'' going on, there wouldn't be a need to persuade anyone.. Sadly and annoyingly there are still people falling for it and accepting it and those are the ones who are paving the road on a downhill path that is damaging the lives of the ones who do NOT want to be part of this. It all sounds like a preparation for a complete wipeout of either the compliants or the non compliants.... I certainly will NOT tolerate any needles, the natural instinct comes to live.
  14. Imagine if that happens in UK hahahahha
  15. Hope it doesn't get to this point but so far it seems to be the direction it is being taken. Its the only solution.
  16. I think people should start avoiding using ''A List Of Freedoms''....... Because Freedom is FREEDOM!! Not classified as ''something limited''! The 5 ''freedoms'' stated are only the tip of the iceberg in which are being played as ''main'' freedoms, making people ''selling themselves short''........does it make sense?? Stating the damages that are affecting those ''5 freedoms'' is actually what the Elites are counting on! Freedom is FREEDOM! Freedom is Not ''freedom of this, freedom of that, freedom of such, freedom of whatever....'' True FREEDOM is being Free from the freedom of choice because once you get classed as part of a society with ''freedom of choice'' you will still be limited to the choice!! Freedom has no limits, True Freedom does not see choices or options imposed as ''fake freedoms''..... My point is: Being Free means being able to not beg for freedom...... The language of 'Action' is called Freedom.
  17. Well, i personaly can't really tell who is who and where.....people have to do exactly what you just did....to come forward and state what you just stated. Most people are still EVEN hesitant to share where they are on here.. lol
  18. Passports Confirmed ‘Double Jab Proof OR NO FREEDOM’ “Negative Test Isn’t enough”
  19. Eric Clapton 'got it' the hard way or a little late (after getting jabbed) but at least he is indeed reacting the correct way. More figures in similar positions should do the same and say what needs to be said. I believe there are many entities who have already seen through the lies but are either afraid of losing their royalties and all in between, or just been bribed into either keeping their mouth shut or promoting the lie instead.. Fingers and Toes crossed..
  20. Like an old saying: ''If you can't manage to persuade them into compliance, you bribe them into it''
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