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  1. Won't miss any of that "caffe socialising shit nowadays.....its pretty much where the "victims are hunted"....and they let themselves be.........bunch of brainless waste...
  2. Spot on....... going on 43 and still no kids....i wonder why so many previous relationships didn't last...lol
  3. Yes......they'll be saving an illusion without even having the ability to know the most basic and important reality of Life itself...... Its scary the huge number of ''youger'' ones who can't even picture a city / country / area map or world map in their minds to have an rough idea of where is what....its devastating how much they have been conditioned into a 4 wall mushy brain..
  4. Been trying that.....and it seems that not many are interested so far..
  5. People seem to have already forgotten what the meaning of ''self defense'' means.. Because without it......a human is useless in the face of these events...and this will carry on getting worse.
  6. Seems that anything closer to Antarctica is 'rich' in everything, New Zealand Ushuaia (south Argentina)
  7. Yep......and engine will heat up quicker and for longer periods causing more wear, more constant condensed vehicles equals more excuses for the electric car fetish morons to push it and also more stress more taxes or higher taxes and the list only goes up...
  8. Once upon a time the jokes of an impossible Future were funny and unlikely but now are actually becoming real. Once upon a time i said ''yeah....whats next?....a fart will be the next target of Covid transmission??'' And yes....there's articles about it already believe it or not hahahaha It will only stop when people stop complying.
  9. Or they simply say: ''Oh.....i knew that way back''..... It does my head in when they say that lol We are walking amongst tomb stones..
  10. Very true and i hope so because im sure there are many of the ones in uniform either Police or military that are not having any of this. And it would almost impossible too convince all of them to comply without any push back. You are right, they are the ones who actually can instantly make a difference right now. The Elites will never get their hands dirty, they always have someone else do the work for them....
  11. Force of habit also... I mean.....i used to get an occasional Macd's....KFC...Bking etc or even better Chinese takeaway.... Not a problem..... But that would never replace my cooking....fresh garlic and all the good stuff. But yes some cannot see if they keep supporting those, then the less autonomy they will have within all aspects of their life.. Some families have been born and raised surrounded by such habits and i comprehend the difficulty in some people to grasp the separation between "needs be" and one off thing.... And therefore not able to don the maths on the connection between the system and the addiction forced by the same system into them, making them null......and perhaps "game over.....please insert coin to continue" lol
  12. Either They are confident the number of jabbed will be higher than the non compliant ones so then they know exactly the ones who do not comply, meaning they get to pick and choose to "demolish" the non compliant easier.... In the end....its all about who surrenders and who pushes back.....just like any other System/Agenda process. Except this is huge! "that's what she said " ;)
  13. Not low enough to rip it or burn it...what a shame
  14. Why would people even go there?????? This is whats wrong with this whole situation! Stop supporting these cooporations! This is how they divide people into servants of the system by simply believing they need to get their food from them!! Why the hell do people hate cooking / preparing their own fucking food for goodness sake.................
  15. This is a time for the revelation of ''who is who'' and who has it and who has not got it. This is the time when we can see who has balls. This is the time when the true colours come out of people either colourful or black & White This is when we see how many of those who got a throat full of confidence in themselves at the pub saying they got self respect and never will comply nor conform and and then suddenly you meet them outside randomly and they are wearing the Mask of silence just like a little puppet. This is the time that defines the true complete Human with the basic-instinct-back to roots-connected being! As opposed to the ones who accept an empty threat of job loss if not getting the Jab........and not having backbone hard enough to get the fuck up and look for something else that does not require any of that and move on. Comfortably Numb comes to mind quite a lot lately..... Comfortably ''social'' ..........not really......whats social about being on the phone being controlled by emogies.....relying on what others think of ''he/she'' what is trendy what is the lastest scream of technology that they can get a loan to buy from and show off the new Iphone or new shiny car with smart everything inside.....with not even a single practical mechanical knowledge of getting out of a possible situation ie: changing a tire.........but no!!!! Lets pay a million pounds on insurance so to get AA to change a tire for them......to provide top of the bullshit range temporary replacement vehicle in order to keep them floating on a dream road of spending without even knowing they are being slaves of trends and fashion...... ''Let the technicians do it for us''!! They are qualified!!! They know best!!!! Oh really?? ''people who are contributing to our hard times'' ''people who have envy of self-thinkers'' ''people who have such a narrow mind that it could easily become a chevron on a motorway'' ''people who watch, read, absorbe continuosly TV mainstreem toxic content which cannot by a long shot be in their right mind by simply not even having a smear of suspicion of such propaganda that is clearly ''sweating'' poison directly into people's eyes and ears......making them again on a daily basis throw up what they heard and seen on TV to their favourite mates and brag about it like they are so proud of what they have just ''learned'' from a zombie like hypnotic green slime electromagnetic pulse of waves into their mushy brains.... The ones who any of us can ask: Hey, can you stand in front of me and stay still for 1 minute without moving much.....and without saying ''IM BORED'' or ''i have this condition''......or i have ''allergies'' or can't concentrate becaus my attention span is like between ZERO and ZERO.......because ''i don't care''................. These people have been manufactured to the core.... These people even have facial expressions that almost resembles a mobile phone shape...... These people are losing their integrity These people are beyond repair These people have no compassion These people have no common sense nor respect for anyone on the street not even a ''Hello'' not even a head nod like the sadly long gone days of positive energy of a simple look and a nod plus a smile on the street to someone who we never saw before nor ever met and may never see them again......... These people are the Tools in which are destroying the integrity of what is left of Humanity as we used to know like the palm of our hands..... These people have not a clue how lovely 'bees' can be, but instead they smash them for fun because they are ''afraid'' to get stung........ These people scream at the sight of a kind bird......because they believe in ''bird flu'' These people don't look at the sky anymore These people don't want to learn real life These people don't even know what a cold and flu means..... These people don't know and don't make any effort to even contemplate listening to someone giving them advice on how their bodies release toxins.....and detox process which usually boils down to simply not having had a nice sleep for months or years....not eating well.........too much stress......not enough Sun light....teeth falling......losing hair..........etc etc.........and the cold and flu is always a ''foreign'' thing for them....they won't take in the simple normal and natural fact of how the immune system works.......then fall into the trap of tablets/pills.......what the doctor says is what they will do..... Im saying so much but maybe mixing up a great cooking recipe or words to describe a simple point....WE ARE ALL DOOMED! ;) '
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