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  1. 1 hour ago, Anders said:

    Am I the only one here who is starting to regret having children ? To imagine what their adult life will be like if it all turns pear'shaped (which right now seems likely) is pretty depressing. Still, must try to think of positives if I can think of any 😆


    Spot on.......

    going on 43 and still no kids....i wonder why so many previous relationships didn't last...lol

  2. 22 minutes ago, Human10 said:

    We oldies will not have much to say when nowadays kids learning in school climate change instead of geography grow up... It will be normal and obvious duty to save the Planet... 😩


    Yes......they'll be saving an illusion without even having the ability to know the most basic and important reality of Life itself......

    Its scary the huge number of ''youger'' ones who can't even picture a city / country / area map or world map in their minds to have an rough idea of where is what....its devastating how much they have been conditioned into a 4 wall mushy brain..

  3. On 7/6/2021 at 12:34 AM, Richard said:

    Hey, first post here =)


    Most of us know where the world is headed. We know how Covid was part of the Great Reset, how this is the largest operation ever conducted on the world by the ruling elite. And it's far from over. New "variants" will be released just as older ones lose effectiveness, until everything shuts down. International trade, travel, commerce of most kinds, will grind to a halt. Deaths from the vaccines will be attributed to these newer strains, the unvaxxed will be blamed as usual, and tension will be maintained for as long as possible. Eventually, when enough damage has been caused to global infrastructure, Smart Society 2.0 will be implemented, the Great Green Panopticon where its denizens own nothing, and are happy. 


    And I'm sure no one here wants that. So, knowing that this is the inevitable future, what can we do about it? After long thought, I believe the "only" hope is to band together in small, tight-knit communities, to weather the storm as long as it may last. Attempting to do this alone is simply too dangerous, and not smart. And if our communities grow too large, we risk attracting the ire of the State. But a small or medium sized community of 20-50 people, with varying skillsets, can become quite powerful. 


    I'm personally just waiting for cryptocurrency to make another boom, and then I plan on selling my house and doing exactly what I outlined above with a group of friends.  


    What do you think of this solution? Do you know enough people you trust to make such a life change?



    Been trying that.....and it seems that not many are interested so far..


  4. 5 minutes ago, skitzorat said:

    The German Pigs did that last year too.. they're vicious - even more vicious than the Aussie ones...


    I bet they are the Stasi from the East (or their sons/relatives) who blended into society when the wall fell and ended up in all manner of authoritative positions in the new German society... Although all across the Western world the pigs have been reframed (after a few holidays to Israel) the German ones seem particularly excitable-looking and eager since the NWO went operational.


    People seem to have already forgotten what the meaning of ''self defense'' means..

    Because without it......a human is useless in the face of these events...and this will carry on getting worse.

  5. On 7/31/2021 at 2:07 PM, skitzorat said:

    offtopic, but LOLZ


    New Zealand rated best place to survive global societal collapse

    New Zealand was found to have the greatest potential to survive relatively unscathed due to its geothermal and hydroelectric energy, abundant agricultural land and low human population density.



    The best place for the "new class"



    From 2018.


    The Sovereign Individual is, in the most literal of senses, an apocalyptic text. Davidson and Rees-Mogg present an explicitly millenarian vision of the near future: the collapse of old orders, the rising of a new world. Liberal democracies will die out, and be replaced by loose confederations of corporate city-states. Western civilisation in its current form, they insist, will end with the millennium. “The new Sovereign Individual,” they write, “will operate like the gods of myth in the same physical environment as the ordinary, subject citizen, but in a separate realm politically.

    Davidson and Rees-Mogg identified New Zealand as an ideal location for this new class of sovereign individuals, as a “domicile of choice for wealth creation in the Information Age”.



    And this is why I believe NZ has been deliberately been allowed to pretty much remain unscathed throughout this whole fiasco. The Elites want these isles to remain psychically unscarred. There's barely any mention of the death jab, compared to elsewhere the propaganda is practically non existent. By not startling the herd they will obediently and dutifully take their depopulation shot when they receive their notification from the doctor no questions asked as the Ministry of Truth has told them it's safe.


    Seems that anything closer to Antarctica is 'rich' in everything, 

    New Zealand

    Ushuaia (south Argentina)

  6. 14 hours ago, Orange Alert said:


    Many London boroughs have done the same, during the scamdemic lockdown. Not just reducing the speed by, in most cases, 33%, on narrow residential side streets, but on wide and multilane, clearway roads (no parked cars, so have safe clear views), and often you could get a clear run.  I find with a car with a five speed gearbox, a constant cruising speed of 20 mph in second gear results in highish revs and in third too low revs.


    In my opinion, it is to assist to slow the job down, making things more time consuming and costly for economic business. It all aids The New Normal / The Great Reset. Also, IMO, a 20 mph limit makes it more suited to electric vehicles.


    Yep......and engine will heat up quicker and for longer periods causing more wear, more constant condensed vehicles equals more excuses for the electric car fetish morons to push it and also more stress more taxes or higher taxes and the list only goes up...

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  7. 49 minutes ago, Velma said:


    Wash Your Hands!


    They may as well put up a huge sign saying Wipe Your Arse, with a picture of bum-cheeks, lest we forget!



    Once upon a time the jokes of an impossible Future were funny and unlikely but now are actually becoming real.

    Once upon a time i said ''yeah....whats next?....a fart will be the next target of Covid transmission??''

    And yes....there's articles about it already believe it or not hahahaha

    It will only stop when people stop complying.

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  8. 9 hours ago, Macnamara said:


    there are those of us who can see the train coming down the track and there are those that can't see it until it smacks into them


    in my experience you can tell people the train is coming down the track until you are blue in the face but most people still won't listen until the train hits by which point of course it is too late


    then once the train hits they act like you never said it was coming......so they never get wiser and will repeat the process over and over again....amazing really


    Or they simply say:


    ''Oh.....i knew that way back''.....


    It does my head in when they say that lol


    We are walking amongst tomb stones..

  9. 5 minutes ago, Made in Wales said:

    The fly in the elite's ointment as I see it then is if the Police or military start pushing back then who is going to carry out their evil control?


    A couple of months ago this possibility was thought of as a non starter but here and Australia and Italy and France there is growing dissent amongst these country's law enforcement so this has to be a positive sign. 


    Very true and i hope so because im sure there are many of the ones in uniform either Police or military that are not having any of this. And it would almost impossible too convince all of them to comply without any push back.


    You are right, they are the ones who actually can instantly make a difference right now.

    The Elites will never get their hands dirty, they always have someone else do the work for them....

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  10. 8 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    Not sure, but I agree. People just trade their health or freedoms for convenience I guess.


    Force of habit also...

    I mean.....i used to get an occasional Macd's....KFC...Bking etc or even better Chinese takeaway....


    Not a problem.....

    But that would never replace my cooking....fresh garlic and all the good stuff.


    But yes some cannot see if they keep supporting those, then the less autonomy they will have within all aspects of their life.. 

    Some families have been born and raised surrounded by such habits and i comprehend the difficulty in some people to grasp the separation between "needs be" and one off thing....

    And therefore not able to don the maths on the connection between the system and the addiction forced by the same system into them, making them null......and perhaps

    "game over.....please insert coin to continue" lol

  11. 13 minutes ago, Made in Wales said:

    Also some of the desperate justification they use for being jabbed and the angry insults they aim at the non compliant, dismissing any thought of a sinister agender being played out. 


    The best one though which I read on twitter and they have obviously given it a bit of thought wrote how can a supposed depopulation jab which bumps off all the vaxed be true as that would mean only the unvaxed would be alive and they would be too unruly for the so called elite's and governments to control. 


    That's actually not a bad point and I do think by the time the victims of this poison start shuffling off this mortal coil in their millions there will be a mighty uprising by the critical thinking survivors  that  governments around  the world will definitely have their work cut out to control especially in the States with millions of survivors bearing arms. 


    So I suppose the answer to that twitter remark is Yes that's why the governments are in overdrive trying to get everyone vaxed. 


    It does make me wonder though do we think these elite's have a get out, abort mission plan if the resistance to the jab is too much or have we gone past the point of no return? 












    Either They are confident the number of jabbed will be higher than the non compliant ones so then they know exactly the ones who do not comply, meaning they get to pick and choose to "demolish" the non compliant easier....


    In the end....its all about who surrenders and who pushes back.....just like any other System/Agenda process.

    Except this is huge!


    "that's what she said " ;)

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  12. 55 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:

    I shit you not down my local high street now the council have massive draping banners on all the lamposts telling you to get the vaccine.


    People have it shoved down their neck everywhere they go, but still dont get sick of it.

    They never question why gov would need to advertise in a 'pandemic' (for big pharma) of course at your expense..pay for your enslavement & now they want you to pay for your deathshot too.


    Like this but jabba.







    Not low enough to rip it or burn it...what a shame

  13. 17 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:



    Why would people even go there??????

    This is whats wrong with this whole situation!


    Stop supporting these cooporations! This is how they divide people into servants of the system by simply believing they need to get their food from them!! Why the hell do people hate cooking / preparing their own fucking food for goodness sake.................

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  14. 36 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

    I just just went down my local off-license to get some brews. I bumped into a friend who is a few years younger than me and isn't as switched on politically or religiously. Last time I spoke to him he said he doesn't trust this crap and that there is an agenda behind it all. I just said to him "have you taken the vaxx yet?", and he said "I took one of them". I didn't judge him and I'm sure he caved in for work or something, but I said that I'm more concerned about what they're rolling out off the back of the vaxx, and that I think this is all about mass surveillance and control. He totally agreed, yet he still got it. It seems like many people are giving in and it's proper depressing.


    This is a time for the revelation of ''who is who'' and who has it and who has not got it.

    This is the time when we can see who has balls.

    This is the time when the true colours come out of people either colourful or black & White

    This is when we see how many of those who got a throat full of confidence in themselves at the pub saying they got self respect and never will comply nor conform and and then suddenly you meet them outside randomly and they are wearing the Mask of silence just like a little puppet.


    This is the time that defines the true complete Human with the basic-instinct-back to roots-connected being!

    As opposed to the ones who accept an empty threat of job loss if not getting the Jab........and not having backbone hard enough to get the fuck up and look for something else that does not require any of that and move on.

    Comfortably Numb comes to mind quite a lot lately.....

    Comfortably ''social'' ..........not really......whats social about being on the phone being controlled by emogies.....relying on what others think of ''he/she'' what is trendy what is the lastest scream of technology that they can get a loan to buy from and show off the new Iphone or new shiny car with smart everything inside.....with not even a single practical mechanical knowledge of getting out of a possible situation ie: changing a tire.........but no!!!! Lets pay a million pounds on insurance so to get AA to change a tire for them......to provide top of the bullshit range temporary replacement vehicle in order to keep them floating on a dream road of spending without even knowing they are being slaves of trends and fashion......


    ''Let the technicians do it for us''!! They are qualified!!! They know best!!!! Oh really??


    ''people who are contributing to our hard times''

    ''people who have envy of self-thinkers''

    ''people who have such a narrow mind that it could easily become a chevron on a motorway''

    ''people who watch, read, absorbe continuosly TV mainstreem toxic content which cannot by a long shot be in their right mind by simply not even having a smear of suspicion of such propaganda that is clearly ''sweating'' poison directly into people's eyes and ears......making them again on a daily basis throw up what they heard and seen on TV to their favourite mates and brag about it like they are so proud of what they have just ''learned'' from a zombie like hypnotic green slime electromagnetic pulse of waves into their mushy brains....


    The ones who any of us can ask:


    Hey, can you stand in front of me and stay still for 1 minute without moving much.....and without saying ''IM BORED'' or ''i have this condition''......or i have ''allergies'' or can't concentrate becaus my attention span is like between ZERO and ZERO.......because ''i don't care''.................


    These people have been manufactured to the core....

    These people even have facial expressions that almost resembles a mobile phone shape......

    These people are losing their integrity

    These people are beyond repair

    These people have no compassion

    These people have no common sense nor respect for anyone on the street not even a ''Hello'' not even a head nod like the sadly long gone days of positive energy of a simple look and a nod plus a smile on the street to someone who we never saw before nor ever met and may never see them again.........


    These people are the Tools in which are destroying the integrity of what is left of Humanity as we used to know like the palm of our hands.....


    These people have not a clue how lovely 'bees' can be, but instead they smash them for fun because they are ''afraid'' to get stung........


    These people scream at the sight of a kind bird......because they believe in ''bird flu''

    These people don't look at the sky anymore

    These people don't want to learn real life

    These people don't even know what a cold and flu means.....

    These people don't know and don't make any effort to even contemplate listening to someone giving them advice on how their bodies release toxins.....and detox process which usually boils down to simply not having had a nice sleep for months or years....not eating well.........too much stress......not enough Sun light....teeth falling......losing hair..........etc etc.........and the cold and flu is always a ''foreign'' thing for them....they won't take in the simple normal and natural fact of how the immune system works.......then fall into the trap of tablets/pills.......what the doctor says is what they will do.....


    Im saying so much but maybe mixing up a great cooking recipe or words to describe a simple point....WE ARE ALL DOOMED! ;)





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  15. 42 minutes ago, Michael said:



    They act as if they did something great, because they ask you if you got "vaccinated" and tell you all day long that they got it.

    Like when was this ever a thing? Telling random people what kind of stuff you enject yourself with was never even a topic. They really think they accomplished something for the greater good of humanity.


    Last Sunday i had a bar gig (outside in the garden) with a covers band, which the last gig we played was in March 2020......

    so....all good saw a few people i already knew etc....someone friend of a friend joined a conversation and i intruduced myself and moved my hand into the ''hand shake'' position (as habit) and in a split second i thought and said:


    ''You don't mind a hand shake, do you?''

    And he said: '' Oh of course not! Fine by me, i've already been double jabbed''.......


    And i immediately in a painful controlled manner had this  ''internal'' eruption of despair mixed with words i would like to throw at him....but i just smiled and carried on with my act...the rest of the evening...


    So yeah.....we are getting surrounded by people who are proud of themselves for having had their skin violated by a needle, invaded with either placebo or poison or mixed............either way......i will always carry on as i do and no one i mean NO ONE will ever dare stick a needle on my skin nor force me into it.......lol.......i don't think that will happen but if it ever happens someone will get a nasty twisted arm just on the polite side of things.


    Its getting silly and hypnotic the whole human behaviour.....more like trance..


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  16. 11 hours ago, oddsnsods said:



    ...its amazing the number of actors and actresses we ''admire'' or have some sort of respect for the work they do and then suddenly........the opinions and visions of reality and TRUTH immediately cut the cord!!


    The last part of the video made me pause and not say what i was about to......but the first part for sure made me think.....''what a waste of time was to have some respect for these ignorant brainwashed actors''


    At least it seems he's got the gist of what is going on.

  17. 14 minutes ago, Jikwan said:

    Exactly. Fevers colds flu are ways of detoxification. They are wonderful things. The evil modern medicine tries to stop this detox process thinking there is something wrong with the body. Nothing is wrong....its ok




    Such an obvious and surprisingly simple fact that most can't see for what it truly is.

    Its unbelievable that the whole world is where it is because of ignorance....and the ones who actually are aware they are and choose to be selfish comfortable compliant ignorants, making life harder for us..

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  18. 27 minutes ago, SimonTV said:

    I am not scared of no common cold of flu no matter how scary they make it sounds. My immune system is top notch, I can beat any cold or flu that they have going around. I am certainly not scared enough of the common cold to risk my health with a clot shot. I'd rather take my chances with any cold or flu than risk my health injecting a dangerous chemical cocktail in to my arm. 😬


    One thing i learned from past experience is that every single time i got a "cold or flu" for that matter, was ALWAYS because of long term not sleeping properly not eating properly and stress in between.....every single time i had it was just after a few weeks of "behaving badly" and not respecting our bodies....


    Haven't had a cold nor flu since 2016.


    Eating whole lemon twice a week and oranges at least 4

    or 5 times a week does help a LOT. Obviously greens etc...And being active and getting as much Sun as possible.

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  19. 12 hours ago, Maranatha said:

    The sad thing is the one person (I would say a boy) 

     in the queue didn't look old enough to drive never mind anything else.  I desperately wanted to say/do something but I just didn't know what.


    There is not much to do in situations like that.

    If we do or when we do, we always get pictured as "in the wrong"...especially 2 years after it all started...

    There is no hope whatsoever for the ones who believe in it.

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  20. This makes me vomit!


    The Welsh Government is encouraging employers to do all they can to support their workforce to get vaccinated


    Vaccination saves lives'':new toolkit to help employers encourage employees to get COVID-19 vaccine''....

    It is not going to end!....




    A new toolkit is today being launched to support businesses and organisations to help their workers get the COVID-19 vaccine.

    Wales has some of the best vaccination rates in the world - incredible progress has been made over the last seven months as more than three-quarters of adults have completed the two-dose course.

    Vaccination has helped to weakened the link between coronavirus infections and serious illness and hospital admissions. But there is a risk that more people could fall seriously ill if rates of vaccination do not increase further as the delta variant continues to spread in Wales and the rest of the UK.

    Ministers have said that it is never too late to take up the offer of vaccination in Wales.

    In an effort to increase vaccination rates even further, Economy Minister, Vaughan Gething and Health Minister, Eluned Morgan, are today launching a new toolkit to support employers.

    It encourages them to:

    • Be as flexible as possible when it’s time for staff to have a vaccine, this could include giving employees paid time off work to attend their appointments for both vaccine doses
    • Use the campaign resources provided by the Welsh Government to run an awareness campaign in their organisation and provide employees with access to reliable and accurate information about the vaccine
    • Share the Q&A document and expert advice videos to explain the vaccine and answer common questions employees may have
    • Urge staff to be cautious about misinformation and encourage them to use trusted sources like phw.nhs.wales if they are searching for information or answers to questions about the vaccine
    • Create employee vaccine champions by encouraging staff to discuss their experiences and share information with colleagues, family and friends

    Economy Minister Vaughan Gething said:

    Vaccines are the way out of this pandemic. They’re helping to protect people from serious illness and helping us all return to a more normal life. For the vaccine to be as effective as possible, it is really important that as many people as possible have it.

    We are urging employers in Wales to encourage their employees to be vaccinated. Businesses and organisations play a vital role in helping to promote a positive vaccination message and helping to make sure workplaces are safe and employees are protected.

    Only through a collective effort will we encourage as many people as possible to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

    Health Minister Eluned Morgan said:

    The COVID-19 vaccine programme is the biggest vaccination programme in NHS history. It has already saved thousands of lives.

    People who are vaccinated are far less likely to get seriously ill, be admitted to hospital or die from this awful virus.

    Our message is clear – join the millions already vaccinated. Together we’ll keep Wales safe.

    Joanna Swash, Group CEO of Wrexham-based Moneypenny.com said:

    We are extremely supportive of the Welsh Government’s approach to the COVID-19 vaccination programme and the safety and wellbeing of our employees is always our number one priority.  

    We have over 900 people in our HQ in Wrexham and we have actively encouraged our teams to get vaccinated by allowing them time off to make appointments for their vaccination.  We believe it is in everyone’s interests that we are vaccinated as a community so we can all play our part in helping to control the transmission of this virus.

    Jacki Simpson, VP People Operations at Asda said:

    At Asda the safety of our colleagues and customers has been paramount throughout the pandemic, and as key workers our colleagues have been on the frontline of feeding the nation. With the rollout of the national vaccination programme we have continued to support our colleagues through our specific vaccination policy which gives guidance and information to our colleagues and leadership teams.

    We have also increased our existing entitlement for paid time off for all our colleagues to allow them to attend their vaccine appointments, as well as ensuring paid leave following their vaccine for any colleague who needs it.

    Through our regular communications to colleagues we have signposted and encouraged them to review the official information sources such as the NHS and government websites so that they can make their own, properly informed decision about the vaccine.

    Even after having the COVID-19 vaccine, it’s essential everyone continues to do the small things to protect themselves and the vulnerable. This includes washing hands regularly, social distancing, wearing a face covering in indoor settings where required, meeting people outdoors, keeping rooms well ventilated if you need to be indoors, and getting a COVID-19 test if you suspect you have symptoms.

  21. 12 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    Maybe we do to tackle it. The average person has no understanding of how subversive people lurking in the shadows operate, and that's half the problem, at least in my opinion.


    I admit that understanding their endgame is the key though as David often says, then it's easier to spot things leading up to it.


    You are correct, not everyone can see it....that is the main problem that acts just like a ''stuck brake caliper'' preventing one from getting on with it.

    Looking into the past and comparing it, it is very likely the advantage the ''Elites'' have on most of us is the ones not awake enough. The ''Elites'' always count on that......They know how long it takes for a build up of resistance to reach enough numbers and by the time ''enough numbers'' are reached, They already have everyone by the balls.

  22. 22 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

    I know it's a bit of a cliche to bring up the Matrix, but if you take that redpill then you're going to see a lot of negativity. People need to see how the monsters operate to gain understanding, but I'm all ears if anyone has solutions.


    Once one is absolutely aware of what both "pills" means, is the key.

    Then that will eliminate unnecessary time wasting in duelling on what to expect and what to actually do in order to proceed with what Our inner self tells us to.


    "You see thousands of people watching 22 humans chasing a football".


    "I see thousands of people watching 22 humans chasing a football"


    "As oneself i see what they see but i won't follow nor believe in doing what they do".


    "I don't need to take Blue or Red pills to see what is in front of us".

  23. 40 minutes ago, Prometheus said:

    MPs and campaigners alarmed at UK’s ‘discriminatory’ crime reduction plans

    Government’s proposals include more frequent stop and search and making community service street cleaners ‘more visible’


    MPs and campaigners have sounded alarm at a series of proposals in the government crime reduction plan, including more frequent stop and search, a trial of “alcohol tags” and criminals undertaking “visible” community service cleaning streets.


    Liberty said the permanent relaxation of search powers would “compound discrimination in Britain and divide communities” and the former shadow home secretary, Diane Abbott, said it was “alarming and counter-productive.”


    Labour said the policy was a “rehash” of a number of preannounced proposals and expansions of existing pilots.

    The strategy will include a plan for every neighbourhood in England and Wales to have a named and contactable police officer as well as a league table for 101 and 999 answering times.


    Boris Johnson said the “beating crime plan” was part of the commitment to “levelling up” parts of the country plagued by crime and antisocial behaviour, but Labour criticised the strategy as lacking vision and said police were demoralised.


    Among the proposals in the strategy are:

    Permanently relaxing conditions on the use of section 60 stop and search powers for police to tackle knife crime

    Expanding the use of electronic monitoring for thieves upon release from prison

    Trialling the use of alcohol tags – which detect alcohol in the sweat of offenders guilty of drink-fuelled crime – on prison leavers in Wales

    Making unpaid work “more visible” by getting offenders to clean streets and open spaces

    Offenders doing community service will wear hi-vis as they clear canals or clean graffiti. “The intention is to make the price of crime visible,” one Home Office source said.


    This may be slightly off context but smells like its a way to slowly also include the "anti-jab" in the mix along the way...

    I strongly believe it is imminent..

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